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Kindle Ritual Review

If you’ve ever thought about publishing on Kindle and want to eliminate the biggest nightmare 99% of people face –then you need to grab Kindle Ritual.

Not only has Brian give you a huge discount (you save at least $40) he also shot you a demo video showing you his powerful software in action.

Imagine being able to save time and money as a result. Before this software I typically paid $15 to have my formatting done and it normally took 1-3 days to get it back.

Now I have the option to do everything myself – for a single one time fee. Grab your $40 discount:

In addition to this amazing software, you’re also going to get Kindle Ritual which is one of the best Kindle training programs out there.

What You Will Learn

  • How to identify the easiest niche markets to crack open
  • How to (nearly) GUARANTEE sales of your new book
  • make money with kindleHow to title your book to drive highly targeted BUYER traffic
  • How and why you should launch a fan page for Kindle
  • How Facebook + Kindle + 60 minutes a week = all the traffic your book listing needs

You can do all this without writing a single word yourself with this guide.

Kindle Ritual Includes

Brian G Johnson has used Kindle Ritual to earn just about 100 000 dollars with. His subscribers have also used this method and strategies to do the same. This product will allow you to get more conversions and make more money.

Comprised Of 3 Separate Components

1. Kindle Ritual

These are the strategies and tactics Brian has personally used to crush it in Kindle.

He has published multiple number one best selling books that are not in the internet marketing industry.

He earns thousands of dollars month after month and you can do the same thing with the Kindle Ritual.

2. Author Theme

Reconfigured, re-tweaked and optimized for right now 2014.

This will allow you to launch a blog that gets more traffic for your books and allows you to make more money.

3. Access To Magic Bullets Books

This is a membership site where you can log in to easily and quickly format your books perfectly for the Kindle.

It works really well for both PC and Mac. All you literally have to do is add in your content and add in your picture then click Publish.

The system then compresses the images and resizes them. Then it gives you a .zip file that is ready to go.

PS: I couldn’t believe that someone was able to go from nothing to a few thousand dollars in just a few short months using this:

PSS: I bet you could play around over the weekend  with the software and be an expert with it by the time you had to go back to work on Tuesday. Food for thought.

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