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PressPlay Video Sales Letter Review And Bonus

Press Play is a web app software service that you can get with a one time payment for 10 days. After that it will be a monthly or annual subscription.

pressplay review bonusClick the video to the left if you want to see PressPlay in action. Here is a general overview of what it is, it helps you to create video sales pages as well as what they call smart videos.

Click Here To See PressPlay

Smart Video Software

Think about it as being a hybrid between Wistea, LeadPages and Easy Video Suite but with a lot of other cool features and functions that they have built into it.

The smart videos that come with neat features like share gate, opt in gate, maybe where they have to opt in the beginning or sometime in the middle of the middle of the video.

So you can generate leads and shares right within your video but then it is also smart enough to realize how many times the visitors has come to the page.

You know when you have to watch a video sales letter all the way because the controls are removed. But maybe on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th time you want to skip to a certain part of the video.

playback controlsWith Press Play you can set when you want the control to show up for your repeat visitors. There are lots of cool features like that built in.

Demo Video

The video will show all the cool features that have been built into the application so that you will have a better idea of what Press Play does.

Click Here To Watch The Demo Video

During prelaunch they will be doing 2 professional training videos and then the day before the launch on Sept 8th they are going to be really showing off the app and providing additional training.


Over the last few weeks I’ve been beta testing a brand new video player software, and the results have been incredible.

There are a lot of great benefits:

  • Boosting optin rates for optin pages that use video. In the past people had to place a video on the page and the optin box on the right or below the video. NOW with this software, the optin appears INSIDE the video itself! This has resulted in a huge optin conversion rate boost on optin pages that use video.
  • Using this for Video Salesletters, I’ve been split testing this against using Wistia. Bear in mind that this product is a one time payment, and Wistia costs thousands per month. The conversion rates are about the same as with Wistia. That’s an incredible savings by not having to pay the huge monthly Wistia bills.

==> Go here to check out the new Press Play video player software

More Benefits

  • Great statistics, you can see how long people are watching your videos and where they drop off.
  • Potential for boosts in conversions from VSLs as you can put calls to action inside the video itself really easily. I haven’t tested this feature yet, but it looks very promising.
  • You can use this with any hosting for your video, whether that be Amazon Cloud, or even YouTube (yes that’s right, free using YouTube, and still with all the bells and whistles working).
  • This is going to be the new industry standard video player, and great news is that as part of the grand opening special, if you join today you’ll get in for a one time payment pricing (no monthly fees), and it’s at the lowest pricing it’ll ever be offered at.

Overview Of The App

pressplay project dashboard

Once you have logged in your will see all your different projects. You can click on each project and you can have lots of different campaigns under one.

It’s really good for split testing because you can see your views, conversions and then conversion rates. There is also a full stat pages.

You can easily add a new project all that you have to do is give it a name and it will create a project on your dash board.

Email Integration

pressplay emailThere is an email integration page that is at the API level with all the popular auto responders. Such as Aweber, Get Response and Mail Chimp.

You can also add in any auto responder html code when you are building out your page. There is also a webinar service so if you want them to Opt in to GoToWebinar you can do that.

New Project

After you create a new project you have two different options you can create a page or video.

If you create a page you are creating a whole video sales letter (VSL) page, along with a smart video. You can then embed the video on any page you want to.

pressplaybonusofferNew Page

The first step is to name to new page. Then you go to the next step and pick a template. There are a bunch of template built in that you can choose from. There are also about 20 more templates that can be added to the library as an optional extra.

press play template screenEditor

After you create the project you will enter the editor screen. The interface has a clean layout that you can adjust to the way you want it.

You will have sales page settings and video settings. You can start by editing your page, you can change all the text on the page including the header. You can enable a header if you want to.

There are a lot of different areas that you can completely customize which really gives you a lot of flexibility. If you don’t want to use any of the templates you can just use the video and embed it on your own site.

sales page optionIt’s really simple, if you have used Lead Pages, Click Funnels or anything like that. All you have to do is walk through all the different options and features.

Options and Features

For the background you can do an image, color or video. There are a lot of preloaded images and videos that you can use.

  • Enable or disable headline and sub-headline
  • You can turn up the volume.
  • Lots of video skins
  • Add Side Bar Optin For Lead Generation

Facebook, Google+ and Twitter

social sharing bonusThere are also social sharing features too, you can have Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

You can either have them share the url of the page they are on or you can put in a custom url to share.

Sales Area

Can customize add to cart button, 60 day guarantee and secure order form etc. There is also a footer area that you can change.

Whenever you hover over any of the options on the side bar it will highlight the element on the page making it even easier.

Video Settings

pressplay review settingYou can use a custom url so you can host the video on Amazon or wherever you want and you can play the video that way. Or you can use YouTube and the API is integrated to do that.

The cool thing is that you can customize all the features if when it’s hosting somewhere else.

For example a lot of you use Wistea, you may be paying hundreds or thousands of dollars per month depending on how much traffic you are getting.

Press Play tries to replicate what Wistea has plus add more features that you can also use with YouTube videos.

With YouTube videos you have a free hosting service but you still get all of the control that Wistea has.

Video Behavior

video behavorYou can have the video start once the page as loaded. You can also have it resume where the visitor left off.

So if the visitor leaves after watching a minute of the video when they come back they can choose to either watch it from the beginning or skip to where they left off last time.

Video Controls

You can show or hide the control bar depending on what you want. You can also show the control bar after a certain number of visitors.

So maybe a visitor has come and interacted with your video a couple of times and now they don’t want to wait to be abel to scroll. So you can set it to show up after 3 visits and it will.

You decide whether you want the controls to show up all the the time or only when someone hovers over the video. More options:

  • Play Button
  • Progress Bar – Length or Time
  • Mute Button
  • Full Screen
  • Optin Form Overlay

If you want to have the user optin at the start of the video, end or at a certain time you can set it to whenever you want.

Auto Responder Integration

email optinsYou can integrate your auto responder form. For example if you set it up with your Aweber account you will be able to pick which list you want to add the new optins to. You can decide if you want their name, email etc or you can just put in a raw html code. You can change:

  • Text Color
  • Field Background Color
  • Overlay Color
  • Opacity
  • Optional Skip Button

Social Sharing

Instead of doing a optin you can do a share gateway, or both if you want to. You can choose when you want it appear start, end or custom time.

social sharing gatewayClick Here To Get PressPlay

You can pick from different button options and you can customize the title. You can also decide what picture and text are going to go out when they share it on Facebook.

  • Overlay colors
  • Opacity
  • Custom Url

Call To Action

call to actionYou can add in a call to action that is text, image or straight html that goes straight onto the video. You can put in some sort of call to action, a buy button or whatever it may be.

You have the option to pause the video if it isn’t in the viewing area on the screen.

As you can see there are tons of really cool features. There is also talk about them adding in a feature to drop in a bottom underneath the video when they are using PressPlay templates.



built in statsConversion stats will only show if you put the conversion pixel on your thank you page so you can track the number of buyers.

Video Plays And Engagement

You can see the number of views and unique visitors over time. It will also show you the drop off rate so you can see if there is a certain time during the video that people are dropping off the video.

This is perfect for any kind of testing or if you want to see how your videos are performing you can easily go into your stats.

Responsive Templates

All of the templates offered are responsive so they will work on mobile devices and new features are always being added.

PressPlay is a hybrid of Lead Pages, Wistea Easy Video Suite all wrapped into one. Mark Thompson and Matt Callen built it because they were spending so much on premium video solutions and they still couldn’t customize their videos the way they wanted to. That is one the main reason they built the software.

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