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Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson is an online marketing millionaire and has released several products over the years. I will be updating this page with more information shortly but for now here is a list of everything he is currently offering.

Funnel Books

DotCom Secrets

This is a free book (not an ebook) that he will ship directly to your home if you pay for the shipping in handling. It's less than $8 in the USA. This book is for anyone that is looking to grow their company online.

Expert Secrets

This is a physical book just like above that he will give you a copy for free is you cover that $8 shipping. This is a book for anyone looking to turn their skills, knowledge and passion into a real online business.

108 Proven Split Tests Winners

If you sign up for Funnel University, Russell is throwing in a copy of 108 Proven Split Tests Winners for free. It's a book on how you can make simple changes to your website that will make you more money.

Funnel Stacking

This is an offer just like above where he will send you a copy of the Funnel Stacking book if you sign up for Funnel University. This book reveals the 3 core funnels that Russell Brunson uses the most inside his own companies.

Funnel Cookbook

This is different then the other in that it's a digital version so there aren't any shipping fees and you get it instantly. This is a 255 page book of Russells top 22 funnels he uses to make sales. All that you have to do is enter your email address and it's yours.

Funnel Software


ClickFunnels software is for anyone that wants to generate leads, sell products, run webinars and send emails. There are other cool things within the software too. It's a simple drag and drop webpage editor that anyone can use. You can try ClickFunnels for 14 days for FREE.

Click Funnels can replace your:

  • Affiliate software
  • Get rid of your coders and your shopping cart
  • Marketing automation, email and messenger marketing
  • Replace your designers and create beautiful pages in minutes
  • Replaces your out of date CRM
  • Replace your membership site software

Funnel Scripts

This is a web class that offers free training.

Online Training


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