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Aidan Booth Talks About What Kind Of Ecommerce Products Are Selling Now

Aidan Booth talks about what the niches, types, categories of products students are seeing success with using the Kibo Code Eclipse system him and Steve Clayton teach. If you are interested in learning more about Aidan Booth I have a great post here that talks all about Booth and his ecommerce training.

aidan booth ecommerce productsAidan says the things that are selling really well right now are anything that people can use at home. You can think about anything people are doing inside their homes or at home.

Here is a short list of things that are selling really well for his students, things like:

  • Gaming or anything to do with indoor entertainment
  • Pet supplies
  • Food and beverages
  • Books and literature
  • School supplies
  • Communications, thing like web cam doing incredibly well
  • Going back to necessities of life, people are making bread, think bread machines
  • Fitness equipment
  • Baby products
  • Furniture (outdoor furniture in particular because they can’t go out and about)
  • DIY and home improvement tasks

Other Other angle things that aren’t working, people don’t really need and you should stay away from until the world goes back to so kind of normal.

People aren't buying flights or going on trips. So stay away from new things that they are going to take with them when they go travelling. All these things will come back but right now they are in decline while other markets are surging.

When you think of ecommerce you are probably thinking about things like drop shipping and Alibaba selling things like pens but what Aidan is talking about is much more complicated than that. So you are probably thinking how a new entrepreneur can sell things like fitness equipment from home?

Aidan says there are huge distributors in the USA and across the rest of the world but Booth just focuses on the USA to begin with. There are warehouses in the United States that are full of millions of different products and they are products that anyone can sell. All you have to do is create an account with the distributor and sign up with them and it only takes a couple minutes.

Some of the products are super simple like a picture from or other items that are more expensive like bread machine, or large pieces of outdoor furniture.

The concept behind this is that you set up a store, you collect the money and get paid first and then place the order at the distributors website and then they ship the item for you. All the distributors are in the USA so you don’t have to worry about sourcing items from China.

This system is set up to sell real things with good profit margins on them. So aren’t selling thousands of little trinkets to make a couple of bucks. You can sell the stuff that people need right now. The secret to Aidan’s system is that they have tapped into a huge traffic source that other people selling e-commerce and teaching ecommerce aren’t using.