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Who is Adam Short & What the heck is Niche Profit Fast Track 2.0?

Over the past 10 years, Adam and his team have created some of the best-selling and most well-regarded products in the internet marketing space. Their membership site – Niche Profit Classroom – ran from 2008 to 2015, attracted over 50,000 customers.

In 2015 they launched Niche Profit Full Control, which grossed $3.5 million in sales. In 2019 he launched Niche Profit Fast Track and since then released Niche Profit Fast Track 2.0. Unfortunately it isn't open to new members at this time.

Who is Adam Short?

He always knew that he wanted to work for himself. His father was an entrepreneur, and he has successfully followed in his footsteps. Adam has become a reputable and very successful internet marketer.

Adam ShortShort, like many of us, was not cut out for the old 9 to 5 grind work force. He hated not being free to exercise control over his own time.

At the young age of 21, he had an incredible opportunity to learn about PPC (pay-per-click) while working at a pioneering company called ‘Overture', at the forefront of PPC marketing. This was the turning point for him, in starting his own online business.

Observing how quickly Overture was growing and expanding, and how more companies were beginning to get into the action as well by jumping onto advertising online. Adam decided it was time to break free.

Make Money Online Ebooks

He went online and downloaded some popular ‘how to make money online' ebooks. That's when he really got excited. He realized that now he was ‘full steam ahead'. He was determined to put all of his efforts into building his own Internet business.

He went on Amazon and ordered some ‘how-to' books explaining about ecommerce. He followed their instructions for building his own website. It was a whole lot easier than he'd ever imagined. He would come home from work and work long into the night.

Within a few weeks he finally had his very first website up and running. It was a very simple website that was article-based, and educated consumers about laptops.

Search Engine Optimization

seo ebooksHe went back online and purchased some more eBooks that explained about driving traffic to your website, and he taught himself about basic SEO (search engine optimization).

He grasped the concepts of SEO and being able to get his website ranked well by Yahoo, Google, and various other search engines.

Across a span of about 6 months, he then had several websites that were bringing in a profit. He finally reached the point where he could quit his current job with Overture.

Few Years To The Riches

I won't say that he became instantly rich in days, because that would not be true. It took some time, a few years or so, before he was able to reach that stage. Sometimes things got a bit rocky, the road to financial independence is not always smooth and easy. He often felt like giving up. However, his determination remained intact, and he pushed forward until things finally began to click into place.

Since that time his online business has grown with each passing year. His Internet knowledge has expanded. He has been able to create his own products, and has sold all kinds of other products online.

He has websites selling software, ebooks, physical products, and some membership sites. He creates and runs small niche sites as well as full-on ecommerce stores. He has now worn 2 online hats – Product Affiliate, and Product Vendor.

Earned Millions Online

Up to now, Adam's company has managed to generate literally millions of dollars or revenue, covering more than 300 different types of ‘niche' markets online.

One of the best things about this Adam Short story, is how he had been able to accomplish this all from a home office he has in Southern California. Adam has had offices before in his life, but nothing compares to the one that is in the comfort of his own home.

Adam Short Coures

Adam Short's new training Niche Profit Fast Track is currently closed to new members. NPFT 2.0 will be released to the public in 2022. I am so excited about this training, so excited that I joined it myself. I have also put together an insane bonus for you if you decide to take the first steps to your financial, time and location freedom goals.

Niche Profit Fast Track 2.0 Review and Bonus

adam short niche profit fast track reviewNiche Profit Fast Track 2.0 (NPFT) is a new training course that will be available in early 2021.

Adam and his team have been teaching people how to build simple niche websites that make money for the last ten years. What makes these websites so great is that:

  • Low maintenance once established
  • Generate profit year after year
  • No paid traffic, 100% free organic traffic
  • Anyone can do it doesn't matter if you are beginner or experienced

I shared one of Adam's programs all the way back in 2015 and I was overwhelmed with all the thank you's I received from the people who took me up on that. I believe in Adam so much that I bought NPFT, here is a sneak peak inside the members area.

niche profit fast track members areaThe program is 60 days of live training where they will show you step by step the entire process of setting up your website, getting free organic traffic and making money from it.

Niche Profit Full Control Review

Update: Niche Profit Full Control is no longer available.

Get the tools, training, coaching, and strategies you need to create an automated and profitable online business through affiliate marketing.
On top of that you get 8 done for you niche businesses, sites ready for you to start earning profits today.

Ready for you to post business packs – landing page, sales pages with high converting opt-in copy, a month email autoresponder sequence, 20 high quality articles, 2 professional free reports, and research selected products for you to start selling.

For The Advanced Marketer – Reach the next level of marketing with your own digital product. Take control of product sales, master the sales funnel, advanced list marketing strategies, and conversion optimization tactics. Let other affiliates sell your products for you.

Inside The Course

NPCF, like Short's courses before it is packed with valuable training and modules for you to follow to kickstart your online business or ramp it up to the next level. You also get:

Live Coaching – Get live calls with Adam, where you can ask all your questions, get support with issues you may be having, and get more in-depth training. Where else do you have the opportunity to speak with a multi-millionaire affiliate?

Over $100,000 Software – 6 super powerful software tools to make your work easier and faster, including:

  • Market Feeder: Niche analyzer and recommended Clickbank products sent right to you
  • Market Analyzer: Detailed market analysis, market size, competition, and overall score
  • Competition Profiler: Take advantage of your competitors sites and funnels performance data
  • Niche Profit Press: Professional quality landing page design with a ton of custom templates for your pages, easy to create with a few simple clicks
  • Traffic Advantage: Get targeted social media traffic redirected to your sales funnel or website
  • Social Leads Builder: viral list building tool that generates a ton of traffic back to your site across all social media platforms

Exclusive Community and Forum – Get support and answers to your questions from experts, including Adam and his team, as well as advanced marketers available for coaching. This is a great community to be a part of, offering a ton of support, feedback, and encouragement.

Templates, Bonuses and More – With so many ready to use templates, you'll be able to easily set up your site, including opt-in pages, landing pages, and more.

Create professional, highly converting sites in proven niches with great strategies for generating traffic and profits. Click here to join thousands of affiliates profiting from Adam's strategies and grow your business today.  

Niche Profit Classroom

His program Niche Profit Classroom (NPC) is currently closed, it was open for six years and was a leading affiliate marketing guide for beginners and advanced marketers alike. It helping fellow entrepreneurs to earn thousands of dollars every month.