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There are many different ways to produce strong profits online.

Some people do well with local business marketing, others with mobile phone apps and games, others with click ‘arbitrage’…

But each of those methods are highly competitive and have a lower rate of success than the methods I’m about to discuss with you today.

These are the 4 Biggest Digital Profit Opportunities for 2022

These are in no particular order…

1. Dropshipping physical products

Since 2020 and more people staying at home, that coincided with more people getting used to buying things online.

Now more people that ever before trust that items will arrive and hence they do a lot of their shopping online.

Dropshipping opportunities have exploded and those at the forefront have seen their profits skyrocket.

2. Affiliate Marketing

During 2021, I’ve produced over 7 figures in commissions from various affiliate offers across a wide variety of niches.

Things are heating up in the world of affiliate marketing because there are more very good products than ever before, that pay high commissions, available to promote…

…AND there are more traffic opportunities than before across a wider number of sources (YouTube organic, YouTube paid, Google organic, Google paid, TikTok, Facebook groups, Facebook ads, Native Ads, Bing Ads, and many more).

The ability to use AI enhanced marketing has helped a lot, so video ads are now way faster to make, and places where we can advertise use advanced technology to find the buyers.

It’s an exciting time in the world of Affiliate marketing and 2022 should be even bigger as this next wave is only just beginning.

3. Digital currencies

Many people realize that digital currencies have been going up and up during the past 10 years.

But what a lot of people don’t realize is that there are a LOT of different ways to profit from them.

It’s not all about buy and hold, and it’s not all about holding on for dear life the next time there is a crash.

With Governments around the word printing untold amounts of money, it’s not surprising the explosive growth continues in this space.

But also, mainstream adoption is just beginning, so we’re seeing the start of the next wave of growth there.

I’ve doubled where I was at in the past 4 months.

And I’ve used a variety of different methods that have each produce different positive results.

This is an exciting area to be in and one that I’m very happy to produce ‘getting started’ videos for if anyone is interested.

4. Digital Products

A digital product can be software, or online membership (videos, audio, ebooks, etc). These have seen a continued rise in 2021 and that’s why I own so many different products in various niches and will continue to invest in these areas too.

Anyone can create something as simple as a book that goes up on Amazon kindle, or as complex as a software program that customers can use to learn a foreign language (I do have both of those btw among many others).

Usually I’d recommend people start as an affiliate first, before creating their own product. Though some people get more motivated by their own products so they are happy that it takes longer to get up and running.