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10 Email Marketing Mistakes For Affiliate Marketers To Avoid

As internet marketing becomes the top marketing strategy, it is important to ensure that you are doing it effectively. While many focus on banners and ads on their main pages, the meat of the industry is connecting through email.

Email marketing is an easy strategy to use to drive traffic to your site, connect with your readers, and make quick sales. There are some easy strategies that you should follow to ensure that you are reaching your audience in the most constructive way.

Making simple errors can negatively affect your reputation and make you lose your subscribers.  Here are our top ten things to avoid when using email marketing to build followers and increase your sales.

email marketing mistakes1. Not Building an Email List

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make in email marketing is choosing to not create a list in the first place.

It is one of the most effective tools for those who are seeking to market online, as it gives you easy access to those who are seeking information about your business.

If you are not sure how to build a list check out Affilojetpack 2.0, which offers tutorials as well as eBooks and a year's worth of newsletters to help you get started.

2. Not Offering an Opt-In Incentive

When a visitor is on your website, you should always offer them a freebie when they sign up to receive emails or provide you with any information that you can aggregate later.

Offer a video tutorial, a free eBook, or a resource that is specific to your niche. Make sure that it is easy to download, useful, and easy to use otherwise they will opt right back out.

3. Letting Your List Go Stale

Once you have a list of customers who have opted-in, you have to keep reminding them that you exist. Do not sent banal email, offer quality content on a regular basis so that you can build trust and provide them with an authority in your niche. You want them to expect your emails and be excited about the information that you are providing.

4. Ignoring Campaign Reports

Use a good autoresponders like Aweber, Getresponse, or Mailchimp so that you can collect campaign data and use it in the future. They will show you who opened or clicked on your information so that you can see what you are doing right and what you should discontinue as a strategy.

Analytics are incredibly important to marketing as they will also tell you what the best time of the day or week you should be sending information out, as well as what sort of subject line you should be using. Always follow the data for the best results.

5. Not Testing Before Sending

As I have learned from Mark Ling and many other affiliate marketers, always double check your work before you send something out so that you can spot your errors. It is easier to take the time to test, as you cannot un-send an email that had errors or information that your customers do not care about.

6. Sending Rushed Emails

This goes hand in hand with tip number five, but it is important enough for its own category. Do not send out information that is full of errors or broken links, as it will cause people to ignore your emails and unsubscribe.

Take the time to consider your design and content, remember that you are building a brand and need to sell that you are trustworthy.

7. Not Segmenting Your List

Take the time to segment your list so that you can send specific information to certain users. Organize by different locations, new subscribers, different opt-in pages, people who have spent money, etc. While it takes extra time, the special touch gains you repeat customers who will continue to use your services.

8. Email Your List Too Often

Pick one or two times a week to send information to your subscribers, any more than that and your information will be deleted.

9. Purchasing E-mail Lists

Do not waste your time on purchasing email lists as you can never trust the quality of the lists and it will make you look like a spammer. In addition, it can get you in trouble with your email service provider and it will negatively affect your reputation. If you are not sure how you would get people's emails in the first place check out Affiloblueprint 3.0.

10. Ignore an Unsubscribe Request

It is hard to lose a customer, but if they are trying to unsubscribe they are not your targeted audience and not likely to convert to a sale. Do not make it difficult for users to unsubscribe, so make sure your unsubscribe email works; it is automatic, and straightforward so that you do not get a negative reputation.