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7 Benefits of The Kibo Code Eclipse Reviewed

There are 7 huge benefits that the Kibo Code Eclipse has that no other training that is out there has. Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton have removed all the usual obstacles people face when building their online stores. You can read a full review of these ecommerce program here.

1. You Don’t Have to Worry About Traffic

Usually the biggest problem to making money with an ecommerce store is getting people to see the items in their store. This is the main problem most online business have.

This system uses sources of traffic that is untapped and has highly targeted buyers. This method of traffic puts what you are selling in your store right in front of the people who are looking to buy it at the exact same time they are looking for it.

2. No Supplier Issues or The Usual Headaches

Normally when you buy other ecommerce training courses they source their products directly from China in order to get the lowest prices. Sometimes this works great but more often than not there are more complication and hurdles to over come. Not to mention communication issues that can come from speaking a different language then your suppliers.

With Aidan and Steve’s system they only use products that are from suppliers that are in the USA. The products are only sold to people who live in the USA when you first start out. Once you get this system up and running you can reach people outside of the USA and really scale your business.

3. There is Little Risk

Unlike other ecommerce models out there you don’t have to worry about buying and storing inventory. This means you don’t have to worry about renting space to store your inventory or using your spare bedroom. You never touch any of the inventory, you don’t ship or even touch any products.

The only time you pay for the products is after someone has already bought the product off of you. With many other models out there you need so spend a couple thousand dollars to even get started. Then if you pick the wrong products and they don’t sell you are stuck with the inventory.

4. There is Zero Competition

You don't have to worry about competition because their are over 3 million products to choose from. Usually when you are following other systems out there a lot of people end of trying to sell the same products and the market becomes over saturated quickly.

With over 3 million products to choose from it's not very likely that someone will pick and try to sell the same products as you.

5. The Profit Margins Are High

Normally when you sell physically products online you don’t actually make a lot of each products and you have to sell a ton of inventory to make money.

But the net profits margins using this system average 50%. That means that if you make $250 00 in revenue, then you will actually end up with $125 000 in profit that ends up in your bank account.

6. The Results Are Very Quick

You are able to see if a product is worth having in your store within 48 hours are less. With their software you can add all kinds of top converting, profitable products within minutes. Then follow their process to run quick tests for $5 to see if you should keep that products in your store or swap it out for something else.

7. You Can Do This While Working Another Job

Most people who are looking to make money online with ecommerce already have jobs that occupy a lot of their time. This is exactly why Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth have designed their system so that you can run it successfully with as little as 5 to 10 hours per week.

This means that you can easily do this system on the side to whatever else you have going on. You will probably want to transition this into your full time job once you see the results you get with it and at that point you can decide whether to scale your ecommerce business to replace your regular job or just keep it as a side business.


The above are the 7 reasons that set the Kibo Code Quantum apart from another other ecommerce training or online business model that is out there right now.

7 Benefits Of Kibo Code Quantum Reviewed