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Internet Marketing Is Sure Money With Persistence

As far as online Internet marketing goes, there are literally hundreds of strategies and business models that have enabled many marketers to become millionaires. Many of them did so overnight.

hard workHowever, for the majority of people there is a lot of hard work involved in avoiding being part of that 90% majority who fails at their online business. Below are a few strategies that can help to ensure that you're part of the first group, not the second one.

The Way Internet Marketing Works:

Online marketing carries a basic underlying philosophy with it. When you work as an online marketer, you're not actually selling an eBook, a website, or a product. What you are selling are solutions, or experiences that customers can't get anywhere else. The bulk of Online marketing is focused in on targeting customers with a sense of urgency on their mind.

Being able to solve a problem for them quickly, keeps them from finding their solution somewhere else, like at a local book store or department store. They may find it cheaper at those places, but why bother if you have their attention and solution right at this moment?

For example, let's say you have an eBook that sells for $37 called ‘Saving Your Marriage'. There are plenty of books printed on that subject, and the strategies found within them are usually timeless.

Now the question is this, “Why would somebody pay you $37 dollars for your eBook, rather than the $24 dollars they'd spend at Barnes and Noble?” Well, instant gratification, that's why. Your solution is a click away, not a day or two away. Online marketing is effective when it can convey a sense of urgency to customers and influence them to ‘buy now'.

Selling Your Products

In order to make sales to desperate buyers, you'll need to locate a market that interests you. It is crucial that you find at least a few topics of interest before you spend hours and money marketing a specific field. The last thing you want to happen is to select a topic that holds no interest for you, and find out after 3 weeks that the desire to get rich has been swallowed up by total boredom. That's not good.

Eventually you're going to have to build yourself some type of a sales funnel. Most of the simplest forms of sale funnels involve just one web page. Some of the more complex funnels may include article marketing, a Facebook page, forum links, Squidoo lenses, email marketing opt-in forms, or a Twitter account. The main goal is to reach as wide an audience as possible and then convince them you have a great solution to their problems.

Online Marketing Success

In order to ensure that you'll be successful, I recommend the following 3 things.

1. Learn How to Influence Other People

Study the secrets and copy writing strategies of as many researchers and writers as you can. Get a feel for what things influence people in what ways. Learn to use your words to impress a sense of urgency in people, and use your videos the same way.

2. Outsource All You Can

Time is your most valuable commodity. The more you can outsource projects, the more time is available for building new sites, researching topics, and split testing everything. There are many websites that provide great outsourcing service, you might want to check out Elance.

3. Test & Retest

If you've built a website and it isn't drawing in a profit in the first week, then keep trying. Tweak it. All good websites go through testing and it's to be expected.

Online Marketing can be quite complex, and the kind of process that is filled with many different little strategies all combined to make it work. It takes time to master it, regardless of how much you read and study. However, if you are determined and persistent in your efforts as well as ready to learn from mistakes, then without a doubt you are on your way to making money.