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What Is Dropshipping and How Does The Kibo Code Eclipse Work?

Would you like to be your own boss in an e-commerce home business and are wondering how dropshipping works? Have you heard about it and think it might be for you but need some more information about it?

Would a home dropshipping online business generate a comfortable living for you? Can you use this business model successfully on sites such as eBay and Amazon? Here are some answers to common questions about dropshipping.

What Is Dropshipping

Dropshipping refers to a business model in which you select items from a wholesale product source, sell them and then the supplier packages and ships the products to your customers.

With this type of business, you can literally sell online products you never actually have in your physical possession.

Kibo Code Quantum Review

All of this might seem like an overwhelming system and it can be if you don't have the right steps to follow. Luckily for you there are people making money with it and are willing to teach you how to do it too. Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth have a drop shipping course that does just that, you can read my Kibo Code Quantum review to learn more about it. This is probably the easiest ecommerce business model to follow right now.

Used By Ecommerce Entrepreneurs Everywhere

Dropshipping is widely used by e-commerce entrepreneurs. When you choose a dropshipping business model for your home enterprise, you save a lot of time and money on start up.

You can have money coming in right away with a dropshipping business because you don’t have to order and buy inventory and then wait for it to arrive before selling.

Leverage Wholesaler Information

Your wholesale product source will have images and product descriptions, so all you have to do is import them to the online marketplace of your choice with a few clicks of your mouse. After you import the dropship products, you are ready to start making sales. Kibo Code Quantum members get access to wholesalers how have already been used by Aidan and Steve so you know you can trust them.

No Physical Inventory

Having a home dropshipping business means that you never have to worry about getting stuck with excess inventory.

If you think that people will just love fuzzy purple steering wheel covers with blinking lights and they don’t, you aren’t stuck with a few thousand of them. When you use dropshipping, you never have the products in your physical possession and make no commitments to selling a certain amount.

Only Pay For What Sells

With dropshipping, you only pay for each product as it is sold, so you can’t end up holding the bag on a lot of inventory nobody wants.

A dropshipping business frees you to sell holiday and seasonal products without having to incur the expense of buying inventory and trying to move it quickly before the holiday or season ends.

Sell With The Seasons

You can select Christmas and winter holiday products, Valentine’s Day merchandise, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and more.

Gear your marketing campaigns and promotions to get in on the lucrative holiday sales, and once the holiday is over, move in to the next one with no leftover merchandise.

Sell summer-themed products in the hot weather months and cold weather products during the winter.

You are able to take advantage of each seasonal or holiday surge in online sales.

Shipped To Your Customer For You

With drop shipping, packaging and shipping is a headache you won’t have. Your wholesale product supplier does all of the packing and shipping of products you sell.

You save all of the money it would cost to buy tape, boxes, labels, wrapping tissue, bubble wrap, packing peanuts and more.

You save time by not having to haul your packages to the post office or UPS store if carrier pickup isn’t available to you. You save space by not having to carve out a place to keep all of those supplies.

This only works if you have good suppliers who can ship the products you sell, the last thing you want to do is have to tell your customers “sorry I know you bought this product and we said we have it in stock but we actually don't.” I can be hard to find reliable suppliers but the Kibo Code Quantum you don't have to worry about that because they have already found them for you.

No Storage Space Needed

No inventory in your possession means no expense for housing it. You save the money you would spend on renting or leasing storage space for inventory.

You save the time and labor of unloading trucks full of inventory and placing it in your storage facility.

No worries about a leak and rainwater ruining all of your inventory, rodent damage or theft.

Dropshipping requires no insurance to pay on the contents of your storage building full of inventory.

Dropshipping requires no time and effort of pulling products from the shelf when they’re sold to be packed and shipped.

Not Stuck In One Niche

When you have a dropshipping business, you are able to try different niches and products until you hit upon the one that works best for you.

You can switch from one niche to another because you only pay for products after each one is sold and don’t have to buy inventory in bulk.

If one niche doesn’t perform as well as you hoped it would, you can easily research and try another one, choosing more products from your wholesale product source.

Work Your Own Hours

Dropshipping can be an extremely profitable home business. You can be your own boss and work the days and hours that suit you instead of marching to the beat of someone else’s drum.

Many dropshippers are making six-figure incomes. You can make a good living from a home dropshipping business, provided you find a reputable product supplier with genuine wholesale prices that allow you a generous margin for profit on every sale.

A home dropshipping business is one of the fastest and easiest to start up and get money coming in fast.

You can decide on a niche, find a good wholesale product source, select the products you want to sell, list them on the venue of your choice and you are in business ⎯ ready to start making sales and income.

Low Start Up Costs

Dropshipping is an exceedingly inexpensive home e-commerce business to get started, as you have almost no expense because you don’t have to pay for the products you sell until each is sold and your customer has paid you.

The Kibo Code Quantum Traffic

Dropshipping can be quite profitable on a marketplace such as eBay or Amazon, two online giants and how course your own store as long as you know how to get people there. The Kibo Code Quantum teaches you how to get targeted traffic to your store, click here to learn more.

Customers Never Know It's Dropshipped

Your customers do not know that their widgets are being dropshipped, as your wholesale product source doesn’t disclose this on the shipping labels or packaging.

You should be careful to deal with a product supplier that ships promptly and packages securely because negative feedback on eBay or Amazon could get you suspended from selling.

As long as your product source does a good job, you can enjoy a lucrative sales business through eBay, Amazon, other online sites or your own website.

The Bottom Line

Dropshipping is a dream for anyone who wants to leave a regular job in order to work from home. You can earn a great living with this business model. There are many advantages to it, including no excess inventory.

Dropshipping frees you to focus on selling because you don’t have to hassle with packing and shipping. You can be extremely successful dropshipping on eBay or Amazon, or your own website. Remember you can remove all the hurdles to this business by following in the footsteps of people like Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton and the Quantum edition of the Kibo Code.