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Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review, Bonus and DEMO

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 is a whole business model built around email marketing. Anik Singal shares the secret 5 step method that he and his students have been using to build multiple profitable businesses online.

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review 2020

I am a current member and have an in-depth understanding of what’s inside the members area. This program is no longer open to the public but I will leave this review up for information purposes.

The goal of my review is to make sure it contains everything that you need to know about the training course so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not this training course is right for you.

If you do decide to buy I have a number of bonuses that you don’t want to miss out on if you buy through my affiliate link. (Yes I receive a portion of the sale but you don’t pay a penny more)

Who is Anik Singal

anik singal businessweek inc 500Anik Singal is the creator of Inbox Blueprint. Here are a few quick facts about him.

  • Over 15 years experience with online marketing
  • Earned over 100 million dollars online
  • Founder and CEO of Lurn (provided education to entrepreneurs worldwide)
  • Recognized by BusinessWeek in the Top 3 Best U.S. Entrepreneurs
  • Recognized twice by Inc. 500 for the fastest growing company
  • He has trained over 350 000 students (you could be next…)

What is Inbox Blueprint

what is inbox blueprint 2018It is an entire email marketing system with step by step training videos. It contains everything you need to get started including the training, content, support, free trials and more.

The entire system consists of these 5 components. A one page website, a free PDF gift, an affiliate offer, email content and traffic. You can build as many one page websites as you want.

  1. One Page Website

You don’t need a whole website, the Launchpad software creates a one page website for you with a couple clicks of the mouse.

2. A Free PDF Gift

This is a small but valuable incentive that will get your visitors to give you their email addresses in exchange for the free PDF download.

3. Affiliate Offer

You don’t need to build your own product, you can promote a proven product that is already created by someone else.

4. Email Content

This is how you communicate with the people that give you their email address in exchange for your free gift.

5. Traffic

You will have access to Anik’s own traffic network (Clickonomy). You will also get Traffic Academy which teaches you the top 8 traffic strategies.

The above 5 components might seem overwhelming if you are new to email marketing but this is where the training and exclusive Launchpad software comes in to automate the entire process. Ready to buy?

How Does Inbox Blueprint Work

inbox blueprint 2.0 review 2018 what you'll getSo you are probably wondering how the system works and how it makes you money.

Starts With Traffic

The way it works is you send traffic (people) to your 1 page website.
A percentage of those people opt-in and give your their email addresses in exchange for your free gift.

The email addresses are automatically stored in your database called an autoresponder.

Thank You Page & Affiliate Offer

After they opt-in they are automatically sent to your thank you page where you present them a related affiliate offer and if they choose to buy it you make a commission right then and there.

Automated Emails

Then whether or not they buy your initial offer you have a chance to sell to them again and again through your autoresponder. You can send them automated emails or send one email at a time called broadcasts.

The System

So you are probably thinking to yourself right now that you don’t know how to do any of the things I mentioned above. This is why you buy a system that teaches you how to do all of it.

The Software

It might seem really complicated and a lot of work to you but this is where Anik’s Launchpad software come in. This software automates almost the entire process with a few click of the mouse. Continue reading more below to learn more.

Launchpad Review & Demo

launchpad reviewThe launchpad software is preloaded with over 30 highly profitable niches so you know exactly what market to jump into.

These niches are the ones that are the most profitable and offer the most lucrative commissions.

Opt-in Pages

There are over 4000 opt-in page options that are all designed to get you the most email addresses.

High Quality Content

You can market your business with over 25 000 pieces of high quality content and you can even brand them as your own. This allows you to put together a high quality PDF that is unique, professional and offers a ton of value to your subscribers.


Launchpad is fully integrated with Sendlane that will allow you to create a high-converting autoresponder series that will run completely on autopilot. You will get a 30 day free trial to Sendlane with your membership (premium email marketing software).

You will also have the option of sending out one time emails (broadcasts) to your entire list to promote more products to make more money.

Technology Barrier Removed

launchpad technology barrier removedLaunchpad is easy to interact with and allows you to escape the technology barrier that most people have. Everything you need is provided and it’s designed for someone just starting out with zero prior experience.

If you have prior experience it will allow you to scale up your business very quickly. You can watch a quick launchpad demo below to see exactly what I am talking about.

