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Publish Academy Review

A quick Anik Singal review is that twelve years ago, he took a chance and used his knowledge to follow a new path in business as an online business. Since he took that risk he has grown his company into a cornerstone in the market, making over ten million a year.

Publish Academy Review [Official closed]

  • The most effective shortcut available to launching a business by doing what you love!
  • publish academy reviewTons of Value-Add BONUSES that exponentially increase your results — all for no cost!
  • Step-by-step instruction that walks you all the way to your first $10k online… and beyond!
  • Tons of case studies, models and proven strategies and solutions to practically cut and paste to your own business!
  • And so many tools, resources and support… you’ll have an extreme advantage!

…this and LOTS MORE phenomenal online business training!

What's Included with Publish Academy

Here we will discuss the specifics of what you will learn if you decide that take the plunge with Anik!

1. Video Training Modules

This program offers seven in-depth training modules that have been crafted by Anik and his master coaches.

These will teach you how to create a profitable digital publishing business from the ground up, helping you advance through the information at your own pace.

You will have access to these modules for life, so you can start new businesses any time that the urge strikes you.

2. Ninety Days of Open Q&A PLUS Coaching

Learning a new business can be daunting, so Anik’s program offers unlimited interaction with the trainers in the first three months of you signing up.

This is offered around the world, no matter what the time zone, and has been priceless to those who are just learning how to run their own business. There is also a live Q&A session for the first thirty days so that you can avoid being stuck during this process.

3. Members Community

It is just as important to have community support during this process so there is a private forum with both live training and a way to connect with other members.

This way you can learn from the members, the coaches, and build a network with each other! You will also have access to custom-created software that will help you to create your own personalized business plan.

4. Virtual Weekend Workshops

For those who want an extra push, there is a Platinum service that includes access to three complete virtual events over a four-month period! These weekend long interactive events are accessible to students around the world.

5. Skills Training Academy

The coaches will work closely with students on some important skills that are frequently overlooked in the business so that they can grow-this ties into challenges in the class that help users focus on creating their digital product!

6. Traffic Academy

It can be hard to drive traffic when you first start out, but it becomes easier when you have coaches who will show you how to do it best.

7. Brain Tank

Learning from the industry is integral to this process, so every month Anik will interview pioneers in the field and then provide information to his members so that you can be on the cutting edge of this business!

8. Safe Hire

It can be difficult to choose the best vendors for a new business, and picking the wrong one can completely demolish a new business. The Safe Hire community lists the best designers, programmers, copywriters, etc. to ensure that you will have the best experience possible when you first start out.

9. Niche Detective

If you have just picked a niche and are not yet an expert, it can be difficult to do all the research that is required to make sure that you stand out.

Anik’s team offers students a thorough breakdown of the top twenty niches for digital publishing, with information about keywords and which items to promote to ease your transition.

10. Copy and Paste Business Models

Take a look behind the scenes to see how the top business models are created. They share their top models that have generated the greatest growth and profits and break it down piece by piece offering price points, sales funnels, marketing, and back-end…everything you could ever need. You can copy and paste it to your own niche and business!

This is just the tip of the iceberg for what this class offers to those who are just starting out in the digital publishing world, and it can make a world of difference! This system is a great fit for anyone who is just starting out, or for those who needs some tips to ensure that they stay on top of their website.