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Kibo Code Quantum Review – Is It Worth It From A Real Member?

The Kibo Code Quantum is a completely updated and improved version of The Kibo Code released in early 2020. Quantum is permanently closed to new member but in January 2023 123 Profit will be available and you can go here to learn more.

Kibo Code Quantum Review

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton have taken their 14 years of selling information products online and the experience, success and struggles of their students and poured it into this.

What is particularly special is that they have taken all the hurdles that their previous students have faced and removed them by solving all of them. All the training is brand new and never been released or seen before.

They have a new set up software and tools they literally spent hundreds of thousands of dollars creating and developing during this year. They will make the entire process faster and even easier for people to use.

What is Kibo Code Quantum?

the kibo code quantum reviewIs a simple 5 step online sales system. It’s focused on secret technology, free traffic and done for you solutions, and speed. That combination is pretty magical.

This is something that absolutely anyone can use. If you carefully follow the simple steps, you could reach an initial run rate of up to $1000 per week in in profit.

No Amazon, No Shopify, No Inventory

You can do it all without needing Amazon, without needing Shopify, without needing China or inventory.

During 2020 Aidan and Steven have been teaching this system to a large group of students. The results that they’ve seen have been like nothing they have seen before.

Some of their most successful students, after taking action, applying the training are achieving steller results. Some example are:

  • $56, 094 in sales during a single day
  • $455k in sales in 4 months
  • $7291 in sales in 24 hours
  • $24 742 in only 16 days

15 Years of Experience

kibo code quantum reviewAidan Booth and Steve Clayton have been doing this for almost 15 years now and they have never ever seen anything like that.

As you know the reality is whether you are starting a business opportunity training or a new diet or whatever, most people for whatever reason (there’s always a million reasons) they don’t get started.

They don’t take action which of course make the results mentioned not typical. If you don’t take any action you’re probably never see any results never mind really good results.

But what they have seen, has to do with just the way the system is so easy, simple and straightforward. They have seen that the number of people who have taken action, who have gotten started who have gotten out of the gate, and who have in fact made their first sales, is way above anything that they have ever seen.

Here are the 7 components you will have access to as a Kibo member.

Component #1 – Kibo Academy

  • kibo academyThe core 8 week training that’s show you how to build your new empire in record time.
  • A-Z guide of each area of the system and how to start from scratch and begin making money.
  • Step by step video, strategy manauls, live weekly webinars, mind maps and more, truly exhaustive with no stone unturned.
  • How to turbo-charge the setup so that you can see income in as little as 48 hours of being “live”.
  • All the training will be delivered directly by Aidan and Steve, along with their team of experts.

Component #2 – Kibo LaunchPad

  • kibo launchpadThe LaunchPad “eCommerce platform’ and mission control for your entire business
  • All of their experience, expertise and infrastructure! They have poured $250K developing this and you will be getting free access to get your started
  • If you had the equivalent setup with Shopify it would cost you $1014 per month!
  • If website creation and building landing pages has been somethign you’ve struggled with in the past, these headaches will be completely eliminated.

The LaunchPad is:

  • Easy to use
  • Beginner friendly
  • View your sales and profits
  • See live visitor analytics
  • Everything at your fingertips

Component #3 – Kibo Super Store

  • kibo super storesDone For You stores loaded up with prodcuts which you can sell immediately
  • If you take action and follow the system this will allow you to see money rolling into your account first-hand, proving that this system works
  • They are taking the guesswork out of the entire processs
  • Follow the steps in your Kibo LaunchPad dashboard and your fully built out webstore wil be live and ready to go
  • Will save you weeks of work (and money)!

Component #4 – Kibo Profit Vault

  • kibo profit vaultPinpoint the highest quality and most profitable products to sell from their gigantic in-house repository of over 2 million products
  • Allows you to scale fast
  • Get proven products served up to you, so you can side step mind numbing analysis
  • Suck your chosen products right into your store effortlessly (with zero tech know-how)
  • Eliminate all the boring, time-consuming and frankly risky product research, save days or even WEEKS of research
  • You get 10 hand-picked products that no one else is allowed to sell to get your started

Component #5 – Kibo Accelerators

  • kibo acceleratorsEvery last secret they know about how to generate targeted traffic that converts to sales and profits
  • Step by step action plans that could get you reeling in dozens of sales every single day.
  • Exactly how to use the secret FREE Facebook traffic strategy.
  • How to get dirt cheap PPC clicks on the big shopping platforms and vastly higher profits without having to write any ad copy
  • “Kibo Funnels to double or even triple your sales

Component #6 – Kibo PowerLabs

  • kibo powerlabsMore big shortcuts, custum built tools that will improve your store performance to help you make more money per visitor
  • Specfically designed to handle all the time consuming parts of the process
  • Domain tools, design software, list builders and more!
  • Additional systems to accelerate sales and profits
  • Will save you hugh amounts of money.

