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Niche Profit Classroom and Full Control Review And Bonus

Niche Profit Full Control is no longer available but you can read my Adam Short review here to see what he is currently offering.

If you’re looking for a straightforward program with quality tutorials and tools to build affiliate websites and earn thousands of dollars a month with your online business. Niche Profit Full Control (NPFC) is no longer available.

Niche Profit Fast Track Review & Bonus

The only training program that Adam Short has right now is Niche Profit Fast Track and it will only be available for a short period of time. You can expect it to have all the training you need to make small but profitable niche websites. You will even have niche packs that include almost everything you need to get an entire website up and running.

Once the websites are up and running they require little to no on going maintenance for years. You will also receive all the training necessary to find more niches to go into and how to build websites around them.

Niche Profit Full Control

Created by reputable internet marketer Adam Short, Full Control will show you how to create and design a website, monetize it, and drive a ton of traffic to your site.

There's more than just affiliate marketing, SEO, best niche and keyword selection, and gaining powerful tools.

You will also learn the secrets to creating your own digital product, funnel sales, marketing, and making a killing online.

Take your business and profits to the next level with your very own product.

What Is Included?

  • Extensive video training modules: Affiliate marketing, advanced list marketing tactics, conversion optimization techniques, building your own products and the list goes on
  • Valuable software tools: Included at no extra cost; market research, landing page generator, social media traffic generation, and more!
  • Done for you niche businesses: Skip the grunt work and get a business in a box. Start making money today with a 3 month email autoresponder, sales pages, landing page, and proven products to sell.
  • Coaching: Ongoing webinar coaching to help you get and stay ahead

Get the most up-to-date internet marketing strategies to scale up your business and a complete internet marketing solution all jam packed into one incredible program.

Find The Best Niches

Adam knows niche marketing. With over 300 sites across an incredibly diverse range of topics, and over 8 million dollars in profits, he's been able to identify the most profitable and converting niches.

Through NPFC, you will learn the ins and outs of niche selection. Don't waste your time in a a difficult ranking area or one that may get traffic but doesn't convert to sales. Follow Adam's proven

The topics recommended are researched and proven to convert. That means these are topics or interests where people are highly likely and motivated to buy digital products.

Become A Profitable Affiliate

The best way to learn to make an affiliate income, is to learn from the best. The ones leading the industry and know it so well they can make money in their sleep. Adam Short has earned a reputation as a top marketer in the online community.

I have personally taken my business to the next level with the strategies I've learned through NPC and am very excited to get access to NP Full Control, his brand new program.

Niche Profit Classroom 5.0

With 6 years of training entrepreneurs to run profitable affiliate websites and online businesses, NPC 5.0 is a reputable and proven program for success.

Adam has invested all his time and experience into this incredible program, keeping you up to date on all the latest marketing strategies and tactics.

There's a reason so many of its members choose to upgrade to a Lifetime Membership.

NPC Bonus Offers

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Adam Short

The NPC program was started by Adam Short over 6 years ago. He and his team have been improving the program and tools ever since the initial NPC program began.

Even if you have no internet experience at all NPC can help you get started making money online quickly and easily. If you're already making an affiliate income, this program can help take you to the next level.

The core training promises to show you all the following:

  • How to effectively research good niche markets
  • How to analyze your competition
  • How to either find a good product to promote or create your own product from scratch
  • How to build traffic to your sites
  • How to maximize the profitability of your sites

In addition to the learning, NPC will also set you up with hosting for your websites, a niche website builder, regular online seminars and a monthly package giving you everything you need to set up a site in 2 different niches.

Niche Profit Classroom Core Training

niche profit classroom core trainingThe first area you should explore once inside NPC is the classroom area which contains all of the core training videos.

Adam Short has created modules of videos to teach you how to begin as an affiliate marketer.  Each module consists of several videos and explores one area of niche marketing in depth.

The videos are well made with crystal clear audio and great video.  You can tell by the way in which these videos flow that they were professionally produced with plenty of forethought; not just thrown together in an effort to get something online.  The videos definitely deliver great value and a ton of beneficial information.


