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Heat Map Tracker Review It Is Really Better Than Google Analytics

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could view your website from the perspective of your visitors? What if Heat Map Tracker gave you that ability?

Just imagine how beneficial this could be for click through rate, finding out which posts, videos, images, and products are focused on the most.

Or see what content isn’t even getting viewed, and so much more.

heat map tracker v2 ethically spy on your visitorsThis would be the best feedback for you to continue to improve your site, user engagement, and really converting your traffic to get leads, sales, and so on.

You can’t go into your visitors’ homes and watch them use your site, but with Heat Map Tracker that data comes to you! Go here for the official website.

What Is Heat Map Tracker

With a simple script, you can now see exactly how your website looks to your visitors, including their operating system, browser, and screen size. You can watch real time user session data to see where they scroll, click, right click, and focus their mouse.

Don’t have time to watch all your individual visitors? Don’t worry.  With Heat Map Tracker you are able to examine all your data over a certain period (one day, week, month, etc.) and view through three different methods.

heat map tracker reviewClick Here To Download It Now

Analyze Page Clicks

Google values user engagement and low bounce rates and so should you. It’s important to have people clicking around on your site and it’s great to know where they’re clicking or where they’re not clicking. See through a heat map where your users are clicking on your site. This identifies your most popular content, and where you should relocate the info you want to get clicked on.

heatmap click throughVisitor Heat Maps

Although you can’t officially obtain eye-tracking info for your site, with the heat map you can find out where your visitors are looking with mouse tracking. Find out how far they get in your articles, if they’re circling your opt-in or products but not actually clicking through, and where you should put the most important content.

heat map trackerClick Here To Check It Out

Scrolling Your Pages

Ever wonder how much of your page or post your viewer actually sees? Many analytics tools give you time on page data but it still doesn’t tell you how far they got in the content.

This tool uses heat maps to track how far visitors scroll down your pages, giving you the percentage of visitors that see your content as they scroll, and provides an easy color changing visual of what your visitors actually see.

heatscrollHow This Data Improves Your Site

Data is so valuable and there are endless ways you can use the extensive information obtained through Heat Map Tracker to improve your website. Data complicated – easy visual Some examples include:

  •  Locate broken links – and fix them fast
  • Determine if there are site issues across different browsers or for mobile users
  • Improve your check out or opt-in process
  • Conduct split tests to find out which option gets the most clicks or views
  • Identify the best location for content, opt-ins, products, social media buttons, etc. to get the most views and engagement
  • Test out pictures, videos, formatting
  • Increase visitor engagement and time on site
  • Adapt content that’s getting viewed but not clicked on

Sell This Service To Your Clients

heatmap tracker agencyA second version of this tool is available for an administrator, allowing you to sell this service to your clients.

With space for as many clients as you want, a packaging system for different options, built in invoicing and PayPal it’s a sure way to make both you and your clients happy.

This tool provides valuable information to help you improve your clients or your own websites, your skills and knowledge moving forward, and to get you more of what you want from your site, whether that’s sales, leads, opt-ins, etc. So is it worth purchasing?

Click here to download it now.

Heat Map Tracker Vs Crazy Egg

I personally like Heat Map Tracker over Crazy Egg. There are a lot of reasons for this but one factor for me is price. The cheapest plan on crazyegg is $9 per month but you have to pay annually so that's $108 and with that you only get to track 10 pages and you are capped at 10 000 visitors per month.

Heat Map Tracker is a one time payment of $97 and then $19 per month but you get to install in on unlimited websites with unlimited pages and unlimited data. Click here to check out Heat Map Tracker for yourself.

My Results After 12 Hours

I installed Heat Map Tracker on my website last night, it took me about 5 minutes following the steps about laid out by Mark Thompson's training. Here is my data from under 12 hours so just think of what you will get when you have it installed for longer.


