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Steven Clayton Entrepreneur & Internet Marketer Review 2022

Steven Clayton and his partner Aidan Booth have been helping people build successful online businesses over the past 10 years.

Entrepreneurs Steve Clayton and Aidan have built multi-million dollar businesses in e-Commerce, affiliate marketing, local SEO and more. Each time they master a business model they turn around and teach it to a fortunate group of entrepreneurs.

Online Marketing Classroom

Steve and Aidan have a membership program called Online Marketing Classroom (OMC) that I highly recommend. I have personally made most of my income for 2020 from the things I have learned to Steve and Aidan.  You can check out the official website here.

Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth

Between both of them they have 30 years of combined experience and 1000s of student success stories. They don't teach things that are a “theory”, everything they teach is real “in the trenches” strategy that they use on a daily basis to become multi millionaires.

Who is Steve Clayton The Entrepreneur?

steve claytonSteve grew up outside of Manhattan and now resides in Chicago, USA. He is married with 2 kids.

Clayton is on his second career, he spent about 18 years in corporate America. He was a Chief Information Officer for —- company. He ended that career as a Vice President of a Fortune 500 company.

He admits that being the Vice President came with some perks and was very well paid but he felt like he was in a golden handcuff situation. He had zero time freedom and zero geographic freedom and was really unhappy. Steve knew that in order for him to be happy he had so go out and do his own thing.

So 15 years ago he started building online business and became a serial entrepreneur and he says “he hasn't had a real job since”. Now he enjoys teaching other people how to do the same thing.

Current CEO of NetBlaze

Steve has been the CEO of NetBlaze since 2018. Netblaze is software for owners of local business to stay more connected to their customers or clients, acquire new customers or clients and increase the amount of money they are making. It has been designed to replace the need to hire a digital marketing agency

Netblaze offers local business owners a guide on what they need to do each day in order to get more business from their online marketing efforts.

Steve Clayton eCommerce Training

This January 2022 Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth's training opened the door to their brand new eCommerce training program called the Kibo Code Eclipse.

There are only a limited number of spots and they always close down once they reach capacity. They have improved on things their students struggled with in previous courses so you don't have to worry about things like:

  • Amazon (having inventory)
  • Facebook Ads
  • International Suppliers
  • Living outside the USA
  • Having any prior experience
  • Doing any niche or market research

Kibo Code Eclipse Review

This January 2022 they will open the doors to their brand new ecommerce training program called the Kibo Code Eclipse. Kibo members will have access to a software suite and tools that he has invested a million dollars into.

The software and tools will get their students from not having an online business to having a fully function ecommerce store filled with products to sell.

Students don't have to buy and hold any inventory and only have to make send the payment to the suppliers hand picked for them. The suppliers take care of order fulfillment. Kibo students have access to an untapped marketplace filled with people ready to buy.

How He Got Started Online

Clayton got his start more than 15 years ago but he remembers like it was yesterday. Before that he had a wild ride in corporate America has become a very young chief information officer for a public company. He had that job for 9 years and it was the pinnacle of his career.

Worked For Entrepreneur Company

It was an entrepreneur company, they had a very small management team. He got the chance to dabble in a lot of different things, a lot of management, a lot of strategy, a lot of entrepreneur activity. He grew a company from 40 000 million dollars to 200 million dollars. It was the best “job” he has every had really in his life and he had a lot of them over the year.

Digital Marketing Opportunity

But even then he was learning about the internet, e-commerce, Google, Adwords and eBay. They were all starting to be new things in the world.

He was attracted to it because he’s a tech, marketing, science, analytical and sales guy. Online marketing really allowed him to combine all those things particularly way back then when designing websites was a lot more technical than artistic then it is now.

He was on this journey with his company and he was doing great and then his company was bought by a 500 billion dollars company and went from a 200 employees to 20 000 employees. After that it quickly destroyed Clayton's entrepreneur spirit at the company because they didn't want entrepreneurs.

He was the vice president for a fortune 500 company at that point, he turned into politics and networking and it was inefficient. It was horribly frustrating for him. He continued to do that for 5 years, he was contractual obligated to do it was part of the buy out for 3 years. He was paid really well but he was miserable because he didn’t like what the company turned into so he parted ways with the company.

40 Years Old And Jobless

At that point he was almost 40 and was jobless. He thought he had done it all he was an IT, chief officer, VP for a fortune 500 company. He didn’t know what he was going to do next and was a little lost.

He was married and his wife stayed at home with 2 kids who were still in grade school. At that point he had a lot of expenses because he made a lot of money but spent a lot of money. He had a huge house 6500 sq foot house and all the bills that come with that.

A Month Entrepreneurial Deadline

He decided to give himself a month because he desperately wanted to be an entrepreneur because he knew that was where his passive was. He started business when he was in high school and through college and really wanted that freedom.

