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Marketing With Anik 3.0 Review

Marketing with Anik 3.0 teaches pretty much everything you need to know in affiliate marketing to make money online. (This program is closed). Before I tell you more about it you have to check the new business model Anik is using and recommending right now.

Two of my personal mentors are doing their FINAL live call on February 6, 2020 (today) where they are going over the entire thing live.

New Business Model for 2020 – Live Training Today
register for final calls

Join one of the free call on February 6, 2020 TODAY at 3pm, 5 pm, 7pm and 9pm ET. They told me that all the time slots are almost at full capacity so click here now to secure your spot.

For the past 12 months, Aidan and Steve have taken their insanely successful system (up to $125 000 per month) and been teaching it to (very lucky) student ‘beta testers'. It's all going to be revealed to you during the free live call.

final calls

Here's what you can expect:

  • The breathtakingly simple 4-step “Kibo Code” system. (based on a Billion Dollar Japanese method)
  • How we are using it to make up to $76K PER DAY. (without Amazon, Facebook or China suppliers)
  • The “secret toolbox” we use to run this simple system. (and how YOU can use it too)
  • How our beta-students are doing up to $125K/month (with no previous experience)
  • The trick to get targeted visitors for 30 cents per click. (from a secret untapped source of “buyer traffic”)
  • How we hit a $2500/day run-rate with just 3 products. (and how we'll hand YOU 5 products to get started)
  • and much, much more
million dollar master class

THESE are going to be a PACKED call, so secure your place right now ( and they would strongly advise you to turn up 10 or 20 minutes early)

I highly recommend this masterclass, this is something they only do once a year and I never miss it. This isn't like anything else I have seen and here's what it doesn't involve:

the-kibo-codeHere are 7 benefits to this business model:

  • The profit margins are extremely high
  • There are NO traffic issues
  • You get RAPID and on going results
  • The competition is EXCEPTIONALLY low
  • There are no supplier issues
  • The financial risk-factor is VERY low
  • You can do this without giving anything up

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Current Anik Singal Products

Looking for more Anik Singal Products? If you want to learn off of Anik Singal then check out his following products; Inbox Blueprint 2.0 review, List Academy Review, Profit Academy review and his latest course Publish Academy review.

Marketing With Anik 3.0 Quick Facts

  • $37 one time payment, no reoccurring fees, with optional upgrades
  • Designed as a 15 week video course (new webinar each week)
  • The information inside is current and relevant
  • Phone support with live operators is available
  • Includes information from the original version of Marketing with Anik
  • All training is done by Anik Singal himself, it's not outsourced

Once you become a member of this course the first thing you want to do is pick a niche, something that you are passionate about. Something that has products selling already and people looking for it already. If you go through the program step by step you won’t have to learn from any other products on the market.

Make sure you concentrate on each step or stage and implement what you have learned before moving on to the next, get good at everything step by step.

marketing with anik 3.0 review

marketing with anik 3.0Marketing with Anik 3.0 Review

Step 1 – Watch Your Special Welcome Video From Anik

Step 2 – Sign up for The LIVE members Only training

Step 3 – Join My Team & Get a Phone Call From a LIVE Coach

Step 4 – Access the VIP Insiders Training

Step 5 – Learn the A to Z about Affiliate Marketing

Step 6 – Special Bonus for Marketing with Anik Members

Step 7 – My ugly video demo – 3 Websites in 3 Minutes Live

Step 8 Free Software – Learn how to make $81 in the 15 minutes

Some of the steps involve some upsells on how you can get the most out of the product which is optional.

Your Classroom

  • Will basically teach you different ways to drive traffic to an offer of your choice
  • Each courses inside offers high quality content

Lazy Tubester

  • How you can make money with youtube traffic, one of the best ways to drive traffic

Clickbank Overnight

  • Shows you how to pick the right product within Clickbank and promote it properly

Affiliate Classroom

  • Goes through how to be an affiliate marketing expert in a A to Z format.
  • There are introductory, intermediate and advanced course so it doesn’t matter what level you are at
  • Can get lots of golden nuggets from the courses

Boost Your Income

  • Bonus training from other internet marketers on how you can get the most with affiliate marketing

income kickstart marketing with anik 3.0Income Kickstart

This is week by week video training lessons.

Week 1

  • shows you how to set up an auto responder

Week 2

  • How to set up an automated sales funnel
  • Here are different ways you can make money from your list
  • Building your list and relationships with your subscribers

Week 3

  • How To Drive Traffic
  • Videos, forums, facebook, tumblr, article marketing etc

Week 4

  • Paid Traffic to get you most Subscribers
  • Once you start to make money you can reinvest a percentage back into your business

Empire Formula

  • Teaches you how to create a information product business from start to finish
  • How to start a launch, how to pick a niche, how to outsource work,
  • 4 stages of training plus a downloads section
Empire formula review

SEO Classroom

  • Shows you how to rank websites (another method of traffic)
seo classroom

New Coaching Corner

  • Live training where you can learn more information and ask any questions you have on the live webinar


Basically set it and forget it niches that are already set up for you, they are businesses that are ready to go all you have to do is send traffic to them.

affiliate classroom niche pack downloads

Advanced Training

anik's insider club upgrade

(Optional Upgrade to the Insider Club)

Next Level Mastery Series

  • Session #1 – Email Marketing
  • Session #2 – Google+ Affiliate
  • Session #3 – Get Paid For ZIP Codes
  • Session #4 Amazon Kindle Freedom

Insider Library

  • High Conversion Clickbank Products
  • How To Legally Swipe Other People’s Youtube Videos
  • Insider Courses
  • Building an intro Product Business with PLR
  • Outsourcing on Craiglist
  • Editing Website Templates

Fast Track Traffic

  • Pinterest Marketing Make Simple
  • Free Traffic from Forums
  • The Ultimate “Break Even” List Building Strategy
  • Free SEO Traffic
  • Ninja Keyword Traffic
  • Almost “Instant” Youtube Traffic

Bonus Classes

  • Free Google Traffic
  • YouTube Riches
  • Full Sites Ready To Go
  • Making Money With Kindle
  • Get More Youtube Views Fast
next level affiliate marketer mastery series