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Ty Cohen: Kindle Cash Flow Review and Bonus 2020

Ty Cohen has been making money with Amazon Kindle Publishing since Amazon rolled out the platform. Kindle Cash Flow Review

Watch the video below to watch how Ty built out this entire system that allows him and his students (people just like you that are starting out) to make money by partnering with Amazon. This isn't like any of the Amazon training I have seen before.

play the kindle cash flow videoYou will learn how to be able to go in and upload short 25 pages reports to Amazon, in both fiction and non fiction and generate an amazing passive reoccurring income stream.

This is the easiest system ever, he has been an online entrepreneur for over a decade and he has tried everything and he found this model to be the easiest.

Here’s why:

  1. You are partnering with a multi billion dollars company (Amazon.com)
  2. They have created a platform that allows anyone regardless of where on the planet you live. You can live in Romania, the UK, Canada, Austrlia, Italy or anywhere else and you can make money with this

Kindle Cash Flow Bonus

Here is a limited time bonus for the people who take action right away.

kindle cash flow bonusHere are 5 bonuses you will receive when you sign up to Kindle Cash Flow. There isn't anything else you have to do, just join and the bonuses are all yours.

bonusesWho Kindle Cash Flow For?

He literally has people as young as his 15 year old son and then he has people who are 80 years old that are using the system. He has students that are taking this model and crushing it including:

  • Stay at home moms
  • Seniors
  • Teenagers
  • College Students
  • Retired people

paid by amazonWhat Makes This System Different?

#1 It’s a real business, one where you partner with Amazon.com and they want you to make sales. When you make money they make money by taking a very small percentage. You keep 70% and they take 30%.

#2 You’re going forces with a real multi-billion dollar, globally recognized brand and tapping into a multi-billion person market.

#3 It’s a system that is easy to make money with, month after month after month…

This allows system will allow you to do whatever you want when time and finances aren’t a restrictions whether that be:

  • putting it towards your kids future
  • use it to pay off your mortgage
  • buy a house
  • buy your dream car
  • pay off bills, get out of debt
  • travel the globe
  • donate to charities
  • the possibilities are endless…

What is a Kindle?

A device created by Amazon a few years ago and it allows it users to be able to browse the Amazon platform, shop for and purchase media in all types of formats.

Kindle is also available as an app so anyone that has an iPhone or android device, computer, tablet etc can still go browse and buy the ebooks. There are 7.2 billion model devices worldwide as of this year.

By making it so accessible it opens up the platform to This opens up 7 billion prospects and Kindle ebooks are easily accessible across multiple platforms.

Why He Loves It?

Because it allows yours readers to buy the content you are going to be publishing. Ty will show you the type of content you will be publishing.

Proof from Ty

Here is the first check Ty ever received from Amazon for $2,297.30. After a few months without adding or changing anything he received his second check for $2,873.13 (an increase of 25%).

After that he decide to upload a few more piece of content then he got a check for $4, 462.53. At this point he decided to start testing different things like price points, titles etc. He continued to slowly upload more content and his income exploded.

Who is Ty Cohen

He has had one job in his life working for Walgreens Farm, he started when he was 14. As a stock guy, worked his way up to a clerk, then a cashier, then assistant manager, then manager. He quit that job when he was about 23 or 24.

Just as he quit that job he was trying to start a record label, he didn’t know anything about the music industry but he knew he wanted to be in it. That’s was around the same time when the internet was just becoming a thing where you could actually do any buy products and services and sell goods.

He took some of the knowledge he had from the music industry where he kind of learned by trial and error. Then he created products for people that wanted to find artists, groom artists, run promotions, build out their studio, market their products (their music). Ty started selling those products on a platform that Amazon has that was known as Amazon Advantage.

What he did was he took his content and turned it into physically books and sold them on the Amazon Advantage platform. It did so well with it that Amazon invited him to become a beta tester for this new platform that they were rolling out which was the Kindle Direct Publishing Platform (KDP).

Kindle Direct Publishing

Kindle Direct Publishing was selling digital books on their platform. Even though he was super skeptical because he was used to reading physical books.

He thought digital books, who is going to buy that stuff? But he decided to throw some up there just in because they were asking him to and it was flattering to be asked to be a beta tester.

This is one of the only time that he has loved being wrong because it turned into an incredible income stream. He decided from that point to do away with selling physical products and focus on digital ebooks because he didn’t want to deal everything involved.

He then shared it with his good when Greg Caesar and he was one of the people that convinced Ty to teach his system to other people. Ty was very comfortable with making money behind the scenes that he just wanted to keep it to yourself. At that time he was making about $10 000 per month about 9 years ago with Amazon Kindle Publishing.

He ended up bringing in a few beta students and they all did really well with it. Then he tested it with his daughter who was 15 and she got up $5000 per month and she’s 21 now.

He decided to create a system that got rid of all the waste. The things that cause you to lose time, that could waste money, distill it down and gave it to his daughter. If she can see results then he will teach it to other people.