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The 5 Steps of the Kibo Code Eclipse System Reviewed

Kibo Code Eclipse is a new training program by Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton. These two guys have proven track record of teaching their students how to make money using the exact same systems they use in their own business. Click here to visit the official website.

Aidan and Steve test out many different business models every year for making money online. Some do better than others but when they find one that makes them a lot of money using easy steps that can be repeated then sign a coaching program around it.

Two Years of Improving

For the last 2 years they have taught variations of the Kibo Code while making improvements to the old system. In January 2022 they will be released the Kibo Code Eclipse for the first time and although its based on previous years training it's completely new.

They have taken what they learned from their own Kibo Code business and their student businesses over the last two years to make this years version even better. You can expect the training to be completely new with the goal of getting their students to make more money with even faster results.

Kibo Code Eclipse in 5 Steps

The entire system is designed to be simple, fast and scalable. Here is a walkthrough of the 5 steps system.

install your store

First, you install a super-fast 1-click web store using their breakthrough ‘LaunchPad’ technology. With all the controls, design elements and peices you need.

identify winners

Identify a core selection of winning products and add them to your webstore ready to sell and make money.

pick your profit path

Tap into buyer traffic. Start with instant and hyper-targeted FREE traffic and then expand to cheap paid traffic (optional).

accelerate sales

Using cutting edge technology and tactics (built into the LaunchPad) to increase conversions and accelerate sales and profits.

rinse and repeat the system
Retain the most profitable products on your website and eliminate the ones that only produce small amount of profits…
Then find new winning products to expand your store, increase your revenue and scale up.

Kibo Code Eclipse Reviewed

The 2022 version of Kibo Code is expected to be even bigger and better than previous years. They have so many different success stories from people from all walks of life. Their Kibo members have made millions of dollars in sales from the 2021 system. Their previous members will show you the social proof you need to really see that this system works.

Software and Tools

Steve and Aidan have invested almost a million dollars in fine tuning the software and tools available to every Kibo member to make sure their business is successful using this model. The tools and software suite are going to blow people away because it makes the system super easy to implement.

Not A Relaunch

Don't be fooled by it's name this isn't a simple relaunch or reboot. Their experience from working with thousands of Kibo business owners has allowed them to perfect the system. The completely new training comes from everything they learned from the obstacles their students faced and the successes they seen.

You can expect to see a brand new marketplaces, a new source of traffic that is targeted. Most people haven't discovered it and it's twice as big as Amazon.the 5 steps of the Kibo Code Eclipse System reviewed