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Traffic Travis Review FREE Software By Mark Ling (2022)

If you're looking to boost your web traffic, analyze your site's search engine optimization, and conduct competition analyses then this all in one tool is the right SEO software for you.

What Does Traffic Travis Offer

Created by incredibly successful internet marketer Mark Ling, this tool allows you to analyze and obtain a considerable amount of keyword, SEO and ranking data, specific to your site as well as the competing websites in your niche. All for no cost to you, click here for your free download.

More specifically, with Traffic Travis you can:

There is also a full version, with broader analysis available. Click here to try out the complete pro version for $1 for 7 days.

The professional version is designed for more advanced users, offering more features and detailed analysis.

If you are a newbie to the internet marketing world, you should find the free version  to be sufficient to meet your current keyword and backlink data needs.

taffic travis bonusTraffic Travis will help you uncover the right keywords and also provide you with more information about your niche. You can also get a good look at your competition.

Many programs focus mostly on analysing keywords, but this particular programs goes into a lot of detail regarding PPC data, as well as your competitors' site structure.

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Read below to discover more about what the program offers.

Keyword Research

keyword research dataAll that you have to do is enter the keyword you are interested in and then the software goes to work and gives you 20-2,000 keywords that are related to your keyword.

You will end up getting the data from Microsoft's search engine, as well as Yahoo. You can then save those keywords and then sort them out and then use them when you need to use them.

SEO Research

search engine optimization researchThis program makes it easy to track your websites performance for different keywords, and lucky for you the program does just that. All you need to do is put the website address and then the keywords you want to track. Then you will be able to see where each one shows up in whatever search engine you want.

You will have access to a detailed report, which can help you create a plan of action that can help you get your website rank higher in the search results.

The reports will also include useful information such as traffic ranks, page ranking, links, meta tags, header, titles and even top keywords. You will be able to find out how well you are doing in terms of SEO.

PPC Data

pay per click (ppc)A good review of the program should discuss the PPC research feature. It will take a look at your keywords that you have provided, and then it will breakdown how many ads there are for them, as well as the top sites for specific keywords. Basically the program's PPC feature will show you which phrases you should use if you want to increase your income.


This tool will reveal the top websites for any given phrase, page rank, back links and every other important type of SEO data that you could possible want and need.

You will get a glimpse of what the top sites are doing and how you can get your site to perform better in the search engines.

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Traffic Travis Review Summary

traffic travisThe purpose of this review is to show you what the program has to offer and how the features help out internet marketers and make their lives a lot easier.

If you need to test your sites, then you will want Traffic Travis, as it has everything you need to successfully test your site, make changes to it and get it to rank better than your competitors.

There are so many marketers who do not know about this program which in shame because even the free version has a ton of features that other people charge a lot of money for.

Traffic Travis will change the way you organize your website data. The sooner you use the program, the sooner you will become an expert at SEO, which also means the sooner your website will rank high in the search engines.

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