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6 Ways To Make Money Online From Blogging

Blogging for money is not a difficult thing anymore. There are those people who use blogs to share their ideas on something or just write for fun. But there are those business-minded folks who have succeeded in making a substantial amount of money through blogging.

As a beginner, the idea of making money from blogging tends to excite you and all you wish is to venture into it immediately. The reality is that it needs one to learn how to make money from blogging.

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The first thing that one must do is to set up a working blog that will be able to generate a good traffic. You should choose a domain name that is easy for search engines to get and for your visitors to remember.

Buy a hosting package that will meet all you needs and give your blog a professional look. The task that remains is updating your blog with rich and fresh content on a regular basis.

1. Advertising programs

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This is the most common method of leveraging a blog to generate income.

If your blog is popular on the Internet, you can sell ad space on your own. The most common and popular program is Google Adsense.

Only ads that are congruent with the content of your blog appear on it. This program pays basing on how many readers clicked on the ads for further information. Other good programs are Chitika and MSN AdCenter.

2. Email Marketing

inbox blueprint reviewAsk any successful internet marketing and they will tell you that having a good email marketing strategy leads to having a good list that will make you a ton of money online.

The best part is that if you build trust with the people on your list they will buy from you over and over again. If you are looking to learn email marketing then you want to check out Anik Singal and his Inbox Blueprint 2.0 course.

2. Affiliate programs

affiliate marketingAffiliate marketing offers a gratifying experience ever and an easy way of making money with your blog.

All you do is to sell products on behalf of a company, and you are paid a certain commission.

An example of a company that you can sell their products on their behalf is Amazon.com. Affiliate programs varies since others pay per lead, others per click and others per sale.

3. Market your services on your blog

publish academy unbiased reviewBlogs are considered to be a place to shout opinions and involve readers through your work. What many people have not realized is that they can use their blogs to market their services and business.

If you are a writer, you can add a “Hire me” page for clients to contact you. For businesses, what you write on your blog helps immensely in marketing. Consequently, spreading your business and your opinions online.

4. Selling intellectual property

Writing an E-book is also another way of making decent money from blogging. Moreover, it is also an ideal way to make yourself an expert in a particular niche. However, it is crucial to note that writing and selling an E-book is not an easy task. One must have a vast knowledge on writing, formatting and selling it. You can learn exactly how to do this in Anik Singal's Publish Academy.

5. Job boards

This method is unquestionably for advanced bloggers. If you have been writing for a while, you may as well consider getting in on job boards. Readers or bloggers will visit your blog to check on job opportunities on a regular basis. Job boards will not only generate some income but increase your traffic.

6. Freelance work

marketingThere are many blog networks that you can join and make money from blogging. These networks provide writing opportunities where you have to write client's posts on your blog.

Payment per post is determined by the number of words and other factors. Generally, you are paid a fixed price per post.

In conclusion, it is vital to take time to understand the concept of blogging. There are many resources online that offer a great deal of information on blogging. Learning how to make money from blogging is the best thing a beginner can do to succeed.