In addition to the core lesson videos, NPC also comes with a host of software tools, each designed to make your job as an affiliate marketer easier.  Here is a list and short description of the tools you would have access to as a member of NPC:

Keyword Advantage:

  • This is an easy to use tool that will find money keywords in whatever niche you are in. You will instantly be able to see which keywords to go after and which ones to stay away from.This is a great tool for find great keywords that get a lot of traffic but also have low competition at the same time. Check out this article: Keyword Advantage Color Coding to see how easy it is.

Related Article: Keyword Advantage Review

The Market Profiler:

  • This tool allows you to dig into an online market and find out what others are doing to make money in each market.  It allows you to probe deeper with questions and eventually gives your niche a rating from excellent to poor.

Moneyword Keyword Tool:

  • One of the keys to finding good niche markets is keyword research, and the Moneyword Keyword Tool gives you a way to unlock the potential in any market.  It allows you to enter keyword lists and then goes out to determine the amount of competition and how strong each competing site is.  Once that is done it will give you a score to let you compare how easy or difficult each niche might be.

Niche Profit Press:

  • This is the backend tool that gets your hosting account set up for automatic creation of niche site after niche site.  You’ll be creating lots of sites, and the Niche Profit Press was designed to save you loads of time in this process.

15 Minute Sales Letter & Newsletter:

  • These are two tools that provide you with a quick and easy way to create both sales letters to use as landing pages and newsletters to help you convert your leads into sales.

NPC Pros and Cons

npc pros and consPros of NPC

  • It provides everything you need to succeed in making money online.
  • It will continually provide you with new niche site ideas and ways to improve your profitability
  • All of the techniques presented can be used in any niche online.
  • It allows you to go from idea to fully realized site all in one package.  This is a big improvement over using multiple tools to research niches, research keywords, create content, market your site and improve your sales funnel.  NPC gives you the tools to do all these and more in one place.

Cons of NPC

  • If you are new to internet marketing there is a lot of information to digest and this could overwhelm some people.
  • NPC isn’t a magic solution, YOU still have to do the work if you want to be successful.  There are no free lunches here.

Overall I believe the pros far outweigh the cons, especially for those just getting started with internet marketing.  Niche Profit Classroom will give you all the tools and support you need to create a money making website. Once you get the first site up and running, NPC’s method will allow you to replicate your initial success over and over again.

sites pulling in moneyYou may not be able to create 1 single site pulling in thousands of dollars a month, but with the NPC system you won’t have to worry.

You can create hundreds of sites pulling in a hundred dollars a month instead, not only increasing your bottom line with each new site.

While also diversifying your empire and making your cash flow less vulnerable to future changes online. I hope my Niche Profit Classroom review has been helpful.

Keyword Advantage Review

Adam Short has decided to release his NPC software for the very first time. This is great for those of you that are just looking for a killer keyword research software. You can read my Keyword Advantage review here.

What Are Niche Websites?

niche websitesNiche website, the term may be familiar, but what does it really mean? Basically, a niche website is a site that is aimed very specifically at one audience.

The content and products are created to fulfill a need of that particular group and there's less competition for ranking your site.

For example, maybe you want to create a food site. To attract your readers, your site needs to provide more than information on food in general. Instead, it should delve into a more specific topic on food, like Italian cuisine or a new fad such as the Paleo diet or Juicing.

Niche websites can be broken down into even smaller categories called Micro niche sites. The Micro niche website is very targeted.

With the food industry website example discussed above, if Italian cuisine is your Niche then a possible Micro niche might be Italian dessert preparation, or Italian sauces.

Your options for niche sites are endless. The great thing with the internet is it's a place where everyone goes to find a shared interest and you can reach people all over the world with your site. But not every niche converts highly to sales. Your Italian dressing readers may simply be looking for free recipes.

increased website trafficNiche Profit Classroom members, take note. Your membership will help you with intensive instruction on building niche websites which perform exceptionally well. Adam has done extensive research on finding the best niches for affiliate sales.