Component #7 – Kibo Alliance

  • kibo allianceExclusive members only support desk
  • Multiple avenues of assistance so you can ask questions and get help even if it’s 2am
  • Private email based system which will be manned 365 days per year
  • Their team of expert coaches will be on call for oyu
  • They have helped thousands of people start online businesses, and they can help solve any problems you have

As you can all the obstacles have been eliminated for you:

  • There are no traffic issues
  • This is VERY low risk
  • You can get VERY high profit margins
  • You can get rapid results

The Kibo Code Quantum Bonus Offers

If you decide to join Kibo Code Quantum today you will also be handed 3 Exclusive Bonuses. You don't have to contact anyone they will be added to your membership once available.  Here’s what you’re going to get…

Bonus #1 – Kibo Code Live Recordings

This is the full recordings of their live event last year with guest speakers and inner circle secrets.

bonus 1 live recordingsBonus #2 – The Secret Mastermind

You will have access to advanced workshops with additional tactics, formulas and strategies.

bonus 2 mastermind

Bonus #3 – 7-Figure Scaling Secrets

This is exclusive training you will receive revealing how to scale your business to a 7 figure run rate.bonus 3 scaling secretsMy Added Bonuses

I believe it's very important to stick with one training program/business model at a time. So I strongly encourage you to focus on your eCommerce business with the Kibo Code Quantum. I also believe it's important to diversify your income.

After you have your Kibo store set up and making money at some point you should think about diversifying your online business. This is exactly what I had in mind when I was putting together my bonus opportunity for you.

Bonus #1 – Affiliate Marketing Success Secrets Unlocked

affiliate marketing success secrets unlockedThis book will teach you everything you need to know to make money with affiliate marketing.

One advantage affiliate marketing has over eCommerce is that the profit margins are usually significantly higher. You can profit digital offers like ebooks and people often pay 75% or more to you in commission for each sale.

Here are some of the things you'll discover once inside:

  • Secrets to becoming a successful affiliate marketer
  • How to monetize (make money) with your websites
  • The best affiliate networks to join
  • How to make money with email marketing

Bonus #2 – Copywriting That Sells

copywriting that sells

Having copy writing that sells is one of the biggest challenges most people have when building an online business.

Inside you will discover:

  • The Basics to Copy writing
  • How to write copy that converts to sales
  • How to write headlines that get attention
  • How to craft the right call to action
  • 4 of the most common mistakes to avoid

Bonus #3: Secrets To Building A List

secrets to building a listList building has the potential to be the biggest asset any online business has if it's done correctly.

Inside you will discover:

  • Everything you need to know to build a list successfully
  • How to create a high converting squeeze page
  • How to maximize your profits
  • List building tips and tricks

I am offering these 3 books to anyone who buys Kibo Code through any of the links on my website.

Why Is Kibo Quantum Different?

  • It's the easiest system to understand they have taught
  • It's the simplest to implement
  • It's the most profitable and predictable business model they have ever taught
  • They literally have hundreds of customer success stories and testimonials
  • Students from the original Kibo Code have earned hundreds, even thousands of dollars each day

There hasn't been anymore information released about this product but from buying many of their previous training products (including the original Kibo) I can give you a better idea of what to expect. Be sure to come back to read my honest Kibo Code Quantum review.

Here are 7 benefits to this business model:

  • The profit margins are extremely high
  • There are NO traffic issues
  • You get RAPID and on going results
  • The competition is EXCEPTIONALLY low
  • There are no supplier issues
  • The financial risk-factor is VERY low
  • You can do this without giving anything up

the-kibo-codeHere are 9 reasons why the Kibo Code Quantum is different from all the other training available today.

  1. The Kibo Code 2020Beta Tested with Newbies

This system has been tested on people who have never set up a website of any kind before.

2. There are No Traffic Issues

It involves a market place that has exploded online, it’s a highly untapped source of highly targeting buyer traffic, it’s kind of like the early days of Amazon or Google when there where more people using the marketing place than offers to be put on there. You are able to put your product in front of people who are looking to buy them at the moment

3. There are No Supplier Headaches

No communication issues that you might get when dealing with China, no delivery time issues

4. No Amazon, No China (All USA suppliers)

5. There is very low risk

There is very low risk because it doesn’t involve stocking, shipping or touching any of the products, you never buy inventory upfront Some models like Amazon you have to spend anywhere from $500 – $200 to get started to stock your inventory in your store.

This method you don’t need to buy a product until it’s actually sold. So that means that the customer has paid you already so that eliminates that risk of losing money on unsold inventory. If a product doesn’t sell well you simply try another product and you have no wasted money.

6. LOW Competition

There is low competition because you choosing from a selection of 3 million products. So it’s unlike other business models where everyone is trying to push the same thing or where you have to go and hunt to find the products.

