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More and more people are finding success working online. Leaving their day jobs and finding freedom from the office, the daily commute, having to listen to supervisors, etc. I’ve done it and have never looked back. You can read more about my story in my bio.

Maybe you know someone who has become a successful internet marketer, or perhaps you’ve read something online that piqued your interest. Whatever your reason for landing here, know that there are many ways you can make money online.

Here are six lucrative ways you can earn an income online that you don’t want to overlook.

1. E-Commerce

Another lucrative area of online marketing you might want to jump into is eCommerce. In 2018 there was 2.84 trillion dollars of retails sales made online, that’s more than $1.2 million every 30 seconds. Time to grab a piece of that pie. You don’t just have to sell a physical product; you can also make money selling apps, e-products, and even websites.

Read The Kibo Code Quantum review I wrote if you want to learn about e-commerce training that is different from everything else out there. If you are sick of hearing about Amazon and the need to have inventory they this might be the one for you. Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth's products will save you time, money and energy in trying to find local businesses that want to work with you.

Marketplaces You Want To Get In On

As you know, Amazon is a major marketplace and one of the world’s most visited websites, offering millions of products. Anyone selling almost anything can make money on Amazon.

Don’t forget about eBay, which has been one of the largest marketplaces since 1995, or Google Shopping, since Google practically owns the web. There’s also Etsy, eBid, Shopify Exchange, Flippa, Craigslist, Bonanza, Kijiji, Niche-Specific sites, and so many more.

Start Your Own eCommerce Store

Eliminate the competition by selling in your own store. Save physical storefront costs and dominate your niche. This really is the ultimate choice for building your own eCommerce business and increasing your profits.

Slower to get started (you’ll have to rank your site and generate traffic) but a long term investment with less competition, no fees, and repeat customers. Establish your own brand and run your own online store.

2. Niche Websites

Everyone is searching for information online these days and that number is only going to grow. If you can get your information in front of them you can make a lot of money. Or you can advertise someone else's information (product) and if someone buys it you earn a commission. This ties into #4 affiliate marketing but I thought it deserved it's own mention.

Adam Short

When I think about niche marketing Adam Short comes to mind. He is an expert at building little websites in small but profitable  markets that go onto generate income for years on autopilot.

A lot of people like going down this route because you can build websites around your passions and make money from it. If you want to learn how to make a passive income from niche websites then I recommend you read more about Adam Short's Niche Profit Fast Track review and bonus here. Adam's training program is only available until December 19, 2019 so don't wait.

3. Amazon Kindle Publishing

Publishing ebooks on Kindle is still very lucrative going into 2020. This is one of the more straight forward business models you will find when it comes to making online.

You can read my page on Ty Cohen: Kindle Cash Flow review and bonus 2020 to learn about a 3 step model that teaches you how to make money with Kindle without doing any writing yourself.

4. Local SEO Marketing

Businesses know they need websites and social media but they often don’t know how to build them or use their online presence effectively, never mind doing their own SEO. This creates a huge opportunity for you.

There is a ton of money to be made as an expert in SEO for local businesses. Nobody else understands it but they all need it! I’ve been taking on local clients for several years now with sites in real estate, home maintenance, accountants and other services, the opportunities are endless.

5. Affiliate Marketing

You have probably bought products online through affiliate links at least a dozen times already, sometimes without even knowing it. Affiliate marketing (where you make a commission off a sale of someone else’s product) is a quick way to make an income online. With a low overhead to start it’s easy way to bring in a profit and scale up your business. The best person to learn affiliate marketing from right now is Gerry Cramer, read my Healthy Commissions Review.

5 Keys Things to Consider

1. Find a small niche. You’re never going to be able to rank a website in “weight loss products” or “dating.” Find a sub-niche (like the Paleo diet or Green Juice Cleanse) with low competition so you can get visitors to your site, dominate the first page, build your lists, and most importantly make sales!

2. Find products with high sales. Number of reviews of a product will give you an idea of how many sales they’re getting. Some figures show 1% of all sales give reviews. Many individual affiliate programs provide the number of weekly sales they get on their items. There’s no point being an affiliate for a product that only makes one sale a month (unless it’s an expensive product).

3. There are many proven systems from highly successful marketers. Find someone you trust and follow his or her methods to start. You’ll get lost in the web trying to learn SEO, copywriting, landing pages, and affiliate marketing. Start making money then expand your knowledge.

4. Start simply, and then jump out on your own. I was sucked into several scams when I started. You can find reputable training programs on this site, many I’ve personally used. I also tried to do too much at once. Keep it simple!

5. Consider products with rebills. Many people pay monthly for subscriptions, memberships, apps, courses, etc.; like meditation, photography courses, ancestry, weight loss or workout programs. This is a great way to get monthly income without doing anything after the first sale.

You can sell affiliate products through social media, your own websites, your email lists, etc. There are so many affiliate programs out there and products to sell. Lots of companies are very good to affiliates due to the mutual benefits. Lots of opportunities for you; now get started.