Launchpad Demo

Training Module Review

  1. Intro
  2. Addiction Meter
  3. The Bait / free giveaway
  4. The TYP Method
  5. Email Machine Overview
  6. Emails & List Relationships
  7. Payday Secrets
  8. Easy Traffic
  9. Unlimited Success
    + Forum & Bonus

Video Demo of The Entire System

Watch the video below to see an over the shoulder walk through of the entire system.

Review Summary

There are 3 Keys to Success

anik singal training coaching toolsIf you want to accomplish anything in your online business you need training, coaching and tools.

Inbox Blueprint gives you all 3, click here to see exactly what you will get.

You get 24/7 coaching support, all the training and every little piece laid out for you step by step.

You will have access to the launchpad software that will literally build out your business for you without have any prior experience or technical skills.

Launchpad Summary

Launchpad has the top niches and done for you resources built in. Each niche has template designs, high quality content, written emails that are already done and integrated for you. All of the affiliate offers that are proven and profitable are already picked out for you.

Anik invested $400 000 into this software and it has everything you need to build a profitable business online (or multiple businesses). You can literally build your entire business by completing 6 steps that will only take you about 20 minutes.

Common Questions I Get Asked

common inboxblueprint questionsBelow is a list of questions that I have received from a number of people.

What is Inbox Blueprint and how does it work?

It is a step by step system that teaches you how to make money through email marketing. You don't even need to build a website.

Is there a discount available?

No discount available at this time.

Is it legit or is it a scam?

This is a legit product but you have to be willing to watch all of the training videos and take action on what is taught. Especially when you are first starting out.

Is there a free ebook?

There was but it's no longer available.

Do you have a bonus offer?


Is there a forum and is there customer service?

Yes to both.

What are the complaints and negative reviews?

Is it blackhat?

No there isn't anything blackhat inside the membership

Is it available to download and pdf?

The training videos are only available to watch online inside the membership area. There are PDF downloads for each module.

Where is the members area to login?

How much does it cost? where do I sign up?

There is a option of 3 payments of $397 or one time payment of $997. You can sign up here.

What is the launchpad?

Launchpad is the software that Anik has designed to make the whole process possible with a couple clicks of the mouse and filling in a few words.

Is it the same as Lurn?

No it is not the same thing.

What are the results and success stories?

There have been thousands and thousands of successful students.

Is it video or webinar run?


What is the warrior forum saying about it?

Is there a wiki?

Is there an affiliate program?

What is the inner circle?


Detailed Launchpad Walkthrough

Step 1. Choose your niche

launchpad software review
  • one click from the list of over 50 available niches
  • name your funnel
  • select your opt-in page url

You don’t have to get a domain name, hosting or anything, they will host an unlimited about of businesses. Can host your own if you want to but you don’t need to.

Step 2. Integrated Autoresponder

integrated autoresponder
  • Sendlane free trial account offered with membership
  • fill in a few fields of information about your business
  • option to be automatically notified about your subscribers

Step 3. Affiliate Offer

affiliate offer
  • integrated completely with Clickbank so all you have to do is pick on from the list
  • build it saturation scores so you can see how many other members are promoting it
  • enter your Clickbank username

Step 4. Free Report

free report
  • if you already have one you can upload it with one click, and they have a professional e-book creator you can use
  • or they have already done for you reports you can create
  • need a minimum of 4 and you can pick them from inside the launchpad software
  • setup your autoresponder series by picking done for you resources

Step 5. Funnel Design

funnel design
  • fill in a couple fields with your information
  • then select the opt-in page you like
  • thousands of images built it or you can upload your own
  • send them to your affiliate offer by filling in 2 fields

Step 6. Preview and Edit

inbox blueprint 2.0 review 2018
  • You can see you offer and edit any part of your business
  • it’s all downloadable so you can see what it looks like if you would like

Now your free report, emails and opt-in page is done. You can see all the analytics about your campaign inside the dashboard.

Inside this software you can run your entire business and see all your date. You can even sync it up with Clickbank and see exactly how you are doing.

