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Healthy Commissions Review

Health Commissions was the program Gerry Cramer and Rob Jones offered last year and it's available.

Healthy Commissions Review

healthy commissions review and bonusA few years ago in under 90 days with his system Gerry Cramer went from never running an ad before in his life to the number 1 Clickbank Super Affiliate on the entire Clickbank network.

That’s crazy they have over 100 000 affiliates on there. After that he decided to teach his system to a few of his buddies who ended up being very successful with his system.

Passion to Teach Other People

After seeing the impact that it has emotionally on them and see how it impacted his family was the birth of something inside of him.

gerry cramer and rob jonesHe achieved financial freedom and got to an amazing new height in his career and discovered something in that moment that fueled him and empowered him to start a new phase in his life to teach other people how to do it too.

Then he partnered up with Rob Jones and they decided to teach it to more people and that's when Healthy Commissions was born.

Gerry and Rob have had two launches of their training in the last 2 years and decided to contact Clickbank (biggest vendor of digital products online) and asked them to tell them exactly how much their students have made in the last couple of years.

clickbank salesThe total from all their students was 57 million dollars during that time.

From approximately from a couple thousands of students.

Common Questions About Healthy Commissions

Here are some of the most commons questions I have been asked over and over so I'm sure you have at least a few of them too.With their 5 simple step system you don't need:

  • You DO NOT need to create or source your own products
  • You DO NOT need to create an online store
  • You DO NOT need any inventory
  • You DO NOT need any employees
  • You DO NOT need to live in the United States
  • You DO NOT need to do blogging or podcasting or content creation
  • You DO NOT need to build a following
  • You DO NOT need any experience
  • You DO NOT need a bunch of money to get started

There are people from all walks of life with different backgrounds and from different countries seeing success with this training.

The 4 Simple Step System

These 4 steps are responsible for turning dozens of ordinary people into Super Affiliates, making up to $10 937 per day, right in the middle of Lock down!

healthy commissions review 4 simple step systemStep 1. Facebook Ads

step 1 facebook adsThey focus on Facebook ads because they made far more money with them than with anything else out there.

The goal of a Facebook ad is to grab someones attention and get the click. The thing you try not to do is try to sell and that's where most people screw up. If you see an ad on your Facebook feed and it’s very sales oriented people ignore it because they aren’t on Facebook to buy stuff.

They are on Facebook to socialize so they make their ads social and that’s the first important key to having big success of Facebook.

Step 2. Presell Page

step 2 presell pagesBecause people are in that social mindset you need to get them out of that social mindset.

You need to get them prepared to buy something and to be thinking about their problem. So what the presell page does is subtly shift their focus from the social mindset to buyer mindset they call it buyers mode. Doing this gives a significant boost in your profits and if you didn’t do this the whole method really doesn’t work. It’s a critical step.

They have 1000s of presell pages that they have found over a lot of testing that work extremely well and 1000s of ads that work extremely well. You get access to all of them when you join Healthy Commissions.

Step 3. The Offer

step 3 the offerThe best offers that sell are the ones that sell extremely well to big, broad, cold audiences. What that means is you don’t know them and they don’t know you it’s an ad from someone they’ve never heard of before and it’s a general audience like women’s weight loss.

You want the products you promote to sell super well to this group so it will turn your ad spend and multiply it into cash back into your pocket.

Step 4: Scale it Up

step 4 scale itAll you have to do is dial it in a little bit and scale it up and they have ways of doing this without taking risk or spending a lot of money that they reveal inside their training.

They teach you exactly how to do this so you are only scaling ad campaigns that are already making you money. You can do this by spending only $5 a day.

Healthy Commissions Training

Module #1: Creating Your Winning Ads (Images)

healthy commissions blueprintIn this module you will learn exactly what a winning ad looks like and what kind of images to completely avoid.

Module #2: Crafting Your Million Dollar Ad Copy

Their simple process will take your ad profits to the next level.

Module #3: Switching on Buyers Mode Instantly

A great presell page will take your prospect from a social mindset and switch on buyers mode instantly. In module 3 they will show the only two presell pages that you need to maximize your return on investment (ROI) and profits.

These are the two templates that they have tested heavily and they are proven winners. You will also get a crash course on the 4 simple psychological principles that take a presell page to a cash building machine. By the end of this module you will be able to craft a profitable presell page within minutes and will become second nature to you.

Module #4: Launching Your Million Dollar Campaign

Now that you have all the parts of a profitable campaign ready it's time to put it all together and launch it. In this module they will take you through there simple strategy that makes the difference between small players and million dollar affiliates.