6. Authority Training or Coaching

Do you have expertise you can offer others? Do you enjoy working with people and helping them to reach their goals and improve their lives?

Everything is teachable and the internet makes it easier to reach people looking for the skills you have to offer. You can run your own training programs, one on one coaching, or memberships through your own website and brand, and have affiliates who help sell your product for you.

If this seems the right path for you then check out Teachable, a reputable program that has everything you need to create and start selling your online course. They help you with creating and customizing your own training program, learning tools, building a site, marketing, and analytics to see how your students and your sales are doing.

7. Email Marketing

Email marketing can be one of the quickest ways to make money online. When I think about email marketing two things come to mind. Anik Singal because I have learned so much about it from him. You can read my Inbox Blueprint review to learn more about his training.


Are you ready to start a home business in e-commerce and are wondering which is better: eBay or your own Kibo Code Quantum Store store? Would you like to learn some of the pros and cons for selling on eBay and your store?

Do you understand some of the major differences between being a seller on eBay and selling on your own store? Here are some points that should help you decide if eBay or your own website would be better for you.

Is the Kibo Code Quantum Store Legit?

As long as you follow all the steps that Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth lay out inside the Kibo Code Quantum membership training then creating your own ecommerce store will be legit. If you don't cut corners and follow all the steps they even guaranteed you will make money with your ecommerce store.

Ecommerce Rules and Policies

eBay has rules and policies that you must abide by to be able to sell on the site. If you fail to do this, your selling privileges are subject to suspension.

With your own website, you aren’t policed and don’t have eBay watching your every move.

What Can Be Sold

eBay has restrictions as far as what can be sold on the site. With your own website, provided you aren’t breaking any state or federal laws, you can sell whatever you want.

Store Ratings and Reviews

eBay allows buyers to leave feedback for sellers, along with detailed ratings from one to five on: item as described, communication, shipping time and shipping cost. If you are a smallish seller, it only takes a couple of low ratings, which are ones and twos, to get you suspended from selling. Suspension is not an issue if you have your own website.

Fees For Selling Items

eBay has graduated fees for listing an item, either fixed price or auction style, along with final value fees based on the selling price of the item. You don’t charge yourself fees on your own website.

eBay has an extremely complicated and basically faulty search engine that has for its default search something called Best Match. You are supposed to be ranked higher in Best Match if you are a PowerSeller, a top-rated seller, fill out all of the item specifics, offer free shipping, etc.

Store Search Algorithms

Nobody really knows how this Cassini search works as far as its algorithm but the general consensus among eBay sellers is that it doesn’t work as it is supposed to with sellers who jump through all of the hoops finding their listings buried way down in Best Match search results. Your listings may or may not be seen.

With your own website, your items are all right there to be seen with no ranking or weird search algorithms to contend with.

Accepted Payments

eBay does not allow sellers to offer to accept non-electronic payments such as checks or money orders. This can cost you sales.

On your own website, you are at liberty to accept any kinds of payment you prefer.

Traffic To Your Items

eBay has an enormous flow of global traffic through the site 24/7.

There is no feasible way you could possibly hope to match that amount of traffic on your own website.

eBay is a household word in most civilized parts of the world with a ton of brand recognition.

You cannot duplicate or ever hope to achieve that kind of fame or build your brand to that extent with your own website.

eBay spends big bucks on marketing and advertising. This benefits sellers because it brings increased traffic.

Traffic With The Kibo Code Quantum

With your own website, unless you’re a billionaire, you wouldn’t be able to match eBay’s advertising budget. But the good news is you don't have to if you have a reliable way to send traffic to your store. Aidan and Steve teach how you can generate targeted traffic to your own store with the Kibo Code Quantum. The plus to this is that you items are competing with other stores. Once the buyers lands on your store's website they will only buy from you.

eBay has built up a following of faithful shoppers who visit the site frequently for certain items they want or need. eBay has millions of repeat customers.

No matter how hard you work at delivering fantastic customer service and what enticements you offer consumers to lure them back to shop with you again, you could not reasonably hope to ever build the repeat customer base that exists on eBay.

Support System

eBay has a strong community of sellers who have discussion boards based on their specific niche. You can learn a lot from these other sellers and get questions answered when necessary.

With your own website, you do not have this kind of support system.

eBay does have a program in place that helps detect suspicious bidding and buying activity and other unsavory sorts of buyer behavior such as a pattern of excessive returns or refunds.

You might be able to purchase a similar program for your own website, but it would be pricey.

Website Maintenance

eBay maintains its website and glitches are worked on quickly. You can count on the site staying up and running.

With your own website, you must be vigilant about maintenance and it could get expensive if you have technical difficulties, possibly costing you sales until the problem is resolved.

The Bottom Line

When all is said and done, there really is no answer to the question of which is better: eBay or your own website. There are pros and cons to each venue for an e-commerce business. The one you choose for your e-commerce home business depends on your own personal goals and preferences. If you are looking to build your own ecommerce store then The Kibo Code Quantum is a great place to start.