Launchpad Summary

  • over 50 niches to choose from
  • affiliate programs are fully integrated with Clickbank or add any affiliate offer you want
  • will build a beautiful one page website in seconds with zero tech, zero design, zero writing
  • will build a free PDF gift all using content you have rights to 100% unique no one else can have the same cover or image
  • will build out ebook cover
  • will build out all your emails, completely done
  • will build your entire business

If you want to start a business you need to be prepared to make an investment in yourself and in your business. Click here to join

get inbox blueprint 2.0Inbox Blueprint 1.0 Review (2017)

Quick Facts

Official Website: https://inboxblueprint.com
Experience Level: None required
Recommended: Yes

Below I will show you exactly what you get from inside my membership.

Anik Singal and his team has spent over 14 months  and over $200 000 perfecting this system.

This new system is almost completely automated with the new “click and play” business launcher. The best part is it can produce unique businesses.

You can literally click the mouse a few times and have all of the following ready to go and set up in minutes.

  • Squeeze page
  • Thank you page
  • Auto-responder
  • Lead Magnet

Here is a look inside my membership.

inbox blueprint 2.0 membershipGetting Started

Step 1: Launchpad


launchpad softwareAnik spent years developing the technology behind Launchpad which allows you to build a fully customized business with a click and click system. You can have your business up and running in under 60 minutes or less.

You can launch as many businesses as you want and in as many niches as possible. Anik and his team use it for their businesses too.

Launchpad does all the work for you including:

  • Pages designs
  • Free gift giveaway
  • The actual message inside the emails (autoresponders)

More advanced users can even outsource and there is training inside on exactly how to do that.

The last live case study that Anik did using the Launchpad system he put up a brand new business in a little less than 30 minutes.

Step 2: Join the members Forum

inbox blueprint forum

Often times the difference between success and failure is whether or not you have support. That's exactly why they made sure that Inbox members will have access to a place where they can ask personalized questions and get direct answers back.

13 years ago when Anik first started building his online business he credits his success to having access to a great forum.

The members forum is monitored by the coaches, expert students, successful students and peers. It's a great place to connect with other members and get personalized help so make sure you join the community.

Step 3: Inbox Coaching Calls

inbox coaching calls

The coaching calls are a place where you can ask questions live and get additional help, kind of like a tutor for school. All you have to do is sign up and you will received email reminders about when they are.

On the live calls the coaches teach different lessons and sometimes get into more advanced concepts. They will also take the time to review your opt-in pages, your business and give you feedback. You also get to watch as they give constructive feedback to other students. You should make these calls a part of your week and you will succeed a lot quicker.

Step 4: Sendlane Autoresponder Service

sendlane autoresponder

You can't build your online business without this tool. Anik is one of the founding members that built Sendlane and over a million dollars and 3 years went into it. Anik personally uses this to run his entire business. You get a 30 day free membership so you can build your business up before you have to pay.

Another great thing about Sendlane is that it is fully integrated with Launchpad.

Step 5: ClickPerfect


Inside the Modules

Each modules contains step by step instructions. You can watch over the shoulder and copy along step by step until you build your own profitable online business.


inbox blueprint download
  • Understanding the business
  • Overview of the business model
  • Generating revenue with the inbox mode
  • Meet our coaches

1. Addiction Meter

addiction meter lessons
  • Picking a niche
  • What Niches make money in email marketing?
  • Using the launch pad niches
  • Tons of other ideas for niches
  • Research niches on clickbank.com
  • Research niche on magazines.com
  • Research niches on Google
  • Research niche on YouTube
  • Research niches on Amazon
  • Exercise: Decide on your email marketing niche now
  • Exercise: Activate the launchpad if you choose to use it

2. The Bait

email marketing giveaway
  • Opt-in
  • What is an opt-in page?
  • Opt-in page design
  • What to say on your opt-in page
  • What data to collect
  • Creating your opt-in page
  • Single vs Double opt-in page
  • Free Gift – bribing someone for their email address
  • How to create your free PDF gift
  • Exercise: Create your opt-in page

3. The TYP Method

thank you page
  • My secret than you page strategy
  • What is the thank you page strategy
  • How much can a TYP actually earn
  • How to choose a great TYP offer
  • Using the Launchpad to create a TYP strategy
  • When and how do you deliver the free gift
  • Creating a transitional page (optional)
  • Exercise: Select Your Offer
  • Exercise: Activate your preferred TYP strategy

