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John Crestani – Is He Worth Listening To?

John Crestani is freelancer marketer born and raised in Los Angeles, California
and he recently moved with wife daughter Lilly, dog, cat, hedgehog over to a house they bought in Malibu which is a nice beach side community just outside of LA.

He wanted to build life of freedom and being able to travel the world and live life on his own terms. He grew his marketing business from nothing to over $442 000/month in less than 4 years time not a technical person.

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john crestani super affiliate systemJohn Crestani's Story

He got started in this industry back in 2009 after reading a book called The 4 Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss. He ended up having 4 years of failure working in a cubicle that he refers to as a prison cell with no route up, wasn’t making nearly what he deserved.

During this period he was trying to find a way out but couldn’t get anything to work spent 4 years buying other “make money online” programs trying to figure out how to build a business on the internet and be mobile.

Mentored by Kelly Felix

Finally came across a mentor Kelly Felix (The Rich Jerk) at a hotel in Hollywood where he sneaked into a marketers mastermind meeting because he wanted to learn from these top marketers.

John told him what he was doing and Kelly gave him a few words of advice and he would give him a few pointers every month or so.

Took his words very seriously and that first year he took everything Kelly said and applied it and it made him $388 677 (in 2013) still taking his advice he said paid advertising and next year made $933 994 every since then his business has never done below 7 figures this allowed him to live the life he could have only dreamed of.

At this point he didn’t want to teach, never thought of passing it down or paying it forward spent his time renting Lambourgenes with his friends, doing extreme sports around the world, vacationing with his wife and baby, visiting the pyramids of Egypt.

Featured on Forbes

Then a story was featured in the news “How a 28 year old got fired then built a $500k a month business while traveling the world” front page of Forbes online, went viral and ended up getting features in fast company inc, entrepreneur etc.

Every since that story went out he has got thousands and thousands of messages every single week asking what do I do, how do I do it, what’s the trick, what’s the loophole, hack, glitch, what are you doing, show me step by step.

He realized there was a massive gap in knowledge and the ability for people to create this and realized the desire for this is so big that's why he’s been willing to hold a training like this to show exactly what’s going on and how it is done.