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Niche Opportunities Revealed Review

When I started out in online marketing, my biggest challenge was picking the right niche to market to.

I tried all the things the gurus told me to do. You know, things like:

  • Pick something I'm really passionate about or a hobby
  • Go to the Google keyword tool and look for long tail keywords
  • Search Clickbank and CJ.com affiliate links and look for high gravity scores or EPCs
  • Find the highest ticket products on Amazon and focus on those

You know, those strategies might work well for some marketers but I couldn't muster one dollar in profits!

I Was Doing It All Wrong

It took me several years to finally figure out what I was doing wrong. I was looking at the wrong metrics. What the gurus taught simply didn't work for me.

Eventually I figured things out and found my system for selecting niches.

Today, two really smart marketers, Bill Guthrie & Jason Keith, have released what I think is the best niche selection courses I've ever seen. It's called Niche Opportunities Revealed!

I have no doubt it will change the way you approach niche selection

Niche Opportunities Revealed Videos

In this over-the-shoulder video training, these guys show you how to find super profitable niches all over the place.

You'll be amazed at some of the resources they share. I know I uncovered several new possible niches while watching the training!In addition to the core video training, Bill & Jason are also providing a nice niche selection worksheet and an amazing niche research mindmap. (I printed it out and pinned it to my wall!).

Also, you should know ahead of time that they do have an upsell offer. You certainly don't have to buy it…but I would!

It is more video training on some very tricky, under-the-radar ways to identify and reverse engineer the niches of successful affiliates and AdSense owners. This is completely legal stuff – just not the typical tactics you see taught in training at this price point. You will be shocked at some of what you learn.

Inside Niche Opportunities Revealed

niche opportunities revealed reviewPart 1 – Introduction

  • Talks about why the usual keyword research methods aren't the best
  • Reveals the 4 core components in finding profitable niches
  • Surprisingly you don't have to start with keyword research
  • Websites, tools and resources you can use for niche inspiration
  • How to explore the niche to make sure it has the proper potential so you have the best chance of success

Part 2 – Niche Types

  • What the different niche types are
  • Why all niches aren't equal
  • The different marketing strategies to use depending on niche type

Part 3 – Niche Inspiration

  • 7 different sources you can use to find niches
  • Corresponding videos for each of the sources
  • How to use them and where to find resources

Part 4 – Niche Exploration

  • Learning everything you need to know about the niche you decide to focus on

Niche Opportunities Reveal Bonus

  1. Case Studies
  • Watch as they go over specific examples in detail

2. Bonus Downloads

  • Niche Opportunities Revealed! Mindmap
  • Niche Research Action Worksheet
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