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How To Use WordPress For Beginners

The following guide will take you through all the steps necessary to get your WordPress website up and running. This tutorial will show you everything from installing WordPress, themes, plugins, making posts/pages, adding images and setting up widgets. We will include some more advanced steps as well.

How To Install WordPress on Your Host (Cpanel)

How To Install A Theme

You can search all the free theme here http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/ but I find it easier to do it from right inside your WordPress Dashboard

How To Install Plugins

How To Create A Post

How To Create A Page

Difference Between A Post & Page

How to Add Images

How to Set Up Widgets

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Coming soon.

Some Advanced Stuff

Permalink Structure

  • Changing the default permalink structure

How To Make Money

It's one thing to get a website up and running and it's a completely different thing getting people to find your website.