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Profit Academy Review Live Q&A By Anik Singal

Profit Academy is no longer available but if you are interested in learning from him I recommend you check out his other course, you can find out the Inbox Blueprint cost here.

Here is a list of questions and answers that were asked directly to Anik Singal during is live Google Hangout I attended. Profit Academy is currently closed to new members but his new course Publish Academy is available for now.

Singal and his team came up with Publish Academy after learning from the feedback received from their members and making improvements.

FAQ With Anik Singal

How much of my daily time should it take for me to complete the Profit Academy training?

  • You need about 7-10 hours a week minimum, he doesn’t recommend joining if you can’t commit that.
  • Some people move faster and can get it done it about 5 hours. But it’s a real business and it needs to be worked on like one.
  • Ideally at least 1 hour a day, start the business as part time, he’s goal is to get your making enough part time that will allow you to go full time

What are the startup costs?

  • Profit Academy $2997, or choose the payment plan of 4 payments of $797 (full access)
  • Phase 1 – start with no extra money if you want, you don’t need a domain name, they give you an autoreponder, given an optin builder, have two options for getting traffic, use free traffic or buy investment traffic (laser targeted)
  • Phase 2 – can take about $1000 or $1500 to get started but you will be able to take the money generated in Phase 2 to invest in Phase 2

I live outside of the United States will I be able to do this product?

  • Yes, they have students from all over the world.

What does the workload look like per day, per week, per month?

  • Depends on the individual, some people move through the program faster than others. 7-10 hours.

When and where is the live event?

  • First event is in Las Vegas on May 1,2 and 3rd
  • For those who can’t make it they will be streaming it and the replay will be in the members area
  • Free ticket comes with Publish Academy

What about traffic generation?

  • By the time you are finished with the program you will be a master at traffic
    one of the best media buyers in the world will teach you how to do it yourself

Can I use this with my multi level marketing company?

  • Anik Singal isn’t an expert in multi level marketing but the system they teach can be applied, traffic generation and how to build an email address are completely applicable to multilevel marketing. They teach you how to build a solid digital content business.

Can I join it and have my daughter do it with me?

  • Absolutely, they have no problem with that.

What Exactly Do I Get Inside The Profit Academy Members Area?

  1. Full Training System – Video + Coaching + Step by Step
  2. Community & Mentor-ship – Profit Mentors + Networking
  3. Full Automated Tools Kit
  • Bonus 1 – World wide expert access (5 Mastering Virtual Workships)
  • Bonus 2 – Copy & Paste Business Models – FAST START
  • Bonus 3 – 90 Days Access to Unlimited Support
  • Bonus 4 – Penny Clicks Mastery Worksho
  • Bonus 5 – Life time to our live events
  • Bonus 6 – Student Traffic and Affiliate Exchange + Free Training

Do I need to be tech savy?

  • Not at all, everything you need to do it easier taught that you don’t have a lot of room for error. Taught in a A-B-C format, live on the screen so you can see exactly what they are doing.
  • All you have to be able to do is open the emails, join their webinars and follow what they teach you.

If I’m not able to make the weekly training are they able so I can stay on track?

  • Yes they will be able so you can go through them at your pace. Everything is recorded so if you miss something you can go back and watch it as many times as you want

Can I use my prospects that I have in my old business opportunities?

  • Absolutely. All the people that Anik using to run his business are all virtual, not in the same office as him.

Do you have any students who are successful in the Caribbean?

  • Yes, they have students that are successful all over the world
  • Been doing this for 12 years so he has tons from everywhere

How can I collect payments from places like Clickbank if I’m not in the United States? Will I still get checks?

  • You can get Paypal payments, bank transfers etc. You will get paid the whole process is made very easy. It’s doable from any where in the world as long as there is an internet connection

What If I don’t have a website or anything to sell?

  • You don’t need a website to start. The only thing that you need is your optin. Which is a single page hosting by an auto responder that you will have free access to for 90 days.
  • You need a product to start this business, you can easily become an affiliate of someone else’s product and earn a commission for each sale

Can I start multiple passion businesses?

  • Yes of course you can, the system is designed so that you can do it over and over in any niche you choose.

What advice do you give someone who wants to do this business with their spouses?

  • If your spouse is supportive of what you are doing and he or she really wants to get in on it. Two minds with a common goal are better than one.

English isn’t my first language, can I still do this?

  • You don’t have to be a master english speaker, it will be an opportunity to learn english and strengthen your english and start a business.
  • All the training is very clear and made very easy to understand, they purposely designed the system to help everyone
  • There are forums, coaching calls, support etc for extra help
  • Google translate is a fantastic tools to translate anything from your native language into english