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Bill Guthrie

Bill Guthrie has a company called Opportunity Marketers and his website is billguthrie.co. Bill is a successful internet marketer and has created many products. Here are his products below.

WP Fast Dash

Click here to read my WP Fast Dash review.


Easily add endless schemas to your page without having to add html code. Get review stars, maps, author photos, extra eye-catching features, and most importantly help search engines better understand the content on your pages.

WP Ad Slinger

  • Design your own rotating Facebook-style ads for your website. Send traffic wherever you'd like from internal pages, affiliate links, to your Facebook page and beyond. Create ads people want to click on.

Online Legal Pages

  • Disclaimers, privacy policies, copyright notices, antispam, and more. All created in collaboration with a former judge to provide you with reliable legal pages for your site.

FB Profit Tactics

  • Video tutorials of proven methods to making money on Facebook whether you have a fan page, your own website or not.

Free The Boss:

  • Training and instant access to qualified virtual workers across a number of sites and a simple way to find all the tasks and projects you can outsource. Be your own boss and get your work done faster.

Massive Niche List

  • Over 350 000 niche areas just waiting for you to pick and start making money on. See the value of your niche, get global exact search results, and save a significant amount of your own time. The research part is already done.

bill guthrieBill creates plug-ins, tutorials, and products to teach, to fill a need, to make things easier, and to boost success for other online marketers.

He's had a high number of his products as WSO of the day on Warrior Forum and has a ton of loyal and happy entrepreneurs who have seen success with his products.

He designs his tools, plugins, and other products so that they're quick and easy to use so anyone with the drive to make it online can benefit from them.

If you use WordPress then you'll definitely benefit from Bill's knowledge as he has created a number of plugins specifically for WP.

Bill Guthrie was able to do what most internet marketers hope to do, quit his day job and work from home online in Texas. He has had and continues to have huge success, finding financial freedom. Fortunately he continues to help others do the same.

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