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Tips For How To Get More Traffic

Everybody wants to learn how to get more traffic. Regardless of the volume of content you write, or number of sites you build, without traffic you won't make money. Fortunately, there are plenty of effective methods designed to get people glued to your website. Here are a few of the best traffic generating methods available today.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

This method gives you guaranteed traffic instantly. You won't find an easier method than this one. However, it's also one of the most expensive methods on the list because it is ‘paid' traffic. If you choose to go with PPC for your advertising, then make sure you take the time to study it and understand all about it. Learn about creating your keyword lists and split testing campaigns so you can keep your advertising costs to a minimum.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

top quality linksThis is a solid way to generate more traffic. PPC is more of a short term process and can cost money during your learning curve. However, search engine optimization is what you call a ‘long term strategy'. When used properly it can translate into huge profits over time.

SEO is mainly about getting high quality back links to your site that come from sites that are already trusted and are of good reputation. You accomplish this by link baiting, article marketing, commenting on forums, link swapping, and blogging.

PPV (Pay-Per-View)

If you've ever had the chance to install freeware or shareware on your pc, and you've read all the installment terms, then you are aware that many various advertising tools go along with the program. These attached programs will track your site visits, browsing habits, and search preferences.

After they gather information, they'll place ads that are relative to that information on the websites you visit. Being an advertiser, this gives you the chance to purchase CPM ads which have been highly targeted specifically for your audience. Some of the top networks for this are LeadImpact.com, MediaTraffic.com, and TrafficVance.com.

Email Marketing

When learning about generating more traffic, you have to include email marketing (Inbox Blueprint 2.0). It's the oldest staple within the industry, and a very effective tool for anyone who does it right. As a marketer, each website you own needs to have an opt-in list available on it. Once you gather those new email addresses, you'll be able to send them valuable information and promotions along with links back to your site.

Email Swaps & Joint Venture

There are many types of joint ventures, but one of the most popular ones is trading email lists between fellow marketers. If a marketer has 5,000 subscribers, and another has 6,000, they can trade those emails to one another's site and gain more exposure to thousands instantly. These are primed niche-watchers. A joint venture can also be something like giving away a free product on somebody else's website, in exchange for high quality links. It could also be or placing a guest post on their website to get a link.

Affiliate Marketing

If you create a product of your own, the best way to get links is affiliate marketing. Most affiliates are a bit choosy about what it is they market, so you will need to have something to entice them. If you want to gain traffic through affiliate marketers, then you should offer them things like free newsletter and banners, free articles, or bonuses for the ones who sell high volumes. You also need to be able to offer them 24/7 support. The easier you can make it on them, the more money they will make for you.

Social Media & Viral Marketing

One of the most fun ways of generating traffic has to be social and viral media. At the same time they're also the hardest ones to quantify. Choosing this route means you need to utilize a broad range of tools. These tools would include Twitter, Digg, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. The goal is create something of value that entices people to look you up. Free articles, news, videos, updates, and tips can do it. Don't forget that your freebies need to be informational and entertaining as well.