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Learn Build Earn Review

Learn Build Earn is Mark Ling’s new course that includes both video tutorial training and PDF download files to help you along. You will also be required to complete a set of steps (homework) after each lesson. The modules consist of multiple videos with an average of 20-30 minutes in length.

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Below is a summary of exactly what Learn Build Earn is followed by a more detailed review with exactly what’s included.

learn build earn mark ling

Mark Ling has made Learn Build Earn so straight forward that all you have to do is watch the modules and follow the steps he lays out for you. I have included a detailed list of all the modules below.

Module 1

Part 1: Profit Funnels
Part 2: Finding a profitable niche
Part 3: The 8 Laws of Influence [Part 1 of 2] (Note: Part 2 comes in Module 2)

Module 1: Homework Videos
Browsing Profitable Niches
Planning Your First Project:
Where Does The Traffic Come From?:
Optional Extra Homework Videos:
Planning Your Free Gift.

Module 2

Part 1: The 8 Laws of Influence [Part 2 of 2] (Note: Part 1 comes in Module 1)
Part 2: The Number 1 Secret To Writing So That People LISTEN
Part 3: The 6 Keys To Creating A Product That SELLS

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Module 3

Part 1: 3 Doors Theory of Success
Part 2a: Chapter Outlines [Part 1 of 2]
Part 2b: Chapter Outlines [Part 2 of 2]

Module 4

Part 1: The Beginning Section Of Your Sales Page
Part 2: Mini Mechanisms

Module 5

Part 1: Over Promising… HOW can I deliver?
Part 2: Creating GREAT Bonuses

Module 6

Getting Graphics Created For Your Product

Module 7

The Story Component Of Your Sales Copy

Module 8

Intro Video with Special Guest Daniel Toh
Part 1: Email Marketing
Part 2: 1st Person vs 3rd Person

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Module 9

Part 1: Special Guest – Jason
Part 2: Setting Up Your Website
Additional Video 1: How To Register Your Domain Name
Additional Video 2: How To Set Up Hosting
Additional Video 3: Installing WordPress
Additional Video 4: Preparing WordPress
Additional Video 5: Backups and Permalinks
Additional Video 6: Installing and Activating InstaBuilder
Additional Video 7: Creating Your First Page
Additional Video 8: Creating An Add To Cart Button
Additional Resource: Add To Cart Button

Module 10

Part 1: Guest Speaker – Liz Benny
Part 2: Quality Content vs Boring Filler Content
Part 3: Outsourcing Tasks

Module 10: Homework Videos
The First 2-8 Minutes Of The VSL
While this video was originally recorded for a live audience of advanced marketers, and is more focused on VSLs (Video Sales Letters), the same principles do apply to your written sales letters.
And this is going to be hugely valuable so please pay close attention.
The Close Part 1
The Close Part 2

Module 11

Part 1: Your Members Areas
Part 2: Your Affiliate Area
Part 3: Improving The Readability Of Your Product

Module 11: Homework Videos
Setting Up Your Clickbank Account

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Module 12

Part 1: Intro to Facebook Traffic
Part 2: Nurturing The Relationship With Your Lists
Part 3: Continuity Offers / Billing Memberships

Module 13

How To Drive Organic Traffic With Youtube – Part 1
How To Drive Organic Traffic With Youtube – Part 2
How To Drive Organic Traffic With Youtube – Part 3


Learn to Earn Bonus Video 1: Headlines For Sales Letters

Bonus Video 2: Sales Copy Critique

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