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Worried About Stolen Content Try Plagiarism Avenger

Content is what fuels the web and gives your site power. Unfortunately not everyone is interested in creating quality content. They prefer to steal it from others like you, instead. This includes articles, your unique images or photos, videos, and more.

If this stolen content is indexed by the copycats before yours, you lose authorship and essentially have just wasted your time and energy on what is now duplicate content.

What's even worse than having your content stolen from you is that many of these thieves are able to get their sites ranked higher than you in the search engines, stealing your traffic, followers, sales, and online income too.

Google doesn't know who created the content, they simply try to rank the site that has the most authority higher, which unfortunately doesn't mean it's the person who created the content.

If you haven't experienced this yet than you're lucky. You don't know the rage and frustration this causes when you put time, money, and energy into something just to have completely taken from you. And trust me they are fast! They can destroy online businesses and ruin sites.

What Can You Do To Stop Content Thieves?

Unfortunately it is very difficult to stop plagiarism on the web. Some people just don't care about the rules and laws, thinking it won't affect them. Fortunately Mark Thompson and Neil Napier have recently come out with a new product called Plagiarism Avenger to help you fight these thieves.

How Plagiarism Avenger Works

This product is a pretty simple to use WordPress plugin. It scans all the content on your site and then does a thorough scan of Google and Bing as well to find any of your content that has been scraped or plagiarized. You can set a bunch of different filters for your search if you'd like to find your stolen content.

Then the plugin will notify you if any of your high quality content has been scraped or plagiarized by someone else out there on the web. Plagiarism Avenger will monitor your sites on an ongoing basis and you can have alerts sent to you by email so that you know as soon as your scraped content has been found.

My Content Has Been Scraped, Now What?

Through this WordPress plugin you can quickly and easily send the site that has plagiarized your content a DMCA notice (Digital Millennium Copyright Act).

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