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Autoresponder Review: Aweber, Autoresponder Plus And Get Response

Every internet marketer needs to put together an email marketing series. If you are looking for a good place to learn email marketing then check out this Inbox Blueprint review. A website with a successful email marketing campaign will make way more money than one without. If you have a fledgling business you need a reliable auto-responder. Read my Autoresponder Review and it will help you to choose the most suitable service.

There are plenty of auto-responding services, they charge a monthly fee but they bring long-term financial rewards. If you are considering using a computer-generated program that automatically answers your email you must choose one that performs well.

Things That You Want  In An Autoresponder

email serviceA review will point out the pros and cons of autoresponders, however, there are some important features that should not be forgotten. Every Internet marketer needs a first-rate delivery service so that prospective customers receive and read those all-important emails. The latest services utilize modern technology to send the mails and reduce the amount of spam.

Select a service that makes list management and analysis easy. This enables you to review your subscribers, read all messages, check link clicks and examine historical open rates. If you are able to do these tasks you can change your messages as and when needed.

Many Autoresponder Review writers focus on one particular provider and aim to make them stand head and shoulders above the rest. I would like to introduce you the industry's top three providers.

Aweber Review

My first review is about Aweber. If you have recently set up a new campaign you will find this site easy to use. It is simple to insert video and audio and you will find it easy to manage your subscribers across multiple lists. The sequencing and scheduling is easy and users can customize their options. Aweber also makes broadcasting quite straightforward and I found the tracking extremely useful.

Many review sites say that monitoring and tracking lists are Aweber's main strength. This site allows you to analyse subscriptions, impressions and verifications at any time and click on any links sent out. However, Aweber is not perfect. The pricing scheme and their way of importing mailing lists is nothing compared to the following two sites.

Autoresponder Plus Review

Get Response and Aweber are remotely hosted autoresponding services and you pay a monthly fee to make use of them. Autoresponder Plus is a software application that you install on your server. This means that you pay a license fee ($99 for the one and $168 for 5) but this fee entitles you to use it forever more without further payment.

The software is great because you can customize almost everything. You gain full access, so importing and utilizing external mail services becomes easy. It must be said that this service is one for the tech savvy. It is complicated and the uninitiated may need to enlist the help of a technical expert. One license is installed on every domain but this entitles you to use unlimited autoresponders for that particular site without further charge.

Get Response Review

My third and final Autoresponder Review relates to Get Response. They are leaders in the field and offer a service much like Aweber. Use Get Response and you can customize, attach documents, copy messages from all formats without any extra formatting and use audio and video to ensure same day email delivery, seven days a week via email filters. The Get Response Tracking system has been compared to Google Analytics so you can expect high quality.

The system provides a vast amount of information about subscriptions and message open rates. Some users find it hard to understand but online tutorials make things easier. Initially the monthly payments are $17.95, but this can be lowered by paying quarterly or annually. So, this service works out a bit cheaper than Aweber.

Every website has to have good hosting, reliable outsourcing and an autoresponder. If you have not signed up to use one of the autoresponders mentioned above you should read through my review and pick the service that suits your business needs.

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