So you'll learn exactly how to show your ads to right audience at the right time. You'll discover how to start with a very small budget and how to turn it into bigger winners as quickly and little risk as possible.

After this module you will have the skill and power to launch your ads with confidence and quickly find the winning profitable campaigns.

Module #5: Testing and Scaling Up

You will learn how to turn your portfolio of ads into a super profitable machine. It's all about identifying and weeding out the losers and scaling up the winners.

They will show you the exact simple process they follow for testing and scaling. This is the stage where the big money starts.

Once your done with this section you will have the process skills you need to optimize your ads for maximum profits. You will have the edge over your competitors who won't have this set up strategies and knowledge.

They will make it so simple that testing and scaling your ads will become second nature to you.

Module #6: Secrets of The Titans

This is the advance section that shows you how to go above and beyond $1000 per day. They will pull back the curtains on a toolbox full of techniques that only the best affiliates know. You will get an insider view of how a 7 figure affiliate thinks, plans and acts.

You will go down a rabbit whole of ninja tricks, hacks and advanced techniques that will take your income to a level you never imaged would be possible in your life.

Once you are finished with this module you will have enough knowledge to compete with the very best affiliate and you will feel like you belong to the top tier. You will be confident enough to storm your way into the elite league of multi million dollars super affiliates.

healthy commissions review 4 simple step system6 Pillars Of Success

Pillar #1 – Master Blueprint

healthy commissions master blueprint
  • Get their proven Top Secret Blueprint that has made us, our mentors and our students millions of dollars
  • EVERYTHING you need to know from A to Z to get started fast

This is your key to the other side and it's how you can start experiencing the same success and freedom as our super affiliate mentors and students

Pillar #2 – Million Dollar Presell Page

presell page pillar 2
  • Download, copy and use their 2 exact Million Dollar Presell pages
  • They've spent $100's of thousands of dollars testing and perfecting the psychology and conversion tactics behind their Million Dollar Presell Pages. No other presell page out there works this well
  • All of their most successful students and mentors are using this exact same presell page with minor adjustments

You can copy the 2 exact presell pages that make them and their students MILLIONS!

Pillar #3 – Million Dollar Image Swipe File

image swipe file pillar 3
  • Access their swipe file of ad images that have been used in actual winning ads, including ads that have generated millions in sales during Lockdown
  • These are actual million dollar ads
  • See exactly what has already been proven to work!
  • Nobody ever shows you this kind of stuff

You get the exact ads that have sold MILLIONS.

Pillar #4 – Magnifier Products

magnifier products pillar 4
  • Discover the exact “MAGNIFIER” products they are promoting to make millions of dollars
  • You don't have to research a single product. They will TELL YOU what to promote, saving your time and money
  • Learn exactly what products will make you money before you every spend a single dime of traffic!
  • Stack the odds in your favor immediately and set yourself up for success before you even start

They will show you what products to promote!

Pillar #5 – Image Outsourcing Script

image outsourcing script pillar 5
  • Just follow these simple instructions with the exact copy and paste checklist they use to instruct Fiverr designers to crank out winning ad images for $5 each
  • You don't need a creative bone in your body to get a winning ad
  • You don't need to be a designer
  • The script is absolute gold. It's responsible for their students most profitable ads

Copy and Paste this script for a WINNING AD IMAGE.

Pillar #6 – Expert Coaching

  • Rapid Response Help Desk: Their team of expert coaches who know the system inside and out!
  • Expert Coaching: Second layer of support, streamlined access to them (Gerry & Rob)
  • They Have You Covered: If you're worried about ANYTHING at all, don't be. They've helped thousands of people build successful online businesses and they can help solve ANY problem you may have

Get unbeatable support the support they provide involves a HUGE investments of time on their part!

3 Critical Keys To Success

If you get any of these wrong the method will not work.

Key #1 – Only Promote Offers That Sell Like Crazy

keys to successYou want to send your traffic there and the traffic you send you want it to make you as money as you can. So the key to doing this is you have to be very picky about what offers you promote.

There are only a handful out there that will work. The niche they are focusing on is healthy and there are specific healthy offers that will show you that work really well with this system.

Key #2 – High Click Through Rates (CTR) Equal Cheap Clicks

high click through ratesFor example they have got 42, 083 clicks for 13 cents a click and 37, 103 clicks for 8 cents per click.