4. Email Machine Overview

email marketing machine
  • Introduction to Autoresponders
  • Activate your FREE sendlane account
  • Automated messages vs. broadcasting
  • Click tracking
  • Exercise: Set up your autoresponder and click tracker

5. Email List and Relationship

emails and list relationship
  • Writing and sending emails
  • The 3 rules of email marketing strategy
  • The email lifeline – how many products to promote in a month
  • The different kinds of promotions – low, mid, high ticket
  • Writing a great email
  • The key part of a great email  subject line
  • Content emails – how to promote products through content
  • Relationship emails – how to build a relationship with your email list
  • Sales/Promotional emails
  • Setting up 10 days of autoresponder (Minimum)
  • The importance of testing your email before sending – avoid spam box and promotions tab
  • Exercise: Set up your automated message using launchpad

6. Payday Secrets

make money online
  • Introduction
  • Stats and tactics to increase your earnings
  • Monetization and relationship building
  • Monetization with affiliate program
  • Promoting product launches
  • Event based marketing
  • Using webinars to sell affiliate products
  • Adding bonuses to your promotion for higher conversions
  • Offering your own product

7. Easy Traffic

website traffic
  • Traffic
  • Traffic: time vs money
  • FREE: guest blogging
  • FREE: forums
  • FREE: blog commenting
  • FREE: Twitter
  • FREE: Yahoo! Answers
  • FREE: Solo ad swaps
  • Paid: Solo Ads
  • Paid: Facebook
  • Paid: Google Training

8. Unlimited Success

digital marketing success
  • Introduction
  • Metrics to watch
  • Do Fancy templates make a difference
  • Increasing deliverability and open rates
  • Copywriting for better open rates and conversions
  • What to do when it's not working

9. Member Forum

member forum
  • A membership community resource to help you learn and grow your business
  • Includes all different skill levels

Meet The Coaches:

  • inboxblueprint coachesAnik Singal
  • Willey Laney
  • Andrew Lantz
  • Dave Lovelace
  • Bob Costello

Inbox Blueprint 1.0 Bonuses

Bonus #1 – Lurn Master Club

inbox blueprint 2.0 bonus
  • For 12 months you get access to live training done by Anik Singal himself 2 times each month.
  • 24/7 access to his highly active community
  • Get all your questions answered on live coaching calls

Bonus #2 – Traffic Academy

bonus 2 traffic academy
  • Generate a list as big as you want with both free and investment traffic
  • Learn the pros and cons of both free and paid traffic methods

Bonus #3 – 6 Week Fast Track Program

bonus 3 6 week fast track program
  • The goal of this training is to get 1000 subscribers in 6 weeks and make money from it
  • Watch over the shoulder to see the process step by step

Bonus #4 – List Academy

bonus 4 list academy
  • Take your email marketing business to the next level
  • List Academy is a full stand alone course released on July 23, 2015.
  • The program is currently closed to new members but as part of the membership you get full access or free

Bonus #5 – $500 Worth of Clickonomy

bonus 5 $500 clickonomy
  • Receive up to $500 Clickonomy traffic for free


Anik's program is for you if you are looking:

  • To learn how to build a business right from your home
  • Looking for a business that you can scale as big as you want it
  • To run your business from anywhere in the world, even from the beach
  • To be supported by Anik and his team of coaches the entire time
  • To build a business with nothing but email marketing

The membership area is played out very well and you are given very specific steps to follow. Make sure you go through the introduction module first. Try to go through the modules in order, if you skip around you will make things more complicated for yourself. Remember you can contact support with any questions you may have.

It doesn't matter what experience you have and you don't need to have experience in any field of business. For those of us who want hand holding and guidance to get started this program is perfect.

1.0 vs. 2.0


  • 2.5 years ago Anik released the first version
  • He successfully taught over 20 000 students on how to build an email list and sell other people's products to create an online business
  • Anik still receives emails to this day from his students sharing their success stories
  • Took it off the market in 2015 to focus on current students and improving it


  • 2.o follows the same business model of teaching students how to build an online business that is profitable and scalable
  • A huge upgrade from 1.0 is Launchpad which sets up almost the entire business up with a couple clicks of the mouse
    • You can have your squeeze page, thank you page, auto responder and lead magnet
  • With a built in “saturation score” you can be sure you business is unique from other members

IB 1.0 Review

Anik Singal goes through step by step, exactly how to build an email list.

