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Amazing Selling Machine 11 Review

Before I get into an in depth Amazing Selling Machines review I want to tell you about the free live training that Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback are running. Watch the video here to learn more.

F.A.Q Amazing Selling Machine

I have received a number of emails from my subscribers asking questions about Amazing Selling Machine 11 (ASM11). Below are the answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Isn't Amazon too Competitive?

Amazon grew by over 40 billion dollars in revenue last year and it's easily going to do the same this year. Over the last few years it's not only getting massively bigger it's increases the rate it's getting bigger. We all know everyone wants to buy from Amazon no one wants to buy from anyone else because it's so much more convenient.

The number of sellers on Amazon isn't increasing at nearly the same rate. Right now there is more revenue then there is competition on Amazon.

Why is ASM so Expensive?

A few of you have inquired asking if there are cheaper options out there. ASM is built to get people results, the training course is better than anyone has ever created. But that's only a piece of ASM, you get full service with this membership.

All the questions you have will be answered usually the same day by people who are actually selling on Amazon and in most cases has sold millions of dollars worth of stuff on Amazon. You are not alone building this business you will get real, accurate and up to date answers for whatever issue you have.

The training is always up to date so if something changes all the training will be updated too. No one else offers this service and same level of commitment to getting people results. The members testimonials show this.

I Don't Have Any Experience

This is not a problem whatsoever they have taught people from all different backgrounds with no business experience. Doesn't matter if you have or haven't sold on Amazon. They make it a step by step approach that literally anyone can follow. Any experience level can have success with this.

What if it Doesn't Work?

It's risk free with their 30 day money back guarantee (no questions asked) and they also have a 6 month buy back promise.

Is Amazing Selling Machine 11 a Scam?

Some people have said to me “this seems too good to be true” is it?  Unfortunately there are some unethical marketers out there so it's good to be cautious when buying anything.

Amazing Selling Machine is legit, they have been around for a very long time and have a solid reputation. There's no risk because they don't mess around with giving people their money back within the first 30 days.

What if I Live Outside the USA?

It's not a problem they have had people from over 100 different countries go through ASM.

Do I Need To Set Up A Company to do This?

No you don't but eventually they recommend it just like they would for anyone running a business.

How Much Do I Need To Get Started To Do This Business?

Aside from the investment in ASM. You can start with as little start up capital as you want. They had someone start with $500 and they sold their business 5 years later for 4 million dollars. They recommend you start with around $2000-$2500.

How Fast Will I Make X Amount of Money?

This questions is hard to answer because it depends  a lot of the individual. We have had people joined ASM and two months later and somehow two months and a half later they were somehow doing $80 000 per month.

Other people take forever to get their product live but they eventually do it and a lot of them become successful. The average is that people start moving along they pick their product in the first month, they order it, they get it live within the 2-3 months and then they reorder inventory.

It's really hard to answer how much you will make. The goal of ASM is that every member is doing $20 000 or so within the first 6 months. They say it's reasonable if people execute and move through the training at a good pace.

I Don't Have The Money

Obviously you can't join if you don't have access to the money. But in case you didn't know they offer a payment plan. If you can find the money to join there are ways to get started on a budget.

You can start with a less expensive product that is light and can be sourced from China or maybe the USA. You can start with as little as $300-$400 in inventory.

Amazing Selling Machine Guarantee

You’ll build a profitable business in 6 months, or else…100% ZERO risk for you

Fear is an interesting thing. Fear has the power to motivate you.

But it also has the power to paralyze you and prevent you from fulfilling your dreams. Unfortunately, the latter is more common.

Especially when it comes to starting your own business. There are a lot of unknowns. A lot of unpredictable risks. It doesn’t have to be like that.

To help you start your own business as fast, easy, and painless as possible with ZERO risks. My friends over at Amazing decided to do something that no one in this industry ever did.

They’ll refund you your investment in their Amazing Selling Machine X program, PLUS they’ll buy-back your unsold inventory for up to $5,000 if you follow the ASM training program, launch your product, build your brand, and meet the Terms & Requirements within six (6) months and STILL decide this program is not for you.

Frankly, I haven’t seen any business-building course offering this kind of risk-free guarantee for this long.