They actually give you the products because they have already done the research and created the database so it’s extremely unlikely that you will be selling the same product as everyone else. Especially because it only takes 2 or 3 products to do well to make 6 figures a year using their strategy

7. Extremely high profit margins

There are extremely high profit margin that are on average about 50%. Example if you can early $200 000 in sales then $100 000 ends up in your back account as profits

8. You get Rapid Results

You see rapid results because you are filling your store with top converting proven profitable products and you can test if they get results in a super short time frame within 48 hours or less you should be able to see if it’s able to make a sale.

9. You Can Do This on the Side

You can do this on the side because it requires little time to start and requires 5-10 hours a week to run so you can continue to work your regular day job or do your current online business.

So if you are an affiliate marketer like me or you are somebody who already does drop shipping from Aliexpress, or maybe you have never started an online business before an just want something you can run on the side.

I Invested In This!

I just invested in this training and I highly recommend you to as well. I haven't seen an opportunity that looks this promising in almost 5 years, and I'm not joking.

i invested in the kibo code

I'm so excited to get started with this training. Here is a sneak peak inside the membership.

the kibo code sneak peak

This is the same system they used to generate over $76k in 24 hours and over $1.18 million in 30 days. Their student ‘beta testers' used to generate over 125k per month. You can copy this system regardless of experience, age or location.

The Kibo Code Review

The Kibo Code Quantum isn't available yet so no ones has access to it yet. To give you a better idea of what to expect I have included a review of the original Kibo Code. You can expect Quantum to be even better as they have had a year to learn and make improvements.

This is the new eCommerce business model they have secretly been testing this model with students and are seeing amazing results. I just bought this, here is a sneak peak inside the members area.

kibo code trainingThe Kibo Code is a step by step training program that will teach you over a 8 week period how to build a profitable eCommerce website in 4 quick and easy steps.

4 step ecommerce website the kibo code review

Step 1 – Install Your Store

Using their 1 click system you can install your store. They have tested 50 “website themes” that have been visited by millions of people and they have arrived at an optimal theme that they call theme x.

They you will get to install some custom made apps which again just require push button installation. If you can copy, paste and follow instructions it's very straightforward.

Step 2Load the Products in Your Store

Then list yourself on the marketplace that I can't share with you. You load up products and you focus directly on their hand picked products that they have already given you from their profit vault tool.

Step 3 – Make Sales and Profits

A person orders a product from your store, you get paid up front, you buy the product from the supplier, the supplier ships the product directly to the customer and it does this automatically with no fulfilment on your part. The difference between what the customer paid and what the supplier charged you is profit.

Step 4 – Systematize Delivery

Which they have 100 percent automated. You don't have to touch the products. It's as simple as that from them spending 12 months testing and tweaking. I am just amazed by this particular method, it's 4 steps.

It involves traffic sources that very few people are using but is in huge demand and that's why it's so powerful. Then you just rinse and repeat using short profit cycles.

Repeat and Scalable System

Soon they will publish a 42 page document that you’ll be able to download which details everything. You will be able to download it will all the details, it goes it:

  • The types of stores they are building
  • The products they are selling
  • How they make profits Profit margins
  • Systematize Delivery and more…

It’s related to eCommerce but it’s very different to anything they have seen anyone else doing or anything they have ever heard talked about in the past.

They always try to remove headaches and make their systems better and better each year. Everything they get a little bit better at what they are doing.

For the past two years they have been testing things out and working on and they really think they have come up with the all star eCommerce configuration.


  • No up-front inventory orders (meaning no money down to get started)
  • No Facebook ads they have really become a headache over the last 18 months or so No Amazon it’s becoming more volatile and it’s also getting a lot more competitive
  • No China Don’t have to worry about tariffs, long delivery times, dealing with cultural barriers and other reasons why China is sometimes difficult to deal with


  • Building your own brand
  • Can do this from anywhere in the world
  • Very scalable

Aidan Booth started with ecommerce stores in 2009, Steve a couple years earlier than that so combined they have more experience and knowledge than anyone else I can think of right now.

Aidan and Steve haven't released many more details yet but here is what they said in the email they sent me.

the kibo code review e-commerce training

I know what you are thinking this must be another Amazon product but guess what it's not. Here's what they said.

aidan and steve the kibo code bonus

The Kibo Code Bonus

I will be updating this page with my Kibo Code bonus shortly so stay tuned. If you have received any of my bonuses before you know that it will be extremely valuable. I have a couple ideas already that I'm pretty excited about.

You can read more below about what you can except from Aidan and Steve's training.

I Invest Their Courses

I know this because I have been a member of their previous programs, including Kibo Code, Parallel Profits and 7 Figure Cycle. Aidan, Steve, and their team of experts are so knowledgeable on everything online marketing. They're helpful, funny and great teachers. They don't overwhelm you with everything you have to do, instead they help you step by step towards a business you can achieve.