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How To Make Sure You Get Your Affilojetpack Bonus

If you have already been to the official Affilojetpack website before finding my website then you might not qualify for my bonus offer. Here is how you can tell for sure. After you click the add to cart button and complete step 2 below.

affilo order step 2After you enter your name and email address you will be taken to the following screen (or one very similar)

affilorama order form 1 affilorama order form 2


Inside the little box below it should say affiliate = clickb5clickbank id

If it says none or anything other than clickb5 then you don't qualify for my bonus offer. I am not sure if clearing your cookies will help but I did try using another internet browser. For example if you are using Internet Explorer you can use Mozilla Firefox. You can also use Chrome, Opera or any other browser.

They are easy to download if you don't have another one on your computer. Sorry I know that this process can be really annoying but it's the only way I can give you my bonus offer. You can also contact me for help. Remember if it says clickb5 you have nothing to worry about, just continuing ordering Affilojetpack and email me with your receipt.

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