Brand Builder Blueprint Series

Below is what you can expect from the Brand Builder Blueprint video training series that is taught by Mike McClary and Rich Henderson.

Lesson 1

lesson 1 introduction

This is an introduction to the blueprint. They will walk you through every step of building your very own brand of products to launch and sell on amazon.

What people don't know is that Amazon.com USA might be the biggest marketplace, many of the sellers that are completely crushing it on Amazon.com don’t even live in the USA.
Where you live doesn’t dictate where you choose to sell.

This series is will cover the following topics:

  • How the business works
  • How to find your product
  • How to find your supplier
  • How to list and launch your product
  • How to scale your business as big as you want

You will learn why the Amazing Selling Machine system is the  the perfect business model and why you want to start it on Amazon.

With hundreds of millions of searches taking place on Amazon every month, your product will get immediate visibility without the need for a physical store or any employees.

Lesson 2

lesson 2 finding the products

This lesson will take your thorough the exclusive selection process to finding the best product opportunities available today.

These are products that are in high demand and sell tens of thousands of dollars per month and are perfect choices when starting your own brand.

Lesson 3

lesson 3 how to find a supplier

This lesson will show you exactly how to find a supplier that can make your product for you and how you can get that product shipped straight to Amazon from anywhere in the world

If you are worried about how to talk to a manufactures you’re covered because they are giving you their own personal email templates to make you sound like a professional form day one

Lesson 4

lesson 4 building your product listings

In this lesson you will learn how to build the perfect product listing on Amazon. It will not only get your product in front of millions of hungry buyers but it will also make your listing look as good if not better than the biggest brands out there.

It’s these types of highly optimized, high converting listings that will get buyers to choose your products over the competition.

Lesson 5

lesson 5 launching your product

In this lesson they show you one of the most exciting parts of this business, launching your new product to the world using their exclusive and all new rapid ranking system.

Not only will this get your immediate sales but it will also get your product to move up in the listings on Amazon and reach even more customers.

Lesson 6

lesson 6 scaling your business

During this lesson they will show you the secret of taking your one product and using it to build an entire brand that scales as big as you want it to go.

By scaling your business using the method they teach you, you will have to option of using your business for cash flow or to sell and cash out.

Old Webinar from Previous Version of Amazing Selling Machine

I'm excited to announce that I've managed to twist Amazon millionaire Matt Clark's arm to get on another live webinar with me this Tuesday night at 8pm EST USA, where he's agreed to reveal 10 hot niches for products that he knows are great opportunities right now on Amazon.

10 Hot Niches Leaked: Build a Hugely Profitable Amazon Business

An opportunity like this is rare, and Matt Clark is not doing this for anyone else, as he doesn't want to leak his product ideas to many people, but he's doing me a favor, so make the most of this.

In case you don't know, Matt Clark and his business partner Jason Katzenback generate 7 million dollars a year selling on Amazon, and the students they have coached now do a combined 7 million a MONTH on Amazon.

Hot Product Opportunities

On this event you will see live on camera 10 hot product opportunities that you could sell on Amazon, that Matt Clark has picked himself and knows are winners!!

Not only that but he has also agree to teach his “7 Steps to 7 Million on Amazon” strategy, so once you know the 10 hot niches you also have the action plan to make money with them.

You can ask your questions on the live event also, as myself and Matt Clark will be sticking around to answer them for you.

I'm a success story of Matt and Jason's coaching, so I can tell you from first hand experience that you are in for a real treat, as what they teach flat out works, and is easily the BIGGEST opportunity for building a profitable online business.

On the webinar you'll learn:

  • 10 hot product ideas for selling on Amazon right now!
  • How to Easily Spot More Opportunities that are WIDE OPEN on Amazon
  • The 3 POINT trick to find hot sellers and ensure you pick a winner every time
  • The Amazon Algorithm Revealed: How to Shot to the Top
  • The secrets to truly automating the entire process from start to finish
  • Why you don't need any experience or past skill to do this
  • How a grandmother followed this system and succeeded (crazy!)

Make sure you register below now, as this webinar will fill up to capacity very quickly. Here is a really good video explaining why and how Amazon is the new Google. Including predictions about where Google went wrong.