He wanted the geographic freedom so that he could move anywhere he wanted. He wanted the financial freedom. And most of all he wanted time freedom. He wanted to be able to be able to go play golf whenever he wanted to, or go to his kids games or whatever it is. He desperately wanted to have his own business so badly because it was a dream of his. At that point he was almost afraid to make it happen because he was afraid to fail.

Solo Entrepreneur

Because of all the pressure on him he needed to start making money. He needed something that was low risk or no risk, needed no start up capital because he didn’t want to risk any money. Wanted quick results and scaleable and something he could run as a one man band. He didn’t want to have to go out and find a job because to find an executive job in a company could take a year to get.

Internet Marketing

He had done his research and learned about internet marketing and knew this was the opportunity he was looking for because it ticked all those boxes. He purchased a couple more courses but there wasn’t a lot available because people weren’t sharing how to do it because not a lot of people had done it.

He started to experiment and would make a sale but then get a refund. He spent a lot of money on advertising to maybe make 1 or 2 sales. He struggled quite a bit and then had to shift to focusing on what he was good at. He had to out market everyone because he wasn’t going to win any awards for design.

steve claytons first websiteHis first website was in the health niche which was a huge niche. He was in weight loss and promoted a product called Fast Loss for Idiots with Clickbank.

At that point everything started to gel for him, he was in his late 30s and started to put on weight, his family so they were all looking at different dieting. They actually tried the program along with other ones that they could compare and contrast. So it was a good time to do the website.

He was experimenting, working really hard and trying to find his way. He was listening to lots of advice and different people and he was getting to the end of his month and he wasn’t making enough money. He had a little success but it wasn’t enough for him to say to himself that this was the right way to go.

Big Job Interview

He schedule a pretty big job interview and it was in California but he didn’t want to move to California at all. He loves to visit there but not live there and all his family is on the East Coast, he’s a New York guy. He got on the place and went to LA, he was miserable the whole way there. When the plane landed he was in baggage claim, and he had some device (before iPhones), he had the ability to look at emails.

First Digital Marketing Success

All the sudden he saw in his emails sale, sale, sale, sale and he though holy shit. After that he went to the hotel and he tried to figure out what was going on. He suddenly realized that his sales funnel was working and that he had figured it out.

At that point he thought to himself OMG this is really going to happen, I can make this work. He canceled his job interview and went back home and has never schedule another job interview again. He’s never had to have a real job since then.

The Website That Made Him A Millionaire

steve's first million dollar websiteHis weight loss website in the first year made about $1 million in revenue and was operating it at about a 60 percent margin so it was really good money.

That website ran for several years until advertising methods and things changed. But it allowed him to build his business because he got to learn so much more and branched out into different business models.

He allowed him to scale and find partners like people who were actually good at doing copy writing for a website and design.

Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth Partnership

He thinks that finding partners is really important because nobody is good at everything. He was only good at a small portion of it, he was good at short form copywriting like ads, he could write ads really well.

One of his successful ads back in the day and he wrote an adwords ad that said don’t just count points that would appear when people typed in weight watchers. He would send them to his site with a better alternative. You can’t do that anymore but back then you could. The traffic, click through rate and conversion was amazing. He is currently partnered up with Aidan Booth.

Steve's Strengths and Weaknesses

He was good at writing short form, analytical skills and paid advertising skills like figuring out return on investment figures. But he couldn’t design a website to save his life, he couldn’t do long form copy writing. You have to double down on where you are strong but you can make that work because you are super strong in some areas but really weak in others and it will even out.

Million Dollars With Affiliate Marketing

He turned it all into a million dollar business with affiliate marketing, it was the right thing for him to do because he need something that was no risk, no start up capital, quick results, it was scalable and could do it was a one man band and not have to hire employees.

He will never forget that day in baggage claim at L.A X and remembers seeing the sales keep rolling in. He remembers being so exciting and thinking it’s going to work! He recalled cancelling that job interview as one of the most amazing days of his life. He never had to schedule another interview again.

He believes that your journey will be different but the concept, philosophy and feeling is all the same thing. Affiliate marketing will always be near and dear to his heart.

Wants To Share His Marketing Strategy

He love to teach other marketers how to do the same and teaches what is working now in 2022. He uses the current best practices to build multiple 6 figure businesses right now. He wants you to have your moment like when he was sitting in baggage claim or wherever your equivalent is so you can have your “ah ha” moment, its something you’ll never forget.

Steve Clayton Kibo Code Quantum

Steve and Aidan opened up their training program called Kibo Code but unfortunately it is permanently closed. The good news is that they spent the year making improvements to the original course and will be releasing the Kibo Code Eclipse in January 2022.