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Mark Thompson And Matt Callen Release PressPlay

New this week is Press Play by Mark Thompson and Matt Callen, a video sales letter creator to help you improve your sales with literally any product, service, or affiliate offer. You can read a more in depth PressPlay review here.

In order to make serious money online, most internet marketers know that you really need to utilize videos in your marketing.

YouTube gets more than a billion visits a month, with over 100 hours of video uploaded every minute. People love videos. If you can learn how create great sales clips, you’re definitely going to see a huge increase in visits, and sales.

Mark’s Videos Won Me Over

What first drew me to Mark Thompson and his products were his sales videos. They’re professional looking, engaging, give great pitches, and his success shows that they’re very successful at converting sales. In my opinion they help to build the audience’s trust and Mark’s reputation.

small budget softwareLarge Media Budget Not Needed

I assumed he had a very large video media budget so it’s fantastic to hear that anyone can use this software and get quality videos and improve their sales and site engagement without having to having to spend a fortune or waste hours of their valuable time.

Free Video Training Series

mark thompson video trainingIn addition to the new product, Mark and Matt are offering a free video training series to teach you how to make these high converting video sales videos.

Through their own research and case studies, the techniques they’re offering have a proven 60% increase in conversion from their old school sales page letter.

In the first video of the series you’re taught the simple 10 step formula that Mark and his team, as well as many successful online affiliates use to create high converting video sales letters without having to hire expensive copywriters or use complicated software.

Easy To Follow Steps

pressplay easy stepsThese steps are simple and easy to follow. They explain how to hook your audience, get to their emotions, develop a rapport, connect with your viewers, and more.

You are given sample lines that you can use in your script during the video steps with fill in the blanks to make it unique to your product and niche.

The second video reveals how to turn VLS’s into “lead sucking money magnets.” It also discusses the number one most profitable technique for netting engaged leads and building massive email lists and a trick that increased Mark Thompson’s leads by 400%.

Helping You to Improve Your Videos

quality videosFor those who are new to videos, it’s a great way to give you confidence to get started with creating quality sales videos and for the experienced internet marketer.

It’s some free tips to help you improve your videos. I see it as a win-win for everybody.

So don’t miss out on this free video training series and download your free 10 Step, No Fail Video Sales Letter MindMap and VLS Worksheets. There’s never a risk with free offers.

Boost your conversions and capture leads today, and do it without burning a hole in your pocket. If you’d like to know more about Mark Thompson, check out his bio.

Free Download

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This is the 2nd video in their video training series.

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But first, go watch the video and download the Free Video Profit Report.

To Your Success