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Bring The Fresh Review

Bring The Fresh by Kelly Felix will teach you how to make money online through a series of over the shoulder videos and more.

Update: Kelly Felix's program is permanently closed to new members but I highly recommend you check this out.


When: February 2, 2021. Two of my mentors Aidan and Steve are doing an Exclusive “Closed Door” Millionaire Masterclass tomorrow. Sign up here for free.

Plus… A $455,412 Student Case-Study Dissected… A Marathon Apple Watch Giveaway… LIVE Q&A with ALL Your Questions Answered… Your PERSONAL $1K/Day Action Plan… Absurdly Simple (But Ridiculously Profitable) Products REVEALED… and MUCH MORE!

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Here's what to expect…

february 2– 5 Brand New Apple Watches GIVEN AWAY to random attendees (you must be on the call for a chance to WIN)

– An exclusive interview with an ‘early adopter’ who has generated $1.95 million with this business model.

– A shocking case-study from a student who generated almost $500K in 4 months (we’ll go into exact details on how this happened)

– How they did $128,649.65 in ONE month with one super-simple web store (selling surprisingly simple products)

– Why generating a 6-figure income with this business model is possible for people who put the effort in and follow the steps.

– Other Jaw dropping case-studies and live sites (exact products REVEALED)

– A Live Q&A session with ALL your questions answered.

– Your personal action-plan for 2021 (and what to do FIRST) …and much more!

register here

THIS is going to be a PACKED call and there will be NO REPLAY so secure your place right now so turn up 10 or 20 minutes early to secure your seat!

I highly recommend you save your spot, this isn't like anything I've seen before. No Amazon, no Shopify, no inventory…


Inside Bring The Fresh

One of the first things you should do when you sign in is download the fast start guide. This is a pdf file that is updated regularly as necessary.

The fast start guide will help keep you organized and focused. It will also teach you everything you need to  know A-Z in order to make money online.

The Fast Start Guide

  • Proper Keyword Research
  • Domain And Hosting Setup
  • fast start guideBlog and WordPress Settings
  • Configuring WordPress
  • Adding content
  • Money posts
  • Plugins
  • Affiliate Links
  • Adsense
  • CPA Networks
  • Backlinks
  • Launch Jacking
  • Regal Assets Opportunity

Fast Start Videos

bring the fresh reviewThe videos give you an over the shoulder look at how Kelly does everything.

You literally get to see his computer screen while he does everything necessary to make money on the internet.

Training Videos

Below is just some of what you will learn from watching them

Market Research

  • How To Pick Niches
  • How To Pick The Right Keywords
  • Kelly Tells You Why He Picks Niches and How To Attack Them

Keyword Research

  • How To Do It The Right Way
  • How To Use Both Free And Paid Tools

note: you don't need to use paid tools to succeed. Paid tools are extra resources you can use to automate the process.

wordpress moneysiteBuilding A Site With WordPress

  • How To Customize WordPress
  • Tips And Tricks To Get Ranked
  • How To Make Money With Your Site
  • How To Install and Configure Themes and Plugins
  • How To Create Pages and Posts
  • Creating, Uploading and Linking YouTube videos

website structureSite Structure And Adding Content

  • How To Fill Out Your Website
  • Make It Look Nice
  • Adding Images

Making Money

  • How To Make Money From Your Website
  • What To Promote and How To Find It
  • How To Test Which Promotes Work The Best
  • Shares His Personal Video Skin Trick

All Kinds Of Back Links

  • Gives Away All His Resources
  • backlinkingLatest and Greatest Methods That Will Last The Longest
  • Not Spammy Linking Techniques
  • Covers It All From Lower to Higher Quality Links
  • Shows The Backlinks He Gets For His Sites
  • How He Ranks His Websites
  • How To Get Google To Find Your Links Faster

Bring The Fresh Review Conclusion

bringthefreshreviewconclusionI have personally made money from the things I have learned inside the membership area. I recommend this product and it is one of the best on the market today.

If you follow the easy steps that are laid out for you by Kelly Felix you will make money on the internet with this product. Felix backs his product with a risk free 7 day guarantee, so if you get inside and you don't like what you see ask for your money back and that's it.

Video Of Inside Members Area

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