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Article Marketing

Creating articles about specific website niches is called content marketing. These write-ups are submitted to press release agencies and online article directories. This type of internet marketing is considered as the most effective means of driving visitors to a website and increasing its sales as well.

Quality Backlinks From Authority Websites

Aside from brand promotion and boosting traffic, article marketing also allows you to obtain quality back links from well-established websites. What is backlinking and why are marketers doing it?

Backlinking is advantageous on the purpose of leveling up your SEO rank. Once your article is published in an authority directory, expect search engines to place your site on top of the results page.

article marketingThese authority sites are visited by thousands or millions of people every day making them the highest ranked webpages in the internet.

If your content is published on one of these sites, Google will have it indexed within 24 hours.

However, some of these page ranks are no follow meaning it will not benefit your article in terms of back-linking.

Write About A Topic Or Keyword

Before you start writing content, you have to choose first what specific keywords or key phrases will work best for your niche. The article that you will write should revolved around the chosen keywords. Focus on the topic as it should be as laser-sharp as possible. The keyword should be inserted in the title of your blog entry and also at the first paragraph of the content. Positioning the keywords in other parts of the article is also a smart move.

Place it somewhere in the middle and another mention at the last paragraph. However, remember to limit the number of times that you will mention it or search engines will penalize you for spamming. This technique is called by experts as keyword stuffing and it's considered as a black hat SEO.

Watch For Keyword Stuffing

Remember to avoid doing this. Instead, mention the keyword 2 to 3 times throughout the article and use it as an anchor text. Insert links to your keyword that direct the readers back to your website. Another fact to consider is that most directories allow a maximum of 2 links per article so plan carefully how you are going to maximize that privilege.

Articles will be read by true human beings so it has to be informative and free of grammar mistakes. Entice visitors to read it by writing with unique personality and entertaining character. Direct promotion of your product or business is not good as this will only annoy readers.

Take note that they want to know something valuable and useful. The right strategy is to write a general article that will capture the interest of people. Think of content that has a viral capability. This will generate millions of organic traffic to your site if done correctly.

Resource Box

Don't forget the resource box at the end of the article because this is an essential element of article marketing. This is the area where you could freely promote your product links, business name and call to action. Keep the entire content interesting so the reader will be encouraged to read it from start to finish. In this way, they'd be able to see what you have to offer at the resource box.

Another reason why you should put extra efforts in writing your article and having it published in popular directories is that you get the chance to be republished by other authority sites. When they see your highly optimized content, they will possibly re-post it in their own sites where thousands of visitors are looking for interesting articles. What does it mean? More backlinks and additional audience on your part.

Content or article marketing is beneficial to your business. It's a free advertising format so you don't have to spend thousands of dollars to be seen by people. Get free traffic, gain more audiences and make your brand known to the public.