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Keyword Organizer

Keyword Organizer was created by Mark Thompson and Tony Montano. This piece of software will allow you to gather keyword data from the free Google Keyword Planner and organize it into a useful format.

I don't know about you but I think the Google Keyword Planner is a great tool but it can be a nightmare organizing all the data in the CVS file.

This is where the Keyword Organizer comes in to organize all this data into a format that you can easily read and use.

Watch Video Demo

keyword organizer reviewWatch the video below to see how you can create a completely search engine optimized website in 3 minutes.

The software is great for sorting keywords into groups obviously it is easy to spot and group certain keywords together but the software finds the less obvious one too. Keyword Organizer make the whole process a lot more efficient.

Write Better Articles

That way you can write articles that include not only your keyword but all the closely related ones too.

This is important because your page is a lot more likely to rank high in the search engine if it actually contains the same words that the person is searching for.

Color Coded Text Editor

While you are writing your article the keywords that are related to the article will highlight in 3 different colors as you use them. Black shows you that you haven't written the keyword or phrase yet. Orange for parts of the keyword that appear. It highlights green when the whole keyword appears in the article.

Creators Mark Thompson and Tony Montano

The software couldn't be easier to use because the guys that created the software are internet marketers themselves.

They wanted to whole search engine optimization process to be as straight forward as possible. They have to spent over three years designing and tweaking this software.

5 Step Simple Process

1. Go to the Google Keyword Planner and type in your keyword. Save the file to CSV. Open the file in the software.

2. The software will allow you to easily see which keywords are good and bad.

3. Then your related keywords get organized into article groups.

4. Write your post. Your keywords will highlight in different color so you can keep track of them easily.

5. Post it to your WordPress blog with a few clicks of the mouse using a free plugin called the CSV Importer.

Keyword Organizer Conclusion

I think this piece of software can be useful to any internet marketer. The different between succeeding and failing online largely depends on organization.

This software will save you a lot of time by displaying the information in a user friendly way unlike the Google Keyword Planner tool.

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