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Privacy Policy

How Information Is Collected And Used

Information You Give Us By Opting In

When you opt in for free reports, newsletters or bonus offers we ask for your name and email address. We use this information to send you the information that you requested as well as important updates to the website or about new products that I think you might benefit from. You can opt out of receiving communication from us at anytime.

I will not share your contact information with anyone else without you agreeing to it first. We will not SELL you contact information.

Google Analytics Installed

privacy policyBestOnlineAffiliates.com using has Google Analytics installed. Google Analytics collects information about how you interact while on the website.

It keeps tracks of things like the browser you are using, the pages you visit and how long you stay on each page. I use this information to try and improve my website to better suit my visitors wants and needs.

Outbound Links

My privacy policy does not apply to the websites that I link out to. If you click off of my website onto another persons website you are responsible for reading their privacy policy.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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