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3 Email Marketing Secrets From List Academy Live Training

Anik Singal teaches his 3 secrets to email marketing on a free live List Academy webinar. During the training he shows how he makes $500 000 to $1 Million a month with his list.

The way he used to build his email marketing lists was by building a email list, promoting product after product to his list hard for 3-4 months. But he noticed that his list would slowly die off and more and more people stopped opening his emails. Then he would start over and build a new list.

Anik did the same thing for years until one day he realized that something was wrong with that approach. Using that model you start to see your list plateau and then it suddenly drops off.

What Email Leads Were Worth?

The common number that people used was that $1 for every subscriber on your list. So if you get 10 000 leads in the month you should earn $10 000 that month.

Had a bunch of students that weren’t making $1 per lead and didn’t understand why it wasn’t working with his students. He signed up for their lists and quickly realized why they weren’t making the same money.

Anik came up with his new email marketing method that generates $3 per month per subscriber (300% increase). His list is no longer plateauing and it’s even easier then what he was doing back in the day.

3 Simple Email Marketing Secrets

1. Balance Your Calendar

  • There are only 3 types of offers you can promote and they are the following;
    • high ticket ($1000 – $1500), only promote with webinars.
    • mid ticket ($100 – $700ish), only promote with webinars and video sales letters, don't send traffic to a written sales letter at this price point.
    • low ticket items ($1-$97), usually promoted with written sales letter or video sales letter

2. Event Based Marketing

  • This is a strategy he personally uses to generate $2 million of his affiliate income and has started using it with his own products.

3. Secret Selling Method

  • Build a trusting relationship with your list while also increasing the money you are earning

These same secrets lead to his 11.4 million product launch.

What If You Don’t Have A List?

list academy reviewYou don’t have to worry about it because he will show you a simple list building model and solution as part of List Academy.

The simple system involves sending traffic to a one page optin which is then redirected to your thank you page that is monetized already.

From there your new subscriber email addresses go into your database where you can send them automatic emails and manual messages.

Target People Interested In Your Topic

You are building a list of people who are interested in the topic that you are teaching or talking about.

Once someone joins your list you will send them emails almost daily. You can promote whatever products or websites you want to generate income. Email marketing traffic is the #1 qualified traffic source there is.

Two Big Mistakes Email Marketers Make

You have to get rid of the two big mistakes that most email marketers make.

1. Copying and pasting the emails that are given to them. They forget the part about building a relationship. This leads to horrible numbers and fast death of your list.

2. Going too far the other way and try for too much relationship. Many end up writing “essays” to their email lists. Long emails reduce how many clicks you get.

3 Functions of an Email

You can read this article to learn about 10 more mistakes affiliate marketers should avoid.

Always remember there are only 3 job functions of an email marketer at any given time.

1. Create Excitement

  • You can create excitement with one sentence, i.e. your headline which should be exciting or no one is going to open your email
  • Goal is to get someone intrigued

2. Edify and create expectation

  • Let your reader know exactly what they are suppose to do on the page that you are sending them to. If you want them to optin in tell them or if you want them to read a sales letter, video etc

3. Get the click

  • The sole purpose of the email you write is to get the reader to click the link.

You can learn the rest of Anik Singal's email marketing secrets from the free List Academy training video below.