These are huge volumes of clicks at super cheap prices in the most competition niche out there, the health niche. They know how to get this over and over and they will show you how you can get those cheap clicks too.

Key #3 – Images Are The Key To Getting High CTR and Low Cost Per Click (CPC)

low cost per clickFor Facebook Ads the industry average across the board is about .5% click through rates. The other people are paying super high rates for their clicks but with Gerry’s methods they are able to get massive CTR like 8%-18% regularly because they have a special type of image they use.

That’s how they are able to get the cheap click rates and compete with the biggest competitors out there who are paying much high prices. With Gerry’s training you have an unfair advantage because he teaches you his secrets about images.

The Bottom Line

If you have the right audience, and high CTR on your ads combined with proven pre-sell pages that do the proper job of shifting them from the social mindset over from the social mindset to buy mindset.

And you have the right super high converting offer that does a good job at turning your traffic into cash then that’s the formula for success with this system. Then you can scale up your entire business as high as you want.

Healthy Commission Bonus

bonus 1 presellio software suite
bonus 2 ticket to upcoming live event
You don't have to do anything extra to get these bonuses they will automatically be given to you once you join their training.

Why Isn’t Everyone Doing It

There are 5 roadblocks that separate small time affiliates from super affiliates. There are some of their students who able to scale things up and have huge results and other affiliates who maybe struggle in the beginning and perhaps fail and quit. Here are the 5 roadblocks that separate them.

Roadblock #1: They Don’t Know Their Numbers

profit optimizerSuper affiliates know their numbers. There aren’t very many people who want to deal with numbers, spreadsheets and calculators all day crunching their numbers.

With their system you will have access to their Profit Optimizer tool where all the math is done for you so you know exactly where you are at and how/when to scale up or down.

Roadblock #2: Low Payouts

low payoutsBecause they have the ability to drive large amounts of traffic and large amounts of sales they have connections with vendors where they can get payouts as high as 90% and sometimes even 100%.

So the numbers work out if you are getting 100% payout and your competition is only getting 50% payout that means you are making double the money they are making and how are they going to compete with you when you are making twice as much money as them. As one of their students you will get these high payouts vendors.

Roadblock #3: Low Cash Flow

low cash flowMost affiliates out there get paid every two to three weeks there is always a delay in their payments so that means they can’t reinvest it right away.

You want to be able to reinvest it right away so you can see your profits grow exponentially. Their students get their connections so they get paid every week. In some case you can get paid every 3 days but you have to have a huge volume to get that.

So if you are making $100 a day after one week you can reinvest that and you can make $200 a day etc it just increases so fast.

Roadblock #4: No Insider Connections

no insider connectionsThis is the key to getting high payouts and faster payouts from vendors. To knowing what’s working and what’s not working. You will know what to avoid.

If you don’t have the network you don’t have those connections you’re just going at it alone. Inside the members area everyone shares what’s working, what’s not working and really help each other out. That’s why Gerry and Rob believe their students are able to see such good results.

Roadblock #5: Ad Accounts Shutdown

facebook accounts closedThe internet is full of stories of people getting their Facebook Ad accounts shut down sometimes they aren’t even doing anything wrong, it still happens. Gerry and Rob students know how to get new accounts and extend their accounts longer.

They don’t break any of the rules, they follow all their terms and conditions. They realized that it’s just part of the business, Facebook Ads are special snowflakes and they know how to get unlimited Facebook Accounts. A lot of times you get shut down because of their algorithm and you can reach out to them and they will reopen your account. This is not a problem for their students at all where other people have to struggle with it.

Healthy Commissions Wrap Up

You can skip all the common problems with most online business models. Rob and Gerry have been constantly perfecting and updating this system over the last 12 months to make it the simplest, fastest way to scale up big time with the lowest risk and highest profit potential. It’s all brand new this year and better than ever.

Free Ebook: The Only Niche

health commissions review ebookThe beauty of this niche is you don’t have to worry about competition and therefore our students can all use extremely similar campaigns without worrying about saturation.

This niche makes it much simpler and more forgiving to make money online. Everyone in the group can help each other to succeed without fear of it making their campaigns any less successful. As a result of this free sharing, the entire group has become much more successful together.

This group is made up of a very diverse mix of people…all ages ranging from 18 to 80+, countries all over the world, men and women, all different backgrounds…teachers, construction workers, accountants, blue collar, white collar, professionals, retirees…you name it, they’re in the group. The great thing is everyone is equal in this group.

The free guide spells out a little of the backstory and goes into the simple 4-step system they are all using to have so much success.