You do this by getting people to your page and then getting them to give you their email address through an incentive.

The other piece of the puzzle is learning to sell to people.

The Circle Of Profit Book

the circle of profitAnik just released his new book and it's available for free for a limited time.

It’s called “The Circle of Profit, Edition #2”, and it’s so much more than just a book.

  • It’s a step-by-step SYSTEM to turning your passion into predictable profits
  • It’s a culmination of 13 years of testing and perfecting Anik’s $100m online business model
  • It’s today’s fastest and most effective way to start getting sales and funds rolling in

Email Marketing Simply

e-mail moneyEmail marketing is one of those things that sounds so simple and it is in theory. Or if you know what you are doing but I assume by you coming to this page that you want to learn more about email marketing.

The good thing is that you aren't buying the concept of email marketing. You are buying a course that will show you exactly how to execute so you make money doing it.

You will get all the little tweaks and changes that will make it successful and also that plan that will make it successful so you can make a lot more money. In a nutshell this is one of the best internet marketing programs that you can buy.

The first reason is because of the price point, it is really reasonable priced for all the value you will get out of it. The second good reason is because Anik will almost literally take you by the hand through each step through his tutorial videos.

The steps are broken down is a carefully organized format so that you know exactly what to do next. I have purchased quite a few courses in the past that were very overwhelming at first because you get information over load and you don't know where you begin or worse how to stay on track.

1.0 Review

inbox blueprint reviewThis blueprint is different and you will know exactly what step to do next and even the reasoning behind it so that it makes better sense. A lot of programs just tell you do this because I told you to and it works. Understanding what you are doing as you are doing it makes a huge difference.

For starters he will tell you what markets work extremely well with email marketing and the markets it doesn't work well in. You will get a lot of quality example for each category.

Optin Page

Once you have your target market picked out you can then start with then he shows you exactly how to build an opt-in page. Gives you plenty of example along the way.

Step by step on how he builds giant list and how you can do the same thing. Once you have a giant list of people who are interested in a certain topic you can send emails to people. If people buy whatever product you are promoting in your email then you make money.

You will learn all different ways of monetizing. Once you have everything setup the way it's taught inside the membership you can leave it alone and it will work on autopilot. Of course you might want to make a few minor tweaks here and there to increase your conversions.

Online Reputation

online reputationOnce you set up your list you can build up your reputation. After you have a lot of people that trust you online then will listen to what you have to say. You can easily make a very good living off of this. It is more important than ever to have a solid reputation because there are so many internet scams out there these days.

It is basic enough for people who have never done email marketing before but it still has a lot of things that more experienced people can benefit from. If you have over 15 years email marketing experience and you are already killing it then this course probably isn't for you.

It is a course that teaches anyone email marketing. It doesn't matter if you are a complete newbie or have been around the internet marketing world for years.

If you aren't collecting email addresses from your visitors you are missing out huge. Ask any internet marketer that is actually making money online and they will tell you the money is in the list.

The power of a list comes in when you can email your customers over and over again to get repeat purchases. Not all lists are created equally either, you want people that will actually buy the products
you recommend.

inbox blueprintThis is where this blueprint comes in. This course came to be when Anik decided to take 5 people who have been trying to make money online for years but have always come up short. He had them making money in under 24 hours.

The best part is that he documented it all and put it into a simple step by step course that anyone can pick up and follow with guaranteed success.

Free Video Just Released

A new video is available from inboxblueprint.com. The video is a follow up to the report that was released earlier.

The video is over 50 minutes long and you will learn the copy and paste system that Singal used to rake in his first millions online.

Here are some of the things you can expect to see covered in the video.

  • You will learn first hand from Anik how he almost lost it all and then got it back again stronger than before.
  • He will reveal actual proof of his system along with stats for those of you who need to see it to believe it. He has never showed his business statistics until now.
  • He will tell you more about the InboxBlueprint method so you will get a glimpse into how the system works.
  • A blueprint you can follow to make $10 000 online and perhaps my favorite part he will show you how to get an unlimited stream of visitors (traffic) to your website.

Free Report Available To Download

In this report Singal shows you his business model around how he went from bankrupt to earning over ten million dollars.

The report is written in a way that the average person will have no problem understanding, so don't worry if you don't have any experience yet.

The report has received a lot of attention with over 40 000 downloads at the time of this post and over 1400 comments.

10 Benefits Of Email Marketing

inbox blueprint 2.0Many businesses all across the globe utilize email marketing. Anyone who is not familiar with this type of advertising might not understand why it has become one of the most popular methods of advertising for almost any industry, but here are 10 benefits of email marketing and how you can use this marketing tool for optimal success.

1. Budget-Friendly

budget friendlyOne of the biggest benefits of using email marketing is that is much more affordable than other more mainstream methods of marketing.

There are no high printing or postage expenses and you can avoid the high cost of television, magazine or billboard advertising.

However, an email marketer might want to consider purchasing special software to automate their emails. There might also be a small cost involved in sending out numerous emails at one time, but this will certainly be much lower than you would pay for other types of marketing.

2. Specifically Target Customers

target customersEmail marketing is unique in that it is a type of marketing that customers have actually asked to have sent to them. Most businesses will only send email marketing messages to customers who have indicated they want to be contacted by filling out a specific request.

This means that the conversion rates for this type of advertising are much higher because only people who are interested in your business or products are being targeted. Of course, it is possible to send emails that are unsolicited, but this typically damages brand image because consumers get annoyed with this type of marketing.

3. Laser Focus Your Email Campaign

laser focused marketingThe ability to laser focus your marketing efforts to those who have already shown an interest in your brand is something many marketing professional would welcome.

Fortunately, email marketers can take this a step further by only sending their emails to subscribers on their list who meet very specific criteria.

For example, if a franchise is offering a special in only certain areas, emails can easily be sent targeting only subscribers in those areas. Likewise, if a company has a sale on their sporting goods, it is possible to send emails only to those individuals who have already demonstrated that they have an interest in this type of product.

Segmentation of an email list is an excellent way for companies to gain valuable information about the subscribers on their list. Engagement rates have been shown to be much higher when this strategy is used by email marketers.

4. Call to Action

call to actionUtilizing email marketing is an excellent strategy for taking advantage of the increased sales from impulse buying.

Let's face it, allowing customers to go from viewing a great offer to actually making a purchase with only a few clicks of a mouse is certainly not common in other forms of advertising.

With a call to action that entices the subscriber as well as a direct link to checkout, the use of email marketing to drive sales has some unique advantages.

5. Easy to Implement

In order to make email marketing successful, it isn't necessary to have a huge experienced team of experts. Fancy templates, logos, images and videos can certainly add pizzazz to your email campaign; however, some of the most successful email campaigns have made use of nothing more than plain text, indicating that the content of the email is much more important than all the bells and whistles.

6. Easy to Track

A major benefit with email marketing is the fact that seeing what's working and what isn't is fairly easy. Most software for email marketing will make it easy to track emails that have been opened as well as click through rates and conversion rates, making areas that need improvement easy to spot. Changes can also be made almost immediately, whereas, print advertising and broadcasting can be a little harder to change.

7. Easy to Share Advertising

With just a click of the button, subscribers are able to forward great offers and deals to their family and friends. Most types of advertising certainly can't be shared so easily. Very quickly, subscribers will be sharing offers, introducing your business and products into an entirely new market.

8. Global Appeal

With other types of marketing, targeting potential customers around the world is not easy. Sure, some companies use social media to help get the word out, but it's hard to know who's actually reading what you post.

9. Immediate Results

email marketing 2Due to email being delivered almost instantaneously, businesses can begin to see results from their email campaign within minutes.

An exceptional marketing strategy that can easily be used with email is a 24 hour sale, this creates the sense of urgency to convince subscribers that they need to take action immediately.

Typically, business will need to wait weeks before they begin to see results from broadcast or print campaigns and with these methods, it can be almost impossible to tell if a purchase is the result of the advertising.

10. Return on Investment

return on investmentWhen it comes to business, results matter. Clearly, this is one of the biggest reasons that businesses are beginning to utilize email marketing.

It offers an exceptional return on investment. It was estimated, in 2011, by the Direct Marketing Association, that for every £1 invested, business will see returns of £40.

It has also been suggested by numerous sources that it is the best platform to use. When you consider the above points, it is easy to see how email advertising could be the best solution. Maybe it's time to start utilizing this marketing platform for your business.

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