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Buying and Selling Without Inventory The Kibo Quantum Way

Would you like to be your own boss in a home business and are wondering how you can sell online without inventory? Do you want to start a home business in e-commerce but are strapped for cash?

Are you interested in finding out how to sell online without buying inventory upfront? Did you know that you can start up a profitable e-commerce home business in drop shipping and sell wholesale products online with no inventory?

Here are some tips and information that will show you how to start an e-commerce home business without inventory.

Follow The Kibo Code Quantum System

The fastest way to make money online by following a proven system that other people are already using and making money with. Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton have been making money with ecommerce for over a decade.

They have taught thousands of students how to copy their system with the Kibo Code Quantum ecommerce training program. Click here to learn more about how Aidan and Steve teach ecommerce in a different way then probably everything else you have seen out there.

Without Investing Money Upfront

Many people would love to work from home but don’t have a lot of money to start a business. Dropshipping offers you a way to start a profitable home business in e-commerce without investing any money upfront in buying inventory.

When you have a dropship business, you are basically selling products you don’t have, and you can sell online without physical inventory.

With this business, your wholesale product source houses all of the inventory for the products you sell online. You never have these products in your possession. As each product is sold, you collect the payment for it from your customer and then pay the product supplier.

A home dropship business allows e-commerce entrepreneurs to start a lucrative business on a shoestring.

Sell Many Product The Kibo Way

Because you can start a dropship business without buying inventory upfront, you are free to sell as many products as you like online. This is the ideal business model taught in the Kibo Quantum, learn more here. It is for anyone who wants to make money from home but doesn’t have a lot of start-up capital.

Finding A Wholesaler

To start a home business in dropshipping, selling products without inventory, you need to find an established, reputable wholesale product supplier.

The product source you choose to do business with should give you real wholesale prices so that you can make a tidy profit on each sale.

The wholesaler should offer a large selection of high-quality products. Make sure to choose a product supplier that will ship promptly and will follow good business practices.

Because you don’t have to house any inventory, you can try a selection of various products to see which performs best for you in terms of sales and have no worries about getting stuck with excess products that didn’t sell.

Choosing Different Niches

If you discover that a different niche would be more profitable for your home business, you can simply select the new niche products from your wholesale supplier and start selling those instead.

If you had to buy inventory upfront, you would not be able to use this trial-and-error process without losing money.

There are a lot of sources available to find products to sell online without inventory. To find a good wholesale product source, look online. Or you can save time and headaches by using the resources Aidan and Steve have put together inside the Kibo Quantum.

No Inventory of Your Own

Dropship companies will house the inventory of products you sell and then package and ship to your customers.

You avoid spending a lot of money on inventory to get your business off the ground. Plus, you don’t have the expense or hassle with packing and shipping.

Having no physical inventory frees you to focus on making sales and money. Because the wholesale dropship product supplier houses the inventory and then packages and ships the products you sell, you have more time to devote to promoting and marketing your products to drive traffic and make more sales.

Dropshipping products with no inventory to maintain means that you can sell in bulk and skip all of the work involved in pulling the products from your storage shelves and then getting them all packed up and shipped.

Wholesaler Does The Work For You

You can easily run big sales and promotions, encouraging buyers to buy bundled packages of products to save money, while allowing your wholesale product source to do all of the work of fulfilling your orders as they come in. This also makes it easy for you to have seasonal-type products and sales promotions.

Dropshipping is one of the easiest, fastest and least costly of any e-commerce home business to get up and running. You can learn how to implement the entire system with the Kibo Code Quantum training.

No Wait To Get Selling

Having no inventory means that you don’t have to buy it upfront, a huge savings. It also speeds up the process of making money because there is no wait to get your inventory delivered before you can start selling products online.

If you want to start a home business but need an income right away, a dropship business is your best bet.

Use A Variety of E-Commerce Platforms

Dropshipping will work across a variety of e-commerce platforms. You can sell products online without inventory on eBay, Amazon, your own website, Shopify store or many other marketplaces.

Customers do not know that you are dropshipping. Your wholesale product supplier will package discreetly so that the customer is unaware you didn’t send the package yourself.

The Bottom Line

Anyone who wants to have the personal and financial freedom that comes with having a home business but doesn’t have a lot of start-up money, can sell products online with no inventory. You can take the complications out of the entire system by following the training by Booth and Clayton inside the Kibo Code Quantum.

Not having to hassle with inventory saves you money and the time that would be spent putting the products into storage, then pulling them out and shipping as they are sold.

If your chosen niche doesn’t pan out as profitably as you hoped it might, you aren’t stuck with excess inventory you can’t unload. You can just select new and different products to sell online from your product source if you want to try something different.

You can easily order seasonal and holiday products to sell throughout the year without having to house the leftovers that didn’t sell until the next year.