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Finding The Perfect Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Every website owner is trying to find a foolproof affiliate marketing strategy that will take their site to page one of the major search engines. Top organic search engine results is of the best methods to get targeted visitors to your website and can really take a business to the next level.

You can learn more off Mark Ling. Listed below are a few of the most powerful search engine optimization plans found online and ways to implement them to take your site to the top.

On Page Optimization

best seo toolsOn-page optimization is often over looked when it comes to search engine optimization. This is unfortunate because it is becoming more and more important.

If you set your website up correctly in the beginning you will see your off page SEO efforts pay off ten fold. You can download Traffic Travis SEO software for free to easily see how your website it doing.

It is so important that Google has released a whole algorithm around it called Panda. Panda looks for things like keywords stuffing, hidden text, or too much advertising and other layout issues. On page optimization includes deep navigation, title tags, SEO friendly codes, SEO friendly links and alt tags on images.

Article Marketing

internet marketingArticle marketing is a relatively old search engine marketing plan, but it can bring great rewards if done properly.

Website owners should write content focused on a single keyword and provide a back link to their site. These articles can be uploaded to article directories who post for free for the privilege of being able to link to your site.

Post an article and it offers a back link to your website, this back link can be picked up by the major search engines. However, article marketing is an on-going process; site owners should continue to post fresh content to uphold the SEO link value. You can learn other great back linking techniques in Affiloblueprint.

Trusted Site Back links

trusted backlinksArticle marketing will generate back links, but those looking for valuable back links need to locate trusted websites. A trusted website is one that Google rates highly.

If a site address ends in .EDU or .GOV it is trusted. In addition to this, first rate directories such as Yahoo and DMOZ are also considered trusted sites, as are informational resources and major forums. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to find trust back links then check out Affilotools inside Affilorama.

Link Baiting

This is where you create top quality content that draws attention. For instance, if your site was about dog training, you could consider writing an in depth article about common dog behavior problems.

It may take a few hours to write the article, but niche websites tend to gain attention from hundreds of other sites.

Social Media Marketing

social mediaMarketers tend to misuse social media, but it is a commonly used marketing tool. The aim is to use major sites such as Twitter and Facebook to get your brand recognized.

Provide daily updates that reflect your personality and intrigue readers who find your niche information interesting and useful.

Viral Marketing

viral marketingViral marketing, link baiting and social media are all ways of attracting attention. Viral marketing is the least significant strategy, but it is considered to be highly effective.

Classic examples of this type of marketing include giving away free software, sending out free reports, building squeeze pages and creating video productions for YouTube. Not sure what to send or what squeeze page is? Check out Affilojetpack, Mark Ling who is one of the best internet marketers in the world has done all the hard work for you.

No one tactic will transform an unknown website, but hard work can make your page rank top of your niche. Fail to use the strategies mentioned above and you miss out on a wonderful opportunity to attract free website traffic. All sound search engine optimization plans must consist of a detailed method of how to send your website to the number one position.

Website owners should use a variety of strategies, test the plans frequently and tweak them as needed. Follow these guidelines to locate the free traffic you need to become successful.