The Site Builder, proprietary tools and templates pull those paying customers right to your website, and that increased traffic equals increased profits.

This brings up the topic of valuable website content. As an affiliate marketer, you must attend to what the audience really counts as valuable information. Give the audience what it really wants according to these common sense principles.

Quality Content

Why would someone read a niche website unless it gave them something helpful for their daily life? Stick with what your brand does best, and eliminate fill and fluff. Put yourself in the position of the audience. What questions and information might they want to learn about? Meet those needs with quality content only.

Also, the niche website content should not read as an ad, but rather as news and feature stories. In other words, help the readers learn new things. This strategy reaps the reward of many repeat visitors who love your fresh and helpful information.

Make content precise. The niche website must stay on target. Focus on the niche only and on your readers. That way, they are sure to come back.

Do not forget that your website visitors are not just people who want to increase their income. Know the audience, and realize understand if it is comprised of moms, retired people or some other group. Aim specifically at the niche.

For instance, with the Italian cuisine website, don't try to expand to content that is unrelated. Stay within the niche because the target audience may react negatively if you are not on topic. They will definitely question how legitimate your expertise is if you violate the boundaries of that website. Stay the course, and give readers what they came for.

Make Content Interesting

It's great when a niche website talks about its niche, but the writing cannot be flat and dull. If it is, say goodbye to droves of visitors. Compelling topics, illustrated with stories of your own personal experiences or testimonials from other people, will delight readers and keep them coming back for more.

Also,the interesting and personal touch helps website visitors identify and bond with you. They will not perceive you as a money-grabber but as someone who is just like them.

Make Content Full Of Good Information

Blogs are great, but they are not the only way to communicate with visitors. Videos, photos and animations that are pertinent to the niche break up the content into smaller, more manageable bites. This is important not only visually but it helps people who are not big-time readers.

reviewsInclude reviews in your content. Reviews help make the website. They lend credibility to the message of your website. Visitors will buy more if they read about the successes other visitors have had.

So, be sure to use these principles to fine tune your niche website content.

Also, marketing principles assist the niche website in helping you succeed. Here are some highlights to increase those visitors.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is one of the most effective methods of bringing people to a website. Clever SEO will increase your website's visibility when people look for a certain topic on Google or another search engine. Coming up on the first page of search results is great for your website. Here's how to increase those search rankings with SEO.

First, pick keywords, or frequently used and familiar terms, to include in website content. They must be relevant and should make sense to the potential visitors.

Second, position the chosen keywords in key places through out the website content. Then, the search engines will pick them out. Do not “stuff” or “over-optimize” your content with keywords, however, as the big search engines have this strategy figured out and will pass on your content. Your website information should read very naturally and include keywords that make sense.

Third, link to other sources of information that are helpful to the reader and that make your website look good. In turn, your content should really shine so that other websites will, in turn, want to link to it.

video marketingVideo Marketing

Videos work very well to bring readers to a website. People love watching more than reading pages and pages of printed content. Use videos to market Niche Profit Classroom and your own brand as well.

The Video Marketing tutorial we provide for your use will show you many ways to use video marketing to increase sales revenues.


It certainly has become a different world since the advent of Facebook. You can aim right at a ready-made audience tailored just for you.This medium a keys in on demographics–that is, gender, job, age and many other life style factors.

facebookAdditionally, Facebook is great for letting your marketing imagination run wild. Make what you post as relevant as possible to the people you want to contact.

Be sure to look at the Facebook Marketing tutorial as it has plenty of information on how to use Facebook and how best to leverage it toward your own affiliate website. Both the tutorial and Facebook are invaluable tools.

email marketing relationshipEmail Marketing

Market yourself, and keep the lines of communication open with email.

Your customers will become more familiar with you, and tend to buy more, if they sense you want a relationship with them.

Know how to build lists to help sell products. Look at the Email Marketing tutorial for more tips on this powerful marketing tool.