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Mark Thompson’s New Release Traffic Backdoor

Hey there, I’d like to give you the low down on a new product that’s out by Mark Thompson.

He’s going to show you and me how he was able to generate an avalanche of traffic without blogging all day, without begging for affiliates to promote his stuff and without blowing his budget on advertising. His new product is called Traffic Backdoor.

social viral sharesSee, when it comes to generating traffic, Mark has a dirty confession. He’s a big cheat. He’s figured out a way to leverage other people’s hard work and create a traffic virus that infects and spreads across the internet.

Unlike most people who claim to be “traffic experts,” Mark actually walks the walk and practices what he preaches and that’s why he’s been able to use the following methods to generate more traffic than he can handle. Sounds great doesn’t it? You can learn more about Traffic Backdoor on my review page.

Major Traffic Spikes

With traffic spikes like these: 3,718 visitors in 48 hours, 27,404 visitors in just 10 days, 11,48 in 24 hours, 700 plus visitors day in and day out. See most people never discover the secret because they’re always distracted by the usual stuff like SEO, pay per click, and blogging.

Now I don’t know you personally yet, but I’m pretty sure you’re like me and how Mark was. You’re sick and tired of being told you have to wait for traffic or worse being forced to pay over $1 a click.

Maybe you’ve put up Facebook ads that get ignored or you’ve spent months writing blog content that no one reads.

Or maybe you’ve spent weeks or months kissing up to JV partners and affiliates, hoping they’ll promote you only to find out that they’re ignoring your emails.

And even when they do respond they expect you to offer prizes like iPad and brand new cars before they even consider promoting your product.

Stop this insanity. It ends today.

There’s a reason why this stuff isn’t working for you. It’s because you’re fighting an uphill battle with a hurricane blowing in your face. You’ve set up a blog, a website, social media profiles, and spent weeks creating content, gathering backlinks, trying some SEO tricks, and even paying for traffic.

But you’re competing against giants who already dominate the market with thousands of dollars invested and a huge following behind them.

They're too busy hanging out on the sites they already know, like, and trust. Think about it, who do you think makes more money? The guy with a crappy little burger stall on a quiet street out of town or the guy s running a McDonalds store on Main street.

And THAT’s the real secret. If you want a ton of exposure from people who will listen to your message then you have to hang around with people they already visit, and already know, like, and trust.

Good news is there are hundreds, thousands of these people out there. People that have already done all the hard work for you and already have the traffic you’re looking for. You should check out my Traffic Backdoor bonus offer if you are interested in Mark's latest product.

These people have spent thousands of dollars and years of effort building up communities that you can tap into within days. Mark’s going to show you how you can legally borrow their traffic and enjoy instant credibility and trust from their audience.