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I do my best to recommend only the best products in the internet marketing industry. With that being said not every product is right for every person. I offer information and reviews to provide you with information so you can decide for yourself if you want to buy a particular product. Any purchases you make are at your own risk and you will have to take your issue up with the product vendor.

If you do choose to buy a product or service that I have recommended on this website, I make no promises about the kind of results you will see from it. My results or other people's results from using a particular does not mean you will see the same results.

disclosureI am an affiliate of most of the products that I recommend on BestOnlineAffiliates.com and therefore receive a commission from the vendor if you choose to buy a product through one of my affiliate links.

There are times where I will get a free review copy from the product owner so I can write a more informed review. Otherwise I have to purchase the product myself or I gather as much information about the product as I can.

BestOnlineAffiliates.com is to be used for education, information and entertainment only. It is ultimately up to you to make the decision whether or not to buy a product.

By using this website you agree that I am not responsible for any damages or losses from using any of the information or links found on bestonlineaffiliates.com

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