Visits, Pages and Sessions

Below is a screenshot of a section of the dashboard that displays total visitors, number of tracked pages and the total number of sessions.

heatmap tracker case study dashboard

Time on Site, Sessions and Visitor Location

In the left side graph below you will see 20 days of activity. Since I just installed it on this website there is less than 12 hours worth of data. As you can see from the graph there were a total of 29 sessions and the total time of site is 23:20. You can hover your mouse over each day to see the data for each day as shown above.

The graph to the right shows where your visitors are coming from as you can see from the images there were 12 visits from the United States of America. All you have to do is hover over each location to see how many people there were.

location time on site hmt mark thompson

Click here to check it out

User Sessions

The image below shows each visitors session. You can see the date and time, ip address and country, the browser they used, where they came from and length of visit. You can also see what pages the user visits and if they go to multiple pages.

You can watch a video of each session so you can see what people are doing on your pages. Including what they are clicking on, where their mouse hovers and you can even see as they scroll down your page. The very last entry on the image even shows that someone opted into my free newsletter. You can also delete any of the sessions if you have already watched it or don't want it anymore.

This will help you see your website through your visitors eyes and provides a ton of helpful feedback. I will upload a video of a users session shortly so you can see exactly what you are getting.

heat map user analytics 2017Real User Session Video

Heat Maps

visitor clicksThe heat maps provide a great overall visual for clicks, eye-tracking and scrolling. Unlike the video heat maps you can control scrolling up and down your pages with clear visuals what your visitors have been doing.

I love that you can change the date range of the data so you can see what has been going on long term or over a short period of time. I really like this feature when I am promoting someone's product launch so I can see exactly what's going on over a week or two.

website analytics heat maps

Click here to check it out

Popular Pages

The popular pages section is an easy way to see what pages are getting the most traffic. I really like this because it shows me the top ten pages I should be paying the most attention to.

I want to make sure that I keep people on these pages for as long as possible by offering the highest quality information I can. It also helps to make sure all your affiliate links are in the right places on these pages at the very least.

top pages tracking

If you have a lot of pages on your website you will appreciate the top 50 section. This is an easy way to see what pages people are staying on the longest.

top 50 page time on site

Data Management

The manage data section is where you can delete all of your data or just specific sections. I really like how much customization is possible. You can pick exactly what data you want to delete and keep by specifying which section and date range. You can also delete the recorded sessions from within the user session tab which is really helpful.

heat mapping software data

Click here to check it out


This is the section where you can customize what is tracked and not. You can disable recording all together or pick specific pages to track. Don't forget to add the ip address of the computers you are using to work on your website to the stop track ip section.

heatmap tracker settings


Overall I love this application but there are two main complaints I have.

1. When you are watching the video of a real user session you can speed the playback up. The only speeds offered are 1X, 0.5X and 0.1X, I would love to have the option to make it much faster because sometimes that user isn't doing much activity on your site as they are reading your article.

It can be pretty boring to watch some sessions. However there is the option to skip forward with the mouse, as shown in the image below.

scroll option on heat map tracker bar

2. The other complaint I would have is that the user sessions are shown on your website page as the page currently is so if you have updated the page you are tracking then all the user sessions previous to the update will be off.

Overall those I love this product and literally use it everyday to make adjustments and improvements to my websites and my clients sites. HMT literally gives you the ability to see your website through your visitors eye.

Easy To Install

Step 1. Download Software & Activate Software

Download the software to your computer (it's a zip file).

heat map tracker review 2017

Step 2. Upload to server with step by step instructions

Use a free ftp software like filezilla to upload all the files quickly. (full instructions inside members area)

heat map tracker install

Step 3. Register Website Heat Map Software

website heatmap 2017

Step 4. Login, Setup Project and Tracking Code

Set up your project name and description with whatever you want, it's for your reference only.

what is a heatmap

Install tracking code on website.

Copy the script text below and paste it into the header of your website. I used the insert headers and footers plugin so I didn't have to mess around with any html code.

heatmap script

Step 5. Analyze Data

As you get traffic to your website you will be able to see exactly what they are doing on your website. Use this information to make changes to your website to improve conversions whether you are making sales or gathering opt-ins.

Click here to download it now

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