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Gerry Cramer Review

Gerry Cramer is an investor, keynote speaker, mentor and highly successful internet entrepreneur.

His new training course for 2022 called Profit Singularity Ultra closed the doors to the public on September 22, 2022. BUT if you really want in I managed to get this backdoor access link.

I'm not sure how long they will keep it open for but on this page there is a replay that goes over the entire system and a link to join. Click here to check it out before they take it down for good.

Gerry Cramer Review

Gerry grew up poor and was identified as the bottom 10% of his class in high school, his past inspired him to now teach others how to become financially free.

About a year ago the top 8 out of 10 Clickbank super affiliates were students of his.

He has spent spent 15+ years following his dream to achieve financial freedom.

During his journey he tested every conceivable path possible to earn a living online.

Some of his attempts led to struggles and dismal failures while others led to thrilling victories. However all his successes seemed short lived and he found them nearly impossible to replicate on a consistent basis.

Taking Massive Action, Staying Focused on Your Goals and Then Just Never Giving up. You Will Get There and You'll Get There Very, Very Quickly  – Gerry Cramer

More About Gerry Cramer

gerry cramerGerry stumbled upon affiliate marketing and realized being an affiliate is so much easier and paid traffic is so much faster than anything else he tried.

He loves the fact that affiliate marketing with paid ads is a truly scalable, long term business model and he hasn’t looked back since.

Before Affiliate Marketing

Gerry was the #1 affiliate of all Clickbank on many occasions but before that he got his start back in 1999 when he was an SEO specialist. He later did consulting for businesses and entrepreneurs and eventually started a software company and focused on the for years.

Below are a number of questions that he answered that will provide you with more insight on who he is and how he became so successful.

Interview With Gerry Cramer

Below you can find a bunch of questions that Gerry was asked on a podcast along with how he answered each question.

How Did He First Make Money Online?

He started doing ads when a student reached out to him and he helped him create a campaign on Facebook and it really took off. He then realized he had a knack for it and after that such fast success came on almost overnight. It made sense to keep doing it, that’s what he's been focusing ever since.

Biggest Obstacles He Faced to Become the Success He Is Today?

His biggest obstacles have been mindset. Learning to understand that reasons for failing were self-sabotage by programming he was born with. He had to overcome himself and build a mindset that he can achieve anything he sets his mind to. All the technical stuff has never been the big challenge for him.

How Does He Drive Traffic To His Affiliate Sites

He uses solely paid traffic and ads, he doesn't bother with organic traffic anymore.

Apart From Money How Has Affiliate Marketing Affected His lifestyle?

He has complete freedom over his time and can achieve bigger results with less time. What makes his success different is that a lot of people make a lot of money and end up stuck at their desk all the time.

What Would He Have Done Differently

1. Take massive action from the start

2. Stay laser focused

3. Wouldn't give up too soon

If He Had to Begin from Scratch Again

He would do exactly what he is doing now. Find a product that has a very passionate audience and use paid traffic to deliver them to the product that solves their big burning problem. In a nutshell find the best vendor, find the best affiliate offer, create a new ad, create a new landing page

Advice He Can Give to Affiliate Beginners

Develop yourself first, the biggest thing standing between you and your success is you.

How He Achieves Success

  • no product of their own
  • no email list
  • no investors
  • and without risking a bunch of money

Profit Singularity Review

The best way to see what this system is and if it is the right fit for you is to watch the video below. They go over  the entire system and answer all your questions live during a training call this had yesterday. They are taking it offline  September 23.

Healthy Commissions Review

Gerry and Rob has just opened the door to their new training program for 2020. This is the exact 5 step method that they have been using and teaching to get massive results. Here are the simple steps involved:

Step 1: Properly Warm Up Your FB Ad Account

Facebook is the fastest and easiest website to buy traffic from and their are virtually no barrier to entry.

Some people do however get their accounts shut down so it's important to learn how to set it up properly and what not to do. They follow a very simple process to ensure your account doesn't get shut down.

Step 2: Choose a “Money Machine” Offer to Promote

Unlike most systems you don't have to worry about promoting offers in an over saturated market.

Step 3: Send Your Ad Traffic to a Proven “Presell Page”

This step is critical because people don't go to Facebook to buy. They want to socialize so it's important to properly shift their mental focus into buying mode. With their training you will learn exactly how to do this.

Step 4: Test Small, Optimize and Scale Up

With their proven formula you only invest $5 per day to start to see which ads are performing the best then you optimize those ads and scale up from there.

gerry cramers 4 step systemHealthy Commissions Keys To Success

The key to success with this system is by leveraging other people's hard work, experience and success. This system will give you the exact same proven roadmap that others have done before you.

You simple promote the same proven offers, you use the same style of ads and you use the same pre-sell page templates.

FAQ About Healthy Commissions

Here are some of the most common questions I get from my subscribers about this business model. You can read my full Healthy Commissions review here or head to their official website to learn more.

Do you need to be in the USA? No
Do you need a big budget to get started? No
Do you need to be tech savvy? No
Is saturation a problem? No