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How Your Business Will Benefit From Google+

Even if you have never used it before, you probably have some idea of what Google+ is or at least heard about its circles. You may be thinking, “but I'm a (mature) adult trying to run a small business, isn't Google+ for teenagers?” Or maybe you think Google+ is a silly way to waste your time socializing and looking at pictures, just like Facebook.

Well I'd like to let you in on a little secret, Google+ is going to drive traffic to your website, increase your followers, and in turn increase your profits. You may not know how to use this social networking site yet and you might be questioning how you will find more time in your schedule to work on it. A lot of people in the same situation are thinking the same thing. But it's worth it and I'm going to help you to understand and use Google+.

So What Is Google+?

This social media site was created by Google and gives you a comparable experience to what Facebook offers. The point is to share your information, thoughts, experiences, etc. online like you would in your actual life.

With Google+ however, you create “circles” for the people you network with and can then choose how and who you want to share your content with. Unlike Facebook where everyone you are friends with sees what you have posted. Read this article to learn more: 6 Things You Need To Know About Google+.

Google+ And Your Small Business

For a business owner, Google+ isn't about making friends, watching funny videos, or reading immature jokes. It's about connecting with your customers and viewers, optimizing the searches on the network, and using it to power your site.

Nobody loves Google more than Google

By using Google+ pages, you provide powerful ranking juice to your own website, allowing you to rank higher in the Google search engine. This increases your odds of getting your target audience to your site.

You will want to share your information with people who are likely to be your prospective clients. Google+ allows you to better target this audience. As you get followers, you can put them into the “circles” or categories. Then you can be choosy about what you share to each of your circles. This allows for easier and more effective sharing, ensuring that the correct audience receives the info you want them to see.

Not everyone is on Google+ yet as it is still relatively new, which puts you at an advantage. Your audience is smaller and easier to connect with. There's less competition and people are more willing to build relationships to help each other out. You'll want to connect with and get to know influencers. I'll tell you more about this later. If you get into Google+ now, you'll be sure to benefit as Google+ takes off.

Ways To Use Google+

No one is expecting you to be on Google+ multiple times a day. You're probably way too busy for that. Why not start by creating an account, personalizing it, and logging in to post something once a week.
Here are several ways you can get busy on Google+:

  • Post a picture, video, or link to an article from your site
  • Click the “+1” button (comparable to the Facebook “like” button) on others' posts
  • Comment on posts made by other people
  • Share something someone else has posted
  • Join a Community
  • Add others to your circles

A great tip, is to set up a calendar reminder on your phone, computer, or tablet so you don't forget about this valuable social networking source. Post something once a week when you are reminded. Increase the reminder as you get quicker at navigating Google+ to post more often and soon enough you won't need the reminder at all. It won't take long before you start seeing the benefits of this site yourself.