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Affiloblueprint Review: Step By Step Guide To A Profitable Online Business

AffiloBlueprint was a proven blueprint to earning a profit online with an affiliate income. Created by 8 figure millionaire Mark Ling, a pro affiliate marketer, and taken by thousands of successful entrepreneurs.

Over the past 15 years these guys have been helping people (including me) build profitable businesses online and this is your chance to learn about their business model for free. Go here to watch the video.

Affiloblueprint is No Longer Available

Mark has ended access to Affiloblueprint because he is no longer updating the material. The good news is that he just released his new book Pathway to Passive that details the new business model he is using and teaching.

My Success With Mark

I started out with Mark Ling and his Affilo programs, making my first $1 after taking his course. That was several years ago and now I am working entirely online, having quit my day job.

Affiliate marketing most recently paid for my vacation to the mountains in British Columbia, Canada.

Today I'm sharing my review of AffiloBlueprint with you and how you too can create profitable affiliate sites, whether you're entirely new to internet marketing or an experienced affiliate.

affiliate income

Thanks for paying for my vacation affiliate income!

Affiloblueprint Key Benefits

This course teaches you how to create and design a website, monetize it, and get traffic to your site.

Jam packed with videos, lessons, course notes, homework, a progress tracker, a great site theme, and website hosting, this course takes you step by step through what you need to do to get your site up and running and of course making money.

The Key Benefits of AffiloBlueprint are:

  • Simple method with no confusion – 12 step straight forward system to success with everything you need to know to create your site, keep you on track, get traffic, and make sales all in one course
  • Support when you need it – An entire support center, where you can get fast answers to all your questions, send your site to support staff to get feedback and help make it even better, and connect with other members
  • Save you money – Learn where to get the best free tools for your site, take advantage of Mark's free hosting and highly-converting affiliate theme, and stop spending money on more courses and programs

affiliate marketing profitsInside the Membership

This 12 step program kills procrastination, teaches you everything you need to know to monetize your site, and can be repeated over and over to build your profits. In this course you get:

  • 12 part video series – step by step guide to create your affiliate site, get traffic, and convert sales
  • 85+ video lessons  – including choosing your niche and keywords, creating content, building your site, SEO, email newsletters, monetizing your site, and more
  • affilotheme mark lingHighly rated AffiloTheme – website hosting for up to 5 websites
  • Professional AffiloTheme WordPress theme – ($97 value) Mark's easy to set up custom theme, proven to have high conversions
  • Private members forum and quick access to support staff for free advice on your sites
  • Members only webinars and partner bonuses
  • Structured homework tasks – these tasks go along with the lessons, keeping you on track, preventing you from getting overwhelmed, procrastinating, and aware of what to do next
Sample lesson homework sheet from within AffiloBlueprint

More About Mark

mark ling blogFrom a pizza delivery boy making $5 an hour to an 8 figure millionaire, Mark Ling has mastered affiliate marketing.

For 14 years now, he has been building and fine tuning money-making affiliate sites, allowing him to develop a system that really works.

Thousands of beginner marketers have successfully jump started their online income through affiliate marketing using his course. This New Zealand native is very well respected in the marketing community.

Always up to date on the latest and most effective marketing and SEO strategies, and continuing to lead in affiliate sales, Mark is passionate about his training programs and helping you to succeed along side him.

Free Bonus

When you sign up for this course you get 1 month FREE access to AffiloTools and Affilorama Premium. Incredible value, information, and data for your site.

  • affilotoolsAffiloTools: Examine all your site's important data in one location. Track your rankings across search engines and locations, investigate keywords, research domains, links, track your revenue, social media data, check the health of your site and more.
  • Affilorama Premium: Membership into an exclusive community of affiliate marketers, including a monthly magazine covering a critical topic in the online world and interviews with expert marketers. Access the Premium Vault, packed with live and pre-recorded training webinars.

Is It Right For Me?

new internet marketerIf you are looking to gain new marketing skills to allow you to begin or increase your affiliate income, this course has valuable information for you.

All you need is basic computer skills – like the ability to search Google, $10 a year to buy a domain (website), focus, drive, the ability to follow the step-by-step process, and some patience as this process won't happen in one night.

If you can do the above, then this program is right for you.

Build Profitable Websites

This program leads marketers through a process that builds an affiliate site that is profitable.  You will learn market research, how to choose a good niche, PPC and SEO as well as making money to pay for the site.

Rinse And Repeat

affiloblueprint website moneyLearn a formula that can be repeated.  It can be used to create one website or one hundred sites in different niches.  In the course, you will learn to uncover new niches that are also profitable.  You will even get to the point that you can outsource the process.

You will learn about the importance of having a newsletter or free report to build your email marketing list. After they are on your list you can sell to them over and over. Of course you will want to send them emails full of value too, don't always sell.

In addition, users will learn the proper use of Google analytics as well as web statistics.  You can learn to make the necessary small tweaks the ensure that the site is at its best operational ability.

Support When You Need It

private members forumStarting a profitable online business from scratch, without a lot of experience in marketing, SEO, or computers can be a challenge.

But don't worry, with this course you have access to great support at a click of a button. Feel free to ask questions to the qualified staff or request feedback on your site.

You also get access to a private members forum, where you'll have access to a large community of marketers with a range of skills and experience who are also available to answer your questions and provide you with feedback.

With AffiloBlueprint, you're not on this journey alone. You have help, support and a community to connect with.

Pay Per Click

pay per click moneyBeginners will discover successful ways that utilize ppc in order to increase revenue from the new websites that have been created without spending a ton of cash in the middle of the process.

AffiloBlueprint is a program that works for the newest guy in the market as well as the most experienced. It offers video step by step lessons that can easily be repeated again and again.

affiloblueprint review online trainingIntermediate marketers will find a process that is easy to follow and works. You will even learn how to outsource the work if you have the extra cash.

This affiliate marketing blueprint covers all the basics of internet marketing and will give you a formula that even a novice can use to create sites that are profitable.

More successful affiliates will find that there are methods that better structure sites to create success and growth that is sustainable.

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