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Clickbank University Review

Justin Atlan created Clickbank University, a system in collaboration with Clickbank that gets you pulling in your first crucial dollars fast. Most people want to see some proof they can do this, that’s exactly why they focus on helping you make that first sale/commission.

So you can see success fast and then grow it from there. Keep reading my Clickbank University review to learn everything you need to know.

The Secret Weapon

Clickbank knows what’s working right now, they know:

  • What is selling
  • How it’s being sold
  • Which are the hottest markets right now

You’ll become certified in Clickbank something, you will know exactly:

  • what to do
  • when to do it
  • no guesswork
  • easy, step by step instructions

If you worry that you are too late to join the party, if you fear there is simply too much competition or if you’re concerned that making money with Clickbank all seems too technical and complicated for you.

  • you don’t need a product
  • you don’t need a website
  • you don’t need to be tech savvy

You’ve got a rare advantage because the system is always being updated with the newest breakthroughs. Now is easier than ever.

Be able to do it even if:

  • you are completely new to making money online
  • everything you’ve tried so far has failed you
  • if you are busy mom holding screaming kids

You already have almost everything you need to get started.
“they share the missing piece of the puzzle at the end of the presentation”

Clickbank gets a tidal wave of data through their system everyday and it’s all analyzed to give you priceless intel like:

  • Which products, niches and markets are making the most money right now?
  • Which traffic sources are converting the best?
  • Which tools, tactics and techniques are stuffing the most money into their clients pockets

Other training dumps a truck load of information on you 3 hour video trainings, pdfs, audios. But the reality is that being overloaded with content you are actually being short changed.

You’re left spinning your wheels desperate to figure out the best path for yourself. Feeling overwhelmed remaining frozen, stuck, afraid.

Maybe you are worried about making the wrong move and unable to take action. That’s why it’s important to realize it’s not your fault and Clickbank university does it differently.

That’s why their members are so pleased that they find us, finally they have a simple road map to follow.

Your success is their success. Clickbank only makes money if you make money. They want to work side by side to generate fortunes together.

Other programs out there don’t come close because they simply don’t have the knowledge, details and intel that they have. CBU is the only proven path to success with Clickbank.

New improved, fully upgraded training portal will guide you step by step to building your very first ultra profitable Clickbank business.

Recently created CBU crash courses:

  • bite sized mini courses designed to help you master a new money making skills

Here are some examples:

The YouTube course will show you how to make money with youtube even if you don’t want to be on camera.

The copywriting crash course where one of the world’s top copywriters reveals how to write copy specifically for clickbank products

It's all easy to understand and there is a good community where they share ideas, get feedback.

You can earn a little extra cash each month from home for most people the thought of being a millionaire is too far fetched and unrealistic.

One of the best parts being able to go on the webinars and ask questions and get specific answers directly to your questions, this is invaluable.

If you are feeling a little uncertain while I’m not very tech savvy or I haven’t sold anything only if you have the interest and determination you can make money with CBU

90% of the CBU members that are making money are not selling their own products, they are promoting other people’s products.

You don’t have to worry about products, having a website, or sales page to make an absolute fortune online.

All you have to do is watch one video at a time and follow the simple instructions. Each video not only increases your knowledge but it boosts your income potential.

Even if you’ve attempted to make some money online CBU is like nothing you have ever tried or seen before it’s a:

  • A proven path
  • A roadmap
  • A blueprint

What it’s not:

Some get rich quick scheme designed to take your money and give nothing in return. It's not some push button software that promises to rain down cash with a click of your mouse.

You’re going to have to follow the training and put in the work and then once you start making sales and set up automated selling systems you are going to find that income is going to continue to pour in whether you work or not.

Expert Tutorials

Regularly get expert tutorials from marketing superstars like Gary Vaynerchuk. Different experts will drop by every month to share what’s currently working.

Access to Top Clients

We’ll also be talking with the top clickbank clients people making millionaires of dollars online each year and all happily sharing stories on how they became hugely successful.

Monthly Masterminds

Each month talking about the hottest topics, here's an example of this.
A case study on how one Clickbank client is generating $106 000 a month
behind the scenes of a $200k a month paid traffic funnel generated from Facebook ads

Weekly Q&A’s

They know you are going to have questions and that’s why Justin and Adam are going to be right there with you to answer your most pressing queries live

They will even share our private rolodex and toolkit with everything you need to get up and running simple and quickly. You will learn the best tools for:

  • building a list
  • getting your website live
  • where to find hosting
  • crash course in:
    • analytics
    • screen recorders
    • webinar services
  • their favourite outsourcing platforms
  • and more

All with how tos, pdfs, check lists, how dos and starter guides that will save huge amounts of time and money learning all the shortcuts and tricks to getting things done effectively.

Live Events

They are hosting their own live events, eligible massive savings.

Total Traffic Center

You will learn to drive almost unlimited traffic this is a big stumbling block for many members

Private Forum Community

This is the number one way to fast track your success, get involved. There is nothing more powerful then tapping into a community of people all on the same journey as you are. Gain access to a community of like minded entrepreneurs who have your back, you’re never alone

No Risk

30 day 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked

Let me ask you a question?

What will your life look like within the next year or two, imagine at this time in two years you have an internet business that generates revenue for you around the clock.

Simple sharing products you love for a commission payment or sharing your passive and love or past time with the whole world, work begins to feel like play now.


How much money can I make with CBU?

Your income potential is unlimited, unlimited hobby/passions to choose from and billions of people potentially want to buy. The only real limit is how much work you want to put in.

Earning a little cash on the side is the most realistic goal for you in the beginning then as you grow with the universe online your side you’ll be able to sky rocket that income when you realize all you have to do is scale.