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Free Book – 100k Factory 55 Page Case Study

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton are giving away a free case study that has earned them $616 120 per year business in 26 days. You can download it free for a limited time.

100K Factory Cash Prize

The other cool thing that they are doing a prize draw where they are giving away $5000 cash. You can get the free case study and a chance to win the money just by entering your email for the free download. They will be annoucning the winner of the cash prize on Friday April 1, 2016.

The free pdf is very detailed and goes into exactly how they have been able to build the income stream in such a short span of time. You will have access to screenshots and all the details about how they did that. Click here to download the free report and a chance to win $5000.

Last year they launched the 100k Factory and arguably the best product they have every done. They had incredible results and a lot of their members has huge sucess stories.

Now they have a completely new and different product where they are seeing faster and better results, called the Ultra Edition. The PDF giveaway has a sneak peak of the new product.

What’s Different? The Hybrid Methodology

The truely different thing with their new program is the fact that they have come up with a hybrid methodology.

There are many different successful online business models out there and they are all great in there own way. But they all have their own set of challenges and weaknesses that can trip people up.

Here is an example if you take selling products on Amazon, the success rate for that is incredibly high. All the people who use Aidan and Steve’s training to build that kind of business are successful. So that’s the strength but on the downside it requires that you have capital upfront, have inventory and other cash flow issues. It is also very time consuming to develop.

100K Factory Ultra Edition

If you sit back and look at all the pros and cons to other business models out there. If you can come up with a model that takes all the strengths from successful other models and remove all the weaknesses and barriers from them. That is what they have done with the new Ultra Edition. Read my 100K Factory review to learn more.

This is Aidan Booth and Steve’s hybrid methology, they have taken something and created a process that has an incredibly high success rate, it’s scalable, the margins are crazy high, there is no capital to invest up front, quick results, minimum effort.

Things To Avoid With Eccommerce

You don’t have to carry an inventory, no risk, no waiting for results, no huge effort involved and no cash flow problems. This is the beauty of their new system which is completely different from anything you have seen.

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