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Kelly Felix

I have earned a lot of money from the things I have learned from Kelly Felix over the years and I want to tell you about another one of my mentors Aidan Booth.

Update: January 25, 2018

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aidan 7 figure cycle live training jan 26

Back to Kelly Felix, if you’re looking to rank your site and earn a profit through affiliate sales, he is the man to learn from. His course Bring the Fresh has seen amazing results, with members going on to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars through his system.

Update: Kelly Felix’s programs are currently closed to new members but I highly recommend you check out Mark Ling’s Affilorama, with over 100+ free video lessons that teach you, step-by-step, how you can become an affiliate marketer. Click here to learn more.

bring the fresh downloadWith over 15 years experience, Kelly excels at product launches, SEO and conversion.He’s made millions of dollars online and is a well known marketing consultant.

Always on top of the latest effective strategies and Google algorithm updates, he stays ahead of his competitors and fortunately you have the opportunity to learn from him.

Bring The Fresh

Learn a proven and easy to follow system that gets you creating simple, profitable websites that rank at the top of search engines.

Increase your traffic and sales with the most visibility in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

btf discountThis system will:

  • Teach you effective backlink building techniques
  • How to increase your traffic to your site
  • How to maintain your #1 rankings
  • Promotional strategies to increase your conversions
  • How to get your website indexed
  • And how to do it again and again to increase your profits

Receive personal support from the creator himself. Network with, learn from, and get support from the more than 20,000 BTF community members. Check out my full Bring The Fresh review here.

Who Is Kelly Felix?

Kelly FelixKelly Felix was a Rich Jerk. No, it’s nothing personal against him – Rich Jerk was his highly successful online affiliate program, long before he launched Bring the Fresh with Mike Long.

In 1997, after a rather rocky childhood and adolescence, Felix discovered a little creation called the Internet, a vast open marketplace that the masses hadn’t even begun to comprehend.

The Internet opened up the world to all of us, and when Felix realized this, he got over his small-town thinking and began to hatch great plans, big enough to fill this cyber-void.

Actor Or Internet

He started learning HTML – while trying to pursue an acting career in LA – so that he could better understand how people took idea sparks and turned them into something the world could see online.

When acting didn’t work out, he redoubled his efforts to get into cyberspace. His first real moneymaker was a credit repair technique based on actual consumer law, not just hokum.

He did the homework, wrote the product, and sold it online to those in desperate situations. Felix saw a need, and exploited it. He began clearing a few hundred dollars a month, and felt like a rock star.

Here is a YouTube video of him acting, just in case you want to check it out.

Of course, a few hundred every month was hardly enough to make him a rich jerk. But then his website was discovered by a marketing list company, who offered him a golden opportunity: they would do the marketing, if he would split the profits 50/50.

Sure enough, they delivered. Kelly Felix had discovered the power of affiliate marketing, and he was on his way!

Someone else was doing all the work, and he was taking half the profit. What a fantastic arrangement. Felix went from making about $600 each month to thousands of dollars every day.

search engine optimization moneyThen came the need for more. It wasn’t enough to be making thousands of dollars a month; he wanted millions. So he studied SEO further, found a top rated site that was selling advertising, and bought himself a spot.

Right away, he became #1 in the rankings, and made a fortune. It was official: he was a rich jerk! His little credit repair guide was earning him revenue of $20,000 every month.

After building and selling more profitable affiliate sites — some where he was the affiliate, others where he created the product — he decided that his most marketable resource was his knowledge.

the rich jerk

The Rich Jerk

This training program has helped a lot of people make their first dollar online. Rich Jerk is a step-by-step affiliate marketing program teaching you how to leverage search engines and affiliate relationships to make money on the Internet.

Here’s a taste of what you will get:

  • Ninja SEO training (niche research, best affiliate programs, sites and silos)
  • Facebook Marketing (targeting buyers, landing pages, and profitable offers)
  • Money through Launch Jacking (simple ways to get big sales)
  • Bonus tactics! (Amazon, email marketing, list building, and more)

Lazy Millionaire

The idea was to be a “lazy” millionaire, to let others do much of the work for you, once you were set up. If there’s one thing people love, it’s being lazy and making money. At last, he had his millions, as people ate up the product in droves.

He sold it off to his partners, took a break, and came back re-energized with Bring The Fresh, which is still going strong today.

bring the fresh reviewBring The Fresh is much the same idea as Rich Jerk — more updated for the ever-changing worlds of the Internet and Google — but with less…jerkiness. No flashy, creepy sales character, no yelling, no pressure.

Just fresh, updated ideas on how to work the system to your advantage, and make affiliate sales, either for your own product or someone else’s.

It’s a crowded market now, which it wasn’t in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. But Kelly Felix keeps it fresh, and updates the information regularly to keep pace with what the